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beera Posted on 26/2 19:16
Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Just had an interview with Petrofac for a job offshore. Are there any lads on here working or, have worked on the rigs?

beera Posted on 27/2 10:25
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Must be someone?

onthemap Posted on 27/2 10:32
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I think there are a number, including myself, what is it you want to know?

beera Posted on 27/2 10:38
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Just wanted some general info on life offshore. The job I was interviewed for was for process operator, on a 2 on 3 off rotation. (which sounds good).What do you do in your spare time when not on shift?

onthemap Posted on 27/2 10:42
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Depends on the platform. When I was off shore spare time was spent playing pool, reading, watching tv etc etc.
If there are women on the platform then there are other pastimes.

beera Posted on 27/2 10:45
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Mmmm, I`ve already told my Missus there won`t be any women there.
This job isn`t actually on a rig, but an FSPO owned by Maersk. Do you anything about these things?

LIDDLE_TOWERS Posted on 27/2 10:50
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

its an FPSO

my mate has just started for petrofac and he was more or less told at the interview he had a job as a production technician

onthemap Posted on 27/2 10:51
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Worked onshore on them on the conversions and the recreational facilities were pretty much bog standard, as listed earlier.
You will find that working 12-15 hrs a day leaves 2-3 hours free afterwards where you will watch a film or read then go to bed.

beera Posted on 27/2 10:55
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Thanks for the info` chaps. What`s the best way to travel to and from Aberdeen? Went up on the train for my interview, and that was o.k. Can imagine driving back after a stint offshore would be pretty tiring.

onthemap Posted on 27/2 11:01
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

You wont be coming off after a shift unless you are on nights (or at least that was the case with me) so its a 5 hour drive or a train with booze all the way back.No brainer.

beera Posted on 27/2 11:03
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I`ll bet the first pint doesn`t touch the sides!

Davo130120 Posted on 27/2 11:04
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

well for a start the train is soul destroying, depending on your pay the best way to travel is fly, eastern airways is a rip off but if you book in advance can get a return for 99-160 quid. if your delayed coming home youll lose your ticket but then your delay allowance will cover this anyway probably. if your going on a maerske fpso then its either the kerlew or the north sea producer, the one that was converted on teesside near the stadium durin juninho's time here. both pretty good accomodation and recreation facilities. your job as a production tech wont be like on the beach, expect a lot of routines, general running about and cleaning, along with a lot of sitting about, its not as bad as the beach apart from you cant go home after your shift. being on the process side you wont normally be doubled up in a cabin with someone on the same shift as you which is an obvious advantage. i find driving back fom work isnt as bad as you would imagine as long as your not by yourself, i try an stay away from trains as tyhe delays and the state of them is depressing. in your spare time offshore there is plenty of porn, a gym, computers and normally a rec room with snooker darts etc. obviously the standard of these installations depends on the age of them but they are generally good. dunno if this was any help but if theres anything else you want to know give me a shout. are you adhoc? petrofac are a decent company to work for, once your in there maerske might take you on or you could get transferred to one of petrofacs better assest where your money and conditions would be a bit better.

Davo130120 Posted on 27/2 11:04
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

oh an another point, we dont normally call process lads north sea tigers, its more like north sea "hiders".

mickbrown Posted on 27/2 11:06
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

What's the dosh like?

Just curious.

Davo130120 Posted on 27/2 11:09
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

operatorsa will get anything between 46 to 54 on a core crew contract, staff jobs pay more and you get shares pension etc. its very rare to walk into a company job though most people start off with a contract company like aker, petrofac, psn etc. adhoc is different, anything between 250-350 a day, there is ways of getting this paid as a composite company where you pay less tax.

mickbrown Posted on 27/2 11:11
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


onthemap Posted on 27/2 11:12
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Unless tains "depress you" jeez! catch one and have a pint.

Davo130120 Posted on 27/2 11:14
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

rather get the plane home and have loads of pints and get home quicker, if i miss the plane ill drive, been doing it for years mate an believe me ive had more bad experiences on trains than good ones. the moneys good might as well spend a bit on getting home in style.

tunstall Posted on 27/2 11:14
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

can i just point out - lads who work on rigs and FPSO's are NOT north sea tigers

BIG_FAT_STAN Posted on 27/2 11:16
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


beera Posted on 27/2 11:16
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

The FPSO is the Global Producer III, which has just had a 100 million refit on the Tyne, and has just gone back out.

onetoomany Posted on 27/2 11:19
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Bloody riggies, you want to get yourself to the ships and do some real work like us lads in the Merchant Navy!

onthemap Posted on 27/2 11:19
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Can I just point out that the only people calling anything other than a drilling rig, a rig, are plastic yanks from Yarmouth.

beera Posted on 27/2 11:31
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Davo130120, never thought about flying, but for 99, sounds like a good option.

Davo130120 Posted on 27/2 11:36
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

once your into your rota properly you can book your flights in advance an can get them for 99 quid, closer to the date youll be looking at 150-160 for a return. like i said earlier if you miss your return flight due to a delay your delay money will normally cover another single flight(normally 99 the day before) or get the train or hire car which ever you prefer. theres 4 flights from aberdeen to dtv a day an its only about 45 mins, cant beat it in my opinion. i get off the platform usually bout half 9 - 10 in the morning, walk round to the airport from scotia, few pints, drink on the plane for free an home for 2ish, well in the house bout half 2. if i got the earliest train id be at darlo for 3 so plane is better all round.

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beera Posted on 27/2 11:42
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Cheers, info` much appreciated.

Davo130120 Posted on 27/2 11:44
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

BIG_FAT_STAN you couldnt buy a job like it eh?? ill be feeling like that this time next week, roll on!!

PhileasSmogg Posted on 27/2 12:07
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I have just been on the Global Producer 3 before xmas when it was still being refitted. There isnt really that much to do apart from a decent TV room, a darts board and a couple of playstations. Other than that the breakfast buns at 9.30 are pretty good!

junk_yard_dog Posted on 27/2 12:22
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

BIG_FAT_STAN: North Sea Tiger... Hope the chopper's on time mate

Borowood Posted on 27/2 12:26
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

There are only so many football matches, porn movies and big waves you can watch - a nice pass time sure to enthrall your good lady on your return is the shaving of your nether regions - the smoother the better - best dressed wins a large bar of Maribou from the bond on a Saturday!

j_orourke Posted on 27/2 12:42
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I have to say and its only IMHO its the one of the worst jobs going and I hope I never have to do it again! The only thing good about it now is the time off, the money now is not what it was years ago and by putting the same hours in onshore on a blue book job and you would earm more a week!
Some people seem to like it though, it used to drive me up the wall.

'The North Sea Stare'

I was offshore when the men were made of steel and the decks were wooden now the the decks are steel and the men are... well TIGERS apparently!

borowally Posted on 27/2 12:56
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I worked on the Global Producer 3 also, 4 months on the Tyne during it's re fit. And I was on board it when it sailed away in November, had a 2 week stint while on tow to the field.Just work, eat and sleep for the duration, the food is first rate, couldn't fault it. Most of the Petrofac guys are Scots, but seemed ok, the core crew production guys and the commissioning fellas just go about there merry ways. Plenty of Teessiders still on there like, on the commissioning side.

Davo130120 Posted on 27/2 13:18
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

jorourke thats boll0x in my opinion. maybe you could earn as much in the unskilled jobs department but in my job (im a lead instrument tech) i would get less than half of what i earn out here, less time off and the pension an share scheme wouldnt be as good so you can keep your blue book site. as for the good old days offshore its a myth, there is still as many "hard men" offshore as there ever was spoiling it for others. its like everywhere there is good and bad, for me though you cant beat going to work for 2 weeks then being off for 3 weeks an not have to worry about work.

tunstall Posted on 27/2 13:24
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

agree with davo

i love the time off

of course, the money, pension, dental plan and health care are all good incentives as well but for me its the 5 weeks off that is the main incentive

and its tax free! wahoo!

Nedkat Posted on 27/2 13:45
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

"Tigers" ... ??

Pussies more like !!

When you've done four months under the water in a steel tube, sleeping in a room with 40 other blokes all stacked up in 3 bunk risers, working shifts all round the clock, carrying around more explosive power than was released in both world wars, working and living right next to a ferkin' great nuclear reactor, reduced rations, reduced water, sh|t tank overflowing, run out of beer .....

Then, you can call yourself a tiger !!

Phhstttttt !! I spent more time on one wave ... !!!

mickbrown Posted on 27/2 13:46
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Ned - where do I sign up? Sounds ace.

Nedkat Posted on 27/2 13:48
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Mick, you couldn't handle it. It's a game for the young and fit.

morning_roary Posted on 27/2 13:50
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


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onthemap Posted on 27/2 13:51
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Ned "Ran out of beer" didnt know you were born. Why has this thread turned into Monty Python Sketch btw?

morning_roary Posted on 27/2 13:53
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Im sure that nedkat bloke is a rentboy and im also sure he couldnt make a minge bleed never mind some1s nose

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Nedkat Posted on 27/2 14:04
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Nice couple of bites there, thanks !!

OI, moron .... calling Ned a rentboy is extremely bad for yer health and has been known to bring on serious nose bleeds.

Watch yer gob ..!!

tunstall Posted on 27/2 14:31
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

ned is it true that when on a sub you get about 10 seconds worth of water in the shower to have a wash?

if so - what do you do for the other 5 seconds?

j_orourke Posted on 27/2 14:55
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Davo you're a 'lead instrument tech' and I'm talking 'boll0x'?

The one trade (if you can call it that) that has fooked more good jobs up both on and offshore, worldwide than anything or anyone else in the history of contracting...

Fact (not IMHO, fact)!

Davo130120 Posted on 27/2 15:25
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

yes your talkin b0llox because you suggested that the pay would be the same on a blue book site as an offshore production platform if you put the same hours in. the fact is i get more than double the pay i would get at an onshore production plant on teesside, and that is a FACT as you would put it. maybe its different for unskilled workers, maybe your an unskilled worker and thats why you think by slating my trade you will feel better, the FACT is that i couldnt give a toss about how many jobs tiffies have messed up offshore/onshore contracting, it has nothing to do with what you said about the pay being the same. also ive been a staff man all my life so i wouldnt know about jobs being messed up in the history of contracting. copy that over.

Sleaford_Socialite Posted on 27/2 15:28
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Are there any mechanical engineering jobs I could do offshore? I'm in the RAF and am an aircraft engine/airframe fitter, I don't really want to work on aircraft, I am experienced in most mechanical fitting, hydrualics, pneumatics, water/waste systems, pressurised gasses, turbines, oxygen and fabrication (not welding). Is there anything I'd fit the bill for?

Davo130120 Posted on 27/2 15:33
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

well oil companies and contracting companies seem to give a lot of ex service men starts offshore. i work with 3 people at the minute. one of the lads came from the RAF as an instrument tech and he didnt know what barG was and he still got a start. im sure you would have a very good chance of a mechys job offshore, your best bet is talking to the likes of petrofac and aker-kvaerner who seem to be best at giving out starts to people with no offshore experience, another good start would be to get your BOSIET done and maybe an offshore medical. there would be hardly anything you would come across out here that would throw you and i think companies presume that being from a services background you wont have any problems adjusting to the offshore lifestyle.

j_orourke Posted on 27/2 15:35
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

The last thing I will say to you Teesside Teenie Tech is that I wouldn't get out of bed for your 60k-70k a year, I will have more time off than you and my feet will be on terra firma a lot longer than you this year... over and out!

morning_roary Posted on 27/2 15:40
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

OMG the fooka is retired

Sleaford_Socialite Posted on 27/2 15:41
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Cheers for that Davo, a few of my family work offshore and I'm seriously considering it. One's process the other works for Tracerco, or whatever they're called now.

Davo130120 Posted on 27/2 15:41
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

by the way can you cut out the teeny tech crap its quite patronising considering im probably as old or older than you are, im glad you wouldnt get out of bed for less than that, congratulations. can i tell you that i havent got out of bed for that for over a decade and ive probably done as much work in that period of time as you did this year, im presuming your of the unskilled type of go to work and get mucky brigade with your blue book comments by the way. if not then no harm done, get a grip and if you really want an argument then my dad is bigger than yours, roger that.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 27/2 15:43
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

No-one likes a braggart.

Davo130120 Posted on 27/2 15:48
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

sleaford scoialite if your serious about it give these numbers a call and im sure they can give you more advice that i can, they have been good at getting people i know offshore with no offshore experience. the problem is people want experienced trades personell but how can people get experience in the first place if companies arent going to geive them a start, its a neverending circle! anyway

aker-kvaerner - peter lowe (01224 255624) allan cunningham (01224 858053)

petrofac - claire shewan (01224 247479)

PSN - gary greig (01224 777101)

probably be more numbers i can get but these are recruiters who i know will give people a chance with no experience. good luck mate.

j_orourke Posted on 27/2 15:51
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Can you get me a job offshore mate? What's it like then?

I was only kidding, no hard feelings, eh?

Davo130120 Posted on 27/2 15:54
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

ok no worries mate.

Sleaford_Socialite Posted on 27/2 15:59
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


Nedkat Posted on 27/2 15:59
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Tunstall, a nuclear submarine has two large evaps which turn salt water into fresh water. This water is safe to drink, and provides water for the galley and the sinks and showers in the heads.
Occasionally the submarine may run short of hot water for showers, for various reasons. The submariner uses a shower to clean himself, but uses the hot water in a way that will ensure the next bloke also has enough hot water.
The submariner's shower is as follows : Pay attention, as I will be asking questions afterwards .....

1. Get into the shower cubicle.
2. Turn on water and adjust to suit.
3. Wet down whole body.
4. Turn shower water off.
5. Shampoo hair.
6. Soap and clean whole body.
7. Turn on shower water.
8. Rinse off.
9. Turn off shower water, and leave cubicle.

Consideration for your colleagues goes a long way in the silent service. Inconsiderate types can end up on the wrong end of a Petty Officer Stoker's steaming boot.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 27/2 16:01
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Ned, I thought you submariners preferred to shower comunally.

Nedkat Posted on 27/2 16:05
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

*Ned wins two bets with self*

1. Vinny would be first to say something stupid.

2. Vinny would last less than one hour on a nuclear submarine, before that certain Petty Officer stoker with arms like Popeye, and a real bad temper, would bury his size 12 steaming boot up Vinnie's jacksie !

Oh, and 3. There's two M's in communally ...

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beera Posted on 27/2 16:10
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Sleaford_Socialite. There are 3 recruitment events this year for oil and gas jobs. They are at Sid James Park on the 7th March, 19th June and 13 September. Click on the events tab on the cushydoos website.

Link: oil and gas jobs

Nedkat Posted on 27/2 16:12
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Too many Http's

Link: Here

beera Posted on 27/2 16:12
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Link didn`t work. the website address is just cut and paste that.

Nedkat Posted on 27/2 16:17
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

My mate Harry works for Akerkvaerner as a manager. He's been looking for people for months, and can't fill the jobs. I'll send him an e-mail and see what type he's looking for.

Sleaford_Socialite Posted on 27/2 16:29
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Thank you, one and all. Still early days, but I'm thinking of leaving later this year, I really miss home and 2 on 2 off or even 3 off would be amazing. My Mrs is a teacher and is looking at jobs at home starting in September, hope it works out.

Out of interest, how does the rotation work, do you do the same weeks on and off each year? (for the 2 and 2 shift pattern)

Datsun_Dave Posted on 27/2 21:31
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

My brother is after a job offshore he is a sparky but with no off shore experience if anyone can give me some contact numbers i will pass them on by the way he has his survival


Sleaford_Socialite Posted on 28/2 9:58
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

A cheeky, shootout style, hoof of thanks.

Datsun_Dave Posted on 28/2 11:08
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Nedkat is your mate who works for AK looking for Sparks ???

tunstall Posted on 28/2 16:52
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


drop this fella a copy of your CV

they are looking for sparky's

Datsun_Dave Posted on 28/2 18:51
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Cheers for that i have passed it on !

BIG_FAT_STAN Posted on 28/2 19:36
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


borokaza Posted on 28/2 19:41
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Sorry to be jumping on the bandwaggon but my partner is currently writing off all over the place trying to get offshore. He has his survival and medical but as he doesn't have a trade (although he has worked in the chemical industry for many years so has good knowledge of HandS, manual handling etc) he isn't having much luck. He has been told that the agencies will only take him if he has his Greenhands course, which he's willing to do but doesn't want to waste his money if it's not going to improve his chances much.
Any advice or contacts would be greatly appreciated.

tunstall Posted on 28/2 19:57
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

i wouldnt like to have been on that bread van with wings last night!

i hate that flight to and from aberdeen

should be going up there next week for a days training

beera Posted on 1/3 0:41
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

borokaza. There are 3 oil and gas job events coming up at St James park this year (first one next Wednesday), Click on the events link on the cushydoos website for more info`.

Link: try this

poshgeordie Posted on 1/3 6:40
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

BOROKAZA. I was in the Air Force and had a trade of Rigging. Sadly need to start at the bottom to get my first steps offshore. I have my Greenhand aswell as BOSIET and Offshore medical which your other half will need if he wants to get a look in. Did this with RGIT Montrose which is half an hour away from Aberdeen. Number is 08456062909 to book up. Do it soon as there was a big waiting list when I went. For Offshore agencies try Global Marine Services.

McLeans_Mick Posted on 1/3 7:50
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Davo - Youll be surprised at onshore wages now. The Conoco Phillips lads (process) are on nigh on 40k so your doing well if your on double

borokaza Posted on 1/3 7:55
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Cheers Beera, we're already going up to the event next Wed.

Poshgeordie - he has his BOSIET and medical but not his greenhands yet, unfortunately the courses at Montrose are booked solid till the end of june. He'll just keep sending off CV's till then I suppose.

Davo130120 Posted on 1/3 8:09
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

well mick i have friends in phillips at seal sands (process and instrument lads) and they do get good money but a lot of that is dependant on bonus, their basic is quite a bit less than 40K, saying that phillips an the cats terminal are two very good places to work on the beach and the pay is considerably higher than most chemical sites. my basic is about double i would get on the beach and with my overtime (very rare), training courses and bonus and shares im on a lot more than double i would be getting on the beach, although i do wish i was working on the beach when i have trips like this one!! to everyone trying to get offshore just keep pumping your cv to the agencies, even if youve sent them in already keep on to them because honestly the people who work in those offices in aberdeen are completely useless! you have to keep reminding them or they will put you in a drawer and forget about you if there isnt anything on their screen in front of them suitable at that time.

by the way ive just heard that apache are looking for staff men, all trades sparks, mechys, process, tiffies to work in the forties field, theres a big recruitment campaign in aberdeen at the moment, they dont advertise down our way but the oim in the office is a teesside lad and i know him, looks after the lads from our way, unfortunately he supports the pools but its still worth sending your cv to him, hes called ian close, i dont have his email address but the HR managers name is june robertson and her email is . the only problem with apach is working in the forties field, real old nackered platforms, BP's first assets in the north sea, if you could cope with the conditions then the bonus and share scheme is very good ive been told.

trewoboro Posted on 1/3 10:37
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Davo do you know if Apache work 2 on 3 off ?

Davo130120 Posted on 1/3 11:49
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

no they do 2 on 2 off 2 on 3 off at the minute, their plan is to go 2 and 3 when BP do, ive heard they will be going 2 and 3 later this year though. got a few mates who work there, said the bonus's and share schemes are better than when BP had the place.

trewoboro Posted on 1/3 11:52
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Cheers Davo. Do you have to have your survival beforehand or would they put you through it ?

Davo130120 Posted on 1/3 11:56
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

well i suppose it would be beneficial but it depends how desperate they are, it cant hurt to get in touch with them, i know they have taken people on with no offshore experience before mate.

Mike_Oxlong2 Posted on 1/3 12:40
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

see ya Trewo

Davo130120 Posted on 2/3 14:33
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

for anyone interested or hasnt read it yet, some good contacts on here.


baghdad_red Posted on 2/3 15:29
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

cheers for all of your good advice in this thread. There seems to be a few lads trying to get offshore at the mo, myself included. I am doing the Opito Petroleum Open Learning course, which I'll be finishing this month. When I've finished it i'm looking at getting a job in process. Got my BOSIET and medical this month, and going to the recruitment event at St James next week. Thanks for the contact numbers, if you have anymore that would be great.


let us know if you get the job with Petrofac, I see they are advertising for Process Ops on their website. What money/rotation are you looking at on the FPSO ?. I could handle it on there I think, did 12 years in the navy. Have you had any other interviews ?

Cheers lads

beera Posted on 2/3 18:14
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

baghdad_red, the petrofac job i was interviewed for is a staff position with benefits. (private pension, health scheme etc).
The rotation is 2 on 3 off, and the starting pay is over 47k.
If i get the job i`ll be on a 6 month probation period. Haven`t had any other interviews as yet, but did send off loads of cv`s.
Should find out next week one way or the other.

baghdad_red Posted on 2/3 18:20
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Good Luck mate...thanks for the info

borokaza Posted on 2/3 18:28
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

baghdad - could you tell me how much the Opito course cost and how long it's taken to do?

BIG_FAT_STAN Posted on 2/3 18:32
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


baghdad_red Posted on 2/3 18:56
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


There are 10 modules to do, I have done 6 so far. I do an exam every 2 weeks, there is a recommended study time for each module but I've been doing longer. It is quite expensive, but will be worth it in the long run hopefully. You don't need to buy any other study literature.

B_F_S...thanks for the heads up, I applied to Wood Group this week after their ad in the Gazette for Production Ops, will have a word with their bloke at the Job fair next week.

Link: Petroleum Open Leaning course info

borokaza Posted on 2/3 19:03
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Cheers badhdad. I've looked at the web site but couldn't find anything about cost. Could you give me a rough idea on cost.

baghdad_red Posted on 2/3 19:44
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Here is a breakdown of the modules and the cost of the books..

Link: cost

borokaza Posted on 2/3 22:06
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Cheers for that baghdad. I think he's going to do the greenhand course firstbut it might come in useful later on.

cyanide Posted on 3/3 9:19
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I have a few questions for any offshore people.
1.Do you have to take/provide all your own PPE or is it issued when you get there?
2.Do you have to take your own bedding/sleeping bag?
3.What essentials do you take with you when you go offshore and what is the weight limit (think I heard it was 15 kgs but not sure)?
4.Can you take laptops.
5.Does anyone have a copy of this I can "borrow"

Link: life offshore dvd

baghdad_red Posted on 4/3 9:32
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

hoof !

tunstall Posted on 4/3 10:09
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

cyanide Posted on 3/3 9:19
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?
I have a few questions for any offshore people.
1.Do you have to take/provide all your own PPE or is it issued when you get there? DEPENDS ON THE COMPANY I SUPPOSE. BUT YOU WON'T BE ALLOWED TO WORK WITHOUT IT SO THEY WILL PROVIDE IT IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT
2.Do you have to take your own bedding/sleeping bag? NO
3.What essentials do you take with you when you go offshore and what is the weight limit (think I heard it was 15 kgs but not sure)? AGAIN, DEPENDS ON THE COMPANY YOU ARE FLYING WITH. HAVEN'T CHOPPERED OUT TO THE NORTH SEA FOR A GOOD FEW YEARS NOW SO NOT SURE OF WEIGHT RESTRICTIONS. 15KG IS THE LIMIT WHERE WE'RE FLYING AT THE MOMENT (THE GULF OF MEXICO)
4.Can you take laptops. YES
5.Does anyone have a copy of this I can "borrow" NO, SORRY

cyanide Posted on 4/3 11:09
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Cheers,just a few more questions many process guys are normally on a rig?
2.are there any websites out there that describe the process side of operations on a rig?
3.what might i get asked at an interview for a process job offshore?
4.does anyone have any links to pictures of accomodation/control rooms or general facilities offshore?
5.what are the main duties of an offshore process operator (I've worked as an operator for 15 years onshore and just wondered how it differed to offshore)?
6.whats the typical pay for offshore process and is there the potential to earn more by extra training (first aid,permits etc)?
Thanks in advance

junk_yard_dog Posted on 4/3 11:24
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

1: Always at least one less than they need! Seriously it depends how old the platform is and what production facilities are on board.

2: Not that I know of -but most production facilities are fairly simple - gas off the top, water off the bottom stuff. Liitle bit of water treatment -gas treatment..

5: 99% boredom 1% chaos... Same as onshore

baghdad_red Posted on 5/3 9:48
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


Dicky_Angles Posted on 6/3 14:05
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Any jobs for me?

I love drilling me

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BIG_FAT_STAN Posted on 6/3 14:13
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


dischof Posted on 6/3 14:22
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

And that makes 100!

cyanide Posted on 6/3 14:29
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


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baghdad_red Posted on 6/3 15:23
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


have you applied for any process jobs yet and what quals have you got ? I applied to Wood Group for the Hummingbird last week and they just said if I didnt hear from them in the next 2 months I've been unsuccessful. Are you going to Newcastle for the Industry job fair tomoz ?

cyanide Posted on 6/3 15:30
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Yes I'll be there tomorrow.
I've applied for jobs with the Wood group and petrofac.
I've been a process op for 19 years currently working as a control room op,started as a process youth with ICI

baghdad_red Posted on 6/3 15:34
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Good luck mate...

Shaun71 Posted on 6/3 15:34
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Similar timescale to me cyanide. Where did you start? Wilton? I started in 88

smogmeister61 Posted on 6/3 15:35
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Kirkhill Rd
01224 777000

are taking on loads of Ex servicemen at the moment.

i'm one of those ex-nuclear boat people who left the mob in 93 and started offshore.
And i'm one of those despised Tiffies that everyone is getting all het up about.
Started off contracting and have just got a staff job with Chevron last July.

its the time off that hooks you...(and the money helps)

cyanide Posted on 6/3 15:38
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Started at Billingham for ICI at Cassel works
which became Ineos then Lucite.

Shaun71 Posted on 6/3 15:39
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Ah right, Ive not long been on PE over at Wilton, with a few Lucite lads

baghdad_red Posted on 6/3 15:41
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Cheers Smogmeister, PSN are going to be there tomorrow so will have a word with them....

beera Posted on 6/3 17:30
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

cyanide. Are you still at Cassel? I`m at MM8.

gibson Posted on 6/3 17:33
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I am a north sea tiger,too (petrofac).

cyanide Posted on 6/3 17:43
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Yes still at cassel.
My username should tell you which doomed plant I work on.
I'm hopeful I can join the exodus.

beera Posted on 6/3 20:41
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Good luck fella. I bet Marshy and co are shatting themselves, serves the fekkas right.

cyanide Posted on 6/3 20:47
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

cheers Beera,hopefully loads will leave and it will wipe that smug grin of his face.
Is it true that 2 sar ops have handed their notice in (both on the same shift)
out of curiosty what were you asked at your interview.

BillytheBastard Posted on 6/3 21:08
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

baghdad red..
Will that course get you a job offshore or do you need to be experienced?
I have just done the offshore survival course and rope access, i am looking at doing ultrasonic testing myself but the next course isn't till May.
PS. I've spent the last 2 years operating out of the IZ.

beera Posted on 6/3 23:48
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

cyanide. I think the rumours about the sar ops will be my shift. As you`ll have gathered, I`m just waiting to see if I`ve got a job. The other lad on sar with me hasn`t handed his notice in yet but, with his tiffy background could walk into a job elsewhere.There are a load of MM8 lads going up to the oil and gas jobs seminar at Newcastle tomorrow.It won`t take too many more people to leave for it all to go tits up.
As far as my interview went, not too many technical type questions really, more focused on health and safety and environmental issues, permits, isolations, and that sort of thing.
Also a few " can you tell us what have you done that has changed things" sort of questions. Hope this helps.

BrianForeskin Posted on 7/3 0:43
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I am a very important person at Cassel Works and will have my Shift Managers keeping their ears to the ground to find out who these ungrateful people are who are so stupid to think they can get jobs outside of this company.When I find the names they will be severely disciplined....

poshgeordie Posted on 7/3 8:18
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

To anyone going up to St James' today for the recruitment drive. Is it a dress to impress thing? Taking plenty CV's with me. Never been to one of these before and wondered if you had any info?

baghdad_red Posted on 7/3 8:27
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


Hope so mate, I chose going down this route instead of the normal Greenhands course, time will tell. With the work routine changing to 2 on 3 off, I think this has created a few places to fill. I don't have any offshore experience, but did 12 years in the RN so hopefully my forces background and doing the course, BOSIET etc off my own back will show companies I'm keen.


It says in the advert that you 'will be face to face with potential employers so first impressions will be very important'....

beera Posted on 7/3 8:28
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Mr Foreskin. Will Trudy Goebbels be assisting in the disciplinary measures?

poshgeordie Posted on 7/3 8:29
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Yeah read that myself. Cheers anyway B_R. Will probably see a few of you about. Good luck to you all.

poshgeordie Posted on 7/3 8:32
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Yeah cheers B_R, had suit already sorted for it. Good luck to all those going.

baghdad_red Posted on 8/3 8:27
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Well went up yesterday, waste of time really, only people who chatted were Wood Group. Hopefully out of the 4000 cv's they take back to Aberdeen mine jumps out at them !

Gains Posted on 8/3 11:16
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


Doesn't the rope access course in itself get you off? I was under the impression they needed rope access technician's? Where did you do the course by the way and how much was it? Cheers.

BillytheBastard Posted on 8/3 12:15
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I could probably get on just with the rope access but i'd rather have something to offer, puts me in a better position.
I done the course at Billingham. O.I.S. Opus Industrial Services. It's a 5 day course and it cost about 600 quid.
email the bird in the office.. and you'll get all the details.

Gains Posted on 8/3 15:37
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I'm a plater/sheet metal worker by trade but was thinking of getting the rope access just to help get me off.

Does anyone know if there's any firms looking for Platers/Sheety's?


NAT_GAS_SKID Posted on 9/3 10:48
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

FAO beera and cyanide,
please don't put any details of your future employment plans on this forum board as a sneaky shift manager is reading them and then going scurrying to swampy etc with what your plans are.
I myself have just had an interview for an offshore job (kept it to myself) and am hopeful of getting it, but they don't know who I am whereas I think they know who you are.
so good luck lads and hope to see you out on the north sea soon.

Reading1967 Posted on 9/3 10:57
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Billy the B
if you think of getting a U/T ticket and go straight offshore think again,
i advise you get some experience as an oil rig is no place to learn the "trade"
offshoe inspection is not like you learn in a classroon using nice blue Gel
the amount of techs i have had out here who dont know what they are doing amazes me

but saying that if you have a rope ticket and any inspection ticket Can offshore in Aberdeen will soon fix you up

cyanide Posted on 9/3 11:02
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I found out yesterday that we were being watched so no more posting for me about what my plans are.

smogmeister61 Posted on 9/3 12:05
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


Salamis are always needing sheet metal workers.

baghdad_red Posted on 9/3 12:45
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


Spoke to PSN on Weds, said they might have some contract work when the shutdowns start. Do you know any other companies who are looking for process ops at the mo/near future. Ex RN trying to get a start.....thanks

beera Posted on 9/3 13:27
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

NAT_GAS_SKID. Yeah, you`re right about the "mole" in our midst. Found out yesterday who it is so, no more tittle tattle from me for now.

thesonofgod Posted on 9/3 14:00
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

just smack the fooker and tell him to keep his nose out

BBO3 Posted on 9/3 17:39
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

To Beera, Cyanide, Nat gas, etc...
Wasn't much talk about this at work today, at least not in my office - anyway we might have a few joining you offshore if we don't get offered more than 3%... Having a company white van isn't everything!

KingMousey Posted on 9/3 17:53
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Don't suppose any of you riggies need and asbestos removing from your rigs??? Keep hearing about these jobs on the rigs but can i buggery find anyone that does it or can get me any info on it. Need more money!!! Any help gratefully received!!!

mmate Posted on 10/3 14:22
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

To Beera, Cyanide, Nat gas, etc...
There might be a mole in our midst but they dont know how many people are actually looking for jobs..I haven`t applied offshore yet but i`ve got an interview at seal sands..
Good luck lads

BrianForeskin Posted on 10/3 15:43
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Oh no! If this gets much worse we might not get our performance Bonuses! Might have to sell the caravan, you selfish people, don't you know we were only joking when we said tha business wasn't doing very well?

Esterifier Posted on 10/3 22:16
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Cassel lads,
I recieved a letter this morning inviting me to an interview next week, I cannot say any more as we have a welsh management spy in our midst,and everything he hears,and reads on this website he is reporting back to Brian Foreskin.
Nice to see he is using his time as effectively as he does at cassel works.

Anal_M_Rash Posted on 12/3 16:31
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

To Eterifier and all the others
The shift managers are under orders to report any potential leavers to me, so I can severely discipline you once I return from my break in Brians caravan

bill_failey Posted on 12/3 18:23
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

To the fine Cassel chaps.
What's all the fuss about?
Trudy Thatcher claims we have nowhere else to go anyway.
I'm thinking of getting pregnant so i can enjoy a nice long break,
stuff these 5 shift systems.

bill_failey Posted on 12/3 18:29
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Question for Davo130120,
if its not too cheeky a question , who do you work for offshore?
Sounds like a good gig.
Thanks in advance.

tunstall Posted on 12/3 19:08
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

surely they can't stop you from looking elsewhere?

isn't it illegal?

bill_failey Posted on 12/3 19:47
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

hi tunstall,
its like the browner the tongue , the bigger the bonuses , so the more sneaking the moles do , the better they are thought of by big brother and friends.
Who gives a fcuk.

Anal_M_Rash Posted on 13/3 15:12
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Brian and his merry men have informed me of 12 potential leavers.
If I let you take your holiday bonus when you want ,will you stay?

BrianForeskin Posted on 15/3 23:36
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

We were only offering you lot the chance to work more Hours so you could get a bit more money, now you ungrateful sods throw it all back at us by looking elsewhere....We even got the HSE to lift the ban on 12 Hour shifts for you....I will never help you people again.

BrianForeskin Posted on 18/3 16:54
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Just got back from the Caravan, had a few sherrys, so don't phone me for any dispensations, just pp me.

NAT_GAS_SKID Posted on 18/3 20:33
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Hi Brian why don't you threaten us with a 4 shift pattern,then we'll all think that a 5 shift pattern looks great.

cyanide Posted on 18/3 20:40
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Nigel howz your Gonads.

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BrianForeskin Posted on 20/3 14:16
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

To Anal_M_Rash ...
I am a bit hurt about the way you talked to me the other day, I only asked what was happening about the 5 crew proposal, no need to call me names, anyway, I am sure I could organise a p*ss up in a Brewery if needed -you ask my Shift Managers, they know I'm good at my job.

Anal_M_Rash Posted on 20/3 14:28
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

You Cassel lads have never had it so good; you all fly abroad for your holidays and just look at all the expensive cars in the carpark.
Poor Brian can only afford to holiday in his caravan
So come on lads lets all rally together; don`t forget ,`you can`t do enough for a good company`!!!!!

killlovesphirsty Posted on 20/3 14:39
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

we are reading your comments together and will report back to mr. swampy. you naughty north sea tigers.

Anal_M_Rash Posted on 20/3 16:30
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

killlovesphirsty..You going to report me to myself??

killlovesphirsty Posted on 20/3 17:56
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

anal you are a very naughty bald little man.smirky get!!!!!!!!!

BrianForeskin Posted on 20/3 20:00
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I know who you are, you "North Sea Tigers ". When I do the next round of interviews for Operators I will make sure we get some good people, just like I have done in the past. We are going to tell them you get 40,000, even more than we told the new Tiffies they would be getting, that'll make sure this lot stay here - not like the last lot of clowns who all left within a year.....

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 20:30
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 20:32
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


Anal_M_Rash Posted on 21/3 14:13
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I was talking to her yesterday,and she said its not true

killlovesphirsty Posted on 21/3 14:58
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

anal you are telling lies like you do to the poor shift boys you have slaving for you. You still have not told them about the new overtime clause.

Anal_M_Rash Posted on 21/3 16:41
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I dont think they need to know about the overtime clause until I get the 5 shifts in . As for having the shift boys slaving for me, I`m considering a 4 shift system as suggested by NAT_GAS_SKID

killlovesphirsty Posted on 21/3 16:50
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

sorry cant always get good quality suggestions from nat boy,though 4 shifts does sound quite good. Think morale needs lifting how about a steering comittee to find ways of cheering people up maybe headed up by Chris mc smileyface, or Happy o pourke

Anal_M_Rash Posted on 21/3 17:08
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

thats a good idea about the steering committee, but it can`t be headed by the people you suggested as one of them is going back on shifts!! Maybe that will raise morale

killlovesphirsty Posted on 21/3 17:14
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Perhaps we could get management laugh wheelkey to take some training classes on the art of false laughing.

BrianForeskin Posted on 21/3 18:29
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?


Link: I want you to know who I am

Anal_M_Rash Posted on 21/3 21:11
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

If you`re going to expose yourself, then so am I

Link: I want you to know who i am

Esterifier Posted on 22/3 13:52
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Hi cassel lads and you taff,
I bumped into override and dispensation yesterday, they were telling me that they were talking to a monomer8 lad at the car boot sale last weekend, who has been offered a job offshore by one of the new starters who worked at monomer8 and left last year, good pay and conditions,he is just waiting for the cofirmation of the offer to arrive in writing, then his resignation will be dropping on fore-skins or anal's desk.

Anal_M_Rash Posted on 22/3 15:31
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I regret to inform you that I will be leaving the company very shortly. Brian has kindly offered me the use of his caravan for a leaving party
ps Brian will you come to my leaving party??

cactusleslie Posted on 25/3 14:59
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I'll come to your leaving do, Brian, just to make sure that you actually do leave, hopefully taking ATM with you!!

Anal_M_Rash Posted on 25/3 15:43
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

If you don`t know whose leaving, then you`re not invited !!!

BBO3 Posted on 25/3 16:36
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Don't you think this is getting a bit childish now fellas? Personal attacks on well respected members of staff who are only doing their best. What would you do in teir position? We have a Business to run as best we can, we know people are looking at other opportunities, at all levels in the organisation, but lets hope that common sense will prevail. This is still one of the best jobs going in the industry.

BrianForeskin Posted on 25/3 16:42
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

This is what we want to hear, I think I know who you are...if you are intersted in going on days then let me know..I can fiddle Grade 8 for you, and you will never have to cover shifts again.

BBO3 Posted on 25/3 16:46
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Just woke up from a terrible nightmare, I had a White Van and a set of keys, one for the Van - the other for the Caravan, I had sold my soul to the Devil!!! I have a feeling I was made to post something on here in the style of a manager...Oh No!Please take me back.....zzzzzzzzz

thesonofgod Posted on 25/3 17:12
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

whats a typical day on the rigs,is it 12 hour shifts then feet up watching tv or are their other things to do?

cactusleslie Posted on 25/3 18:51
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

I should be invited then!!

Anal_M_Rash Posted on 25/3 19:57
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

ok cactusleslie you`re invited
Bring BB03 with you as I think I know who he is

cactusleslie Posted on 26/3 0:22
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

OK, I'll get myself there!
BB03 said he will come with me!

merc2001 Posted on 29/3 23:14
re: Any "North Sea Tigers "on here?

Is there an age limit for the rigs and if so what is it i mean to start