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Buddy Posted on 1/3 8:57
Australian accents

Do they vary within the country? Could somebody living there tell the difference between a speaker from Perth and one from Brisbane?

Absolutely no reason for asking this other than it occurred to me and I'm interested.

Fischer Posted on 1/3 9:02
re: Australian accents

There are variations, but they tend to be social rather than geographical. So class determines slight differences, as does the rural/urban divide.

Link: Wiki is your friend

Buddy Posted on 1/3 9:04
re: Australian accents

Ah yes. The Don Fisher/Alf Stewart Paradox.

indestructible Posted on 1/3 9:08
re: Australian accents

My understanding from when I was there is that Perth natives sound broader, I suppose as they are so isolated. Also, people from Sydney and Melbourne can tell the difference between each other's accents but to be fair I have no idea how, they sounded exactly the same to me!

mickbrown Posted on 1/3 9:13
re: Australian accents

All I know is they make everything sound like a question? Gets on my tits?

boksic Posted on 1/3 9:15
re: Australian accents

Mick - that trait has long since passed? Over to stupid English people?

mickbrown Posted on 1/3 9:17
re: Australian accents

Bloody hasn't?

Not with the Aussies who can't pull a pint to save their life?

boksic Posted on 1/3 9:21
re: Australian accents

The irony of the image of the hard drinking aussie bloke. Aussie lager is weak as and they drink it in a variety of oddly sized glasses, some of them roughly the sizr of a thimble.

speckyget Posted on 1/3 9:32
re: Australian accents

There's a name for that? Stephen Fry mentioned it as a candidate for Room 101? They call it the AQI - the Australian Questioning Intonation? And, yes, it's rife in this country also?

mickbrown Posted on 1/3 9:34
re: Australian accents

I've a friend who spent a couple of months in Austalia and she came back doing it.

We sat her down, told her to stop it or we'd socially shun her. It was for her own good.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 1/3 9:53
re: Australian accents

I live in Australia.

I wouldn't say there's a noticeable difference in accent from region to region as such.

You can only really tell where somebody is from by the different expressions and slang that they use.

boksic Posted on 1/3 9:54
re: Australian accents

Fair dinkum?

Lucky_Alf Posted on 1/3 10:00
re: Australian accents

AQI is annoying in the extreme?

mickbrown Posted on 1/3 10:04
re: Australian accents

We can't be the only nation where accents change if you go 5 miles down the road.

Surely if you live in Freemantle you've got a different accent to somebody from Brisbane? (that's supposed to be a question by the way)

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bandito Posted on 1/3 10:08
re: Australian accents

the asking a question thing drives me nuts?

seems to be creeping into fashion over here and every conversation you hear now amongst young girls and female professionals results in a question being asked despite them telling you the answer?

the blokes are nt much better. They seem to wann talk like Steve Irwin, and constantly say shall I tell ya, al tell yer wot, am gonna tell ya.......well here's some advice, dont bother telling me cos I'm asleep....zzzzzzzzzzz

rooboy Posted on 1/3 11:49
re: Australian accents

HaHa some classic stuff here. Being an Aussie born Boro supporter I've never really noticed that we talk in questions, but now you mention it, we probably do, don't we!? :-)

Onto the original question there are very slight differences in the speed that Australians talk, however the accent is basically the same all over depending on ethnic background rather than social background. Greek Australians, Aboriginal Australians etc often (but not always) have distinct accents.