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Kilburn Posted on 1/3 10:44
Blokes top lips...

...who used to have moustaches. They always look wierd to me.

Is there something that happens to a top lip, so that when the 'tache is shaved off it has permanantly changed? Somehow got bigger and shinier.

Lawro is a perfect example. Post-'tache his face looks all wrong.

Fischer Posted on 1/3 10:46
re: Blokes top lips...

There's that strange breed of bloke where you're not sure whether they have a moustache or not. No matter how closely you look, you're just not sure whether it's a moustache or just a strange trick of the light. And then when you get home, you don't know whether to mentally picture them clean shaven or with a top-lip tickler.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 1/3 10:47
re: Blokes top lips...

On Tuesday I had a meeting with a client who I hadn't seen for a few months. In that time he'd grown a moustache. That looked all wrong.

It's a two-way street. The addition or removal of a furry caterpillar leads to unease and confusion among other people.

(Keith Lamb is another example of a shave off. Some people remain convinced he still has the fuzz!)

zoec Posted on 1/3 10:48
re: Blokes top lips...

I work with someone like that, Fischer. To my knowledge, he's never had a moustache, but I always picture him with one for some reason. He just looks like he ought to have one.

Fischer Posted on 1/3 10:52
re: Blokes top lips...

Weird, isn't it? There's actually one of those blokes on this board, but I don't know whether to name and shame or not.

Keith Lamb has become clean-shaven in stages. He had an amazing full beard in the 1980s. He looked like the Devil.

Link: Keith Lamb in the 1980s

the_broken_fridge Posted on 1/3 10:54
re: Blokes top lips...

Isn't it funny how a beard can completely change how a person looks?

Kilburn Posted on 1/3 11:04
re: Blokes top lips...

Which came first though? Is it having a big shiny top lip that makes people grow 'taches, or does the 'tache make the lip mutate?

zoec Posted on 1/3 11:06
re: Blokes top lips...

Two other questions:

1. Why do some dark-haired men grow beards that are ginger?
2. If number 1 applies, why don't they shave them off immediately?

Piquet2 Posted on 1/3 11:08
re: Blokes top lips...

I'm dark haired and I shaved of my tache and goatie when they went white

the_broken_fridge Posted on 1/3 11:10
re: Blokes top lips...

1. Why do some dark-haired men grow beards that are ginger?
2. If number 1 applies, why don't they shave them off immediately?

1. That's me! Although my hair is brown, yet my beard when I have one has hints of carrot.
2. I am usually clean shaven, but every now and again like to have a beard. The tramp look is in round these parts.
3. Goatees are out the question, however. I look like David Brent. (as well as the more general 'twat')

BoroMutt Posted on 1/3 11:15
re: Blokes top lips...

Fat Sam is another who still appears to have a 'tache. It's ghostly presence lingers even though the pubes that formed it have long since been flushed down a Bolton sewer.

Fearless_Fish Posted on 1/3 11:21
re: Blokes top lips...

I tend to grow scruffy stubble and then shave it off when I notice the ginger flecks starting to appear.

Kilburn Posted on 1/3 11:21
re: Blokes top lips...

And me!

Although I've never grown a beard or 'tache, if I don't shave for a couple of days then the ends of the stubble go gingerish.

If I needed any other reason not to grow one, then that is it.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 1/3 11:23
re: Blokes top lips...

John Major looks like one of those blokes who had a tash.

Kilburn Posted on 1/3 11:27
re: Blokes top lips...

Definitely. He has a top lip like the deck of an aircraft carrier, vast and grey.

Did Major ever have a 'tache?

Buddy Posted on 1/3 11:35
re: Blokes top lips...

Speaking of which, Rik Waller looks well, doesn't he??

the_broken_fridge Posted on 1/3 11:36
re: Blokes top lips...

Buddy -

He was a bit of dog's dinner.

zoec Posted on 1/3 11:42
re: Blokes top lips...

Is is true that Groucho Marx painted his moustache on?

Piquet2 Posted on 1/3 11:45
re: Blokes top lips...


Link: Groucho

the_broken_fridge Posted on 1/3 11:47
re: Blokes top lips...

my stepfather in law had a tache, but shaved it off. It was very odd.

Back in the day he used to get mistaken for Nigel Mansell, despite being a fair bit skinnier than him. He also used to race as well, albiet bangers rather than F1.

zoec Posted on 1/3 11:48
re: Blokes top lips...

Thanks, Piquet. It couldn't be more obvious in that picture. I'd never noticed before. Why paint? What was wrong with a bit of hair and some glue? Or even (now here's an idea) actually growing one?

Hapas Posted on 1/3 11:50
re: Blokes top lips...

Lawro's invisi-tash is akin to Pat Sharps invisi-mullet : It looks like they're there, but you know they aren't.

Wakey_Boro_Fan Posted on 1/3 11:50
re: Blokes top lips...

what's a womans opinion of a mans facial hair touching them, kissing etc..

zoec Posted on 1/3 11:54
re: Blokes top lips...

Not overly good, Wakey_Boro_Fan. A moustache without a beard can be so-so, a moustache and a beard is on very dodgy territory, and a beard without a moustache indicates that the girl is very, very drunk and her friends should take her home immediately.

Piquet2 Posted on 1/3 11:56
re: Blokes top lips...

He did when he was older apparently...

Link: ^

Kilburn Posted on 1/3 12:03
re: Blokes top lips...

I regularly walk past the Windsor Castle pub in Marylebone, which is home of the handlebar moustache club.

I've only seen a couple of people there whose facial appendages indicate that they must be members though.

Link: The Handlebar club

Hapas Posted on 1/3 12:31
re: Blokes top lips...

Jürgen Burkhardt's obviously put a lot of effort in over the years.

morkfromork Posted on 1/3 18:32
re: Blokes top lips...

Question. If a blokes bald where will his beard stop growing? Will he have sideboards or will it stop below the ears?