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Buddy Posted on 2/3 8:46
Keane @ Wembley

Very good. One of the few acts who are better live than recorded.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 2/3 9:07
re: Keane @ Wembley

I can't imagine them filling the place... with noise...

It'll be like going to see a 3 piece punk band at an Arena gig....

Buddy Posted on 2/3 9:14
re: Keane @ Wembley

Hmm. It was more of a review than a prediction.

Fearless_Fish Posted on 2/3 9:52
re: Keane @ Wembley

Saw them at Glastonbury, they were boring bar their big singles. Maybe they've improved!

Buddy Posted on 2/3 10:14
re: Keane @ Wembley

I like boring.

captain5 Posted on 2/3 10:15
re: Keane @ Wembley

I thought they'd be a bit hard for you, Buddy.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 2/3 10:18
re: Keane @ Wembley

I was just saying I can't imagine then filling the space.... its like buying a 17 bedroom mansion and only letting your cat live there.

(oh and yeah they are boring)

Boromart Posted on 2/3 10:25
re: Keane @ Wembley

I wouldn't go and see Keane even if the venue was Angelina Jolie's bedroom and she gave free lapdances to all concert-goers. Well actually I probably would go, but I would put my ipod on and listen to decent music.

I'm off to Wembley Stadium next month for the PC World Business exhibition. I'm more interested in the stadium than the exhibion to be completely honest.

GillZean Posted on 2/3 10:31
re: Keane @ Wembley

I'm worried the Mockems might get automatic promotion, but if it was coupled with Leeds going down, i wouldn't be too upset.

The band Keane are gash, like.

Buddy Posted on 2/3 10:31
re: Keane @ Wembley

I think they're making a cracking job of the site. The stadium looks superb and the Arena's been tarted up as well - the whole thing has been turned round so the stage is at the west end and a new foyer added at the east end, with a plaza-type thing in front.

If they'd only put a three-lane tunnel in from the car park to (let's say) Junction 1A of the M1 the entire experience would be 100% improved from a couple of years ago. As it is it still takes 45 minutes to get to the North Circular.

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