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Buddy Posted on 7/3 10:13
Simple philosophical question

You have the choice of the right to vote or the right to drive. Which do you choose?

Flash_Fleming Posted on 7/3 10:16
re: Simple philosophical question

Neither will matter soon anyway. Politicians do what they like, and driving is pretty quickly becoming outlawed due to carbon emissions.....blah blah.

But if I had to choose, it would be the right to vote.

Sleaford_Socialite Posted on 7/3 10:19
re: Simple philosophical question

Vote for the right to drive?

red_rebel2 Posted on 7/3 10:28
re: Simple philosophical question

That is not a philisophical question, it is just a choice.

The philisophical question would be do you have "rights" at all? And does political enfranchisement automatically lead to all all other social demands. Can political empowerment be bartered away for 'freedom of choice' on lifestyle issues.

That is a valid question in a society where whole layers of a once politically engaged population are ready to turn a blind eye to the dilution of democracy and erosion of civil liberties in exchange for measuring progress as big tellies and two cars.

Flash_Fleming Posted on 7/3 10:29
re: Simple philosophical question

I was going to say something like that rebel, but I was worried I might sound like a bit of an arse.

PoetLaureate Posted on 7/3 10:30
re: Simple philosophical question

red_rebel2! I am doing my dissertation on marxism, can you help

red_rebel2 Posted on 7/3 10:31
re: Simple philosophical question

I got used to sounding like an arse long ago.

Flash_Fleming Posted on 7/3 10:34
re: Simple philosophical question

Fairplay. I think someone famous once said;

"For someone to be a truly honest person, they must admit they are a great big arse."

Or something like that.

Buddy Posted on 7/3 10:38
re: Simple philosophical question

I think it is a philosophical question, in the sense that your philosophy may be "the universal franchise can go to hell as long as I can get around when I want to".

number9point5 Posted on 7/3 10:43
re: Simple philosophical question

i think a better question would be "The right to vote" or "the right to freedom of belief".

But as said those a questions.

Kilburn Posted on 7/3 11:09
re: Simple philosophical question


Then once everyone else has chosen to drive, then I can rule this land with an iron grip. Mwahahahaha....

zaphod Posted on 7/3 11:18
re: Simple philosophical question

The once politically engaged population have become disengaged because there are no longer any political issues that raise the passions of the majority. Even Iraq doesn't really seem to get the electorate's juices flowing. Both major parties are occupying the ground where the majority want them to be and elections don't make much difference. If the Tories get in, it's unlikely to make that much difference.

It doesn't mean anybody's disenfranchised, as they can vote if they get passionate about something.

I suspect what you really mean, r_r, is that the electorate isn't interested in the Marxist alternative.

Buddy Posted on 7/3 11:44
re: Simple philosophical question

Apparently in a survey of 17 year olds, 75% said they would choose the right to drive.

Personally I would have to think quite hard about it. The right to vote is of course a more important right on the grand scale of things, but an inability to drive would make my life (as I have got used to it) pretty well intolerable.

trodbitch Posted on 7/3 11:48
re: Simple philosophical question

The average 17 year old is thick as fook though.

grantus Posted on 7/3 12:09
re: Simple philosophical question

I reckon it's time to take up arms and revolt. I've had enough of the state regulating my every move, my existance. I've had enough of taxes, inflation, the impossible desire to have more than your neighbour, to surround ourselves with the most expensive material goods we can imagine.

It's time for a change, I see the future, kind of like Mad Max, I liked Mad Max.

Ok then, who's first?

BoroMutt Posted on 7/3 12:13
re: Simple philosophical question

Anyone willing to give me a Porsche 911 gets my vote.

Does that make me shallow?

grantus Posted on 7/3 12:16
re: Simple philosophical question

No, it makes you a twat.

green_beret20 Posted on 7/3 12:28
re: Simple philosophical question

So what improves your life more?

The ability to travel large distances everyday, which most importantly widens your choice of career immensly or the chance to vote once every 4 years.

Even then unless you live in a swing area (unlike the Labour stronghold of Teesside for example) your one vote is worthless.

BigHorace Posted on 7/3 12:46
re: Simple philosophical question

Don't most philosophers agree that the most successful form of government is benevolent dictatorship anyway ? Although finding a benevolent one might be tough. Don't look at me, I'd lock you up and enslave your daughters at the drop of hat.