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Buddy Posted on 9/3 9:44
FAO web wizard person

Sorry, mental block on your username.

Is it technically feasible to have a feature (RSS feed?) which identifies when threads that an individual user has contributed to are updated? ie I could get an alert when you reply to this in case I forget I've posted it, sort of thing.

YodaTheCoder Posted on 9/3 10:30
re: FAO web wizard person

Yes and No.

It's feasible that I could update you that _someone_ has replied, but to be able to tell you that it was _me_ that replied block17 would have to scan the content of every thread, rather than just the information on the page that lists the threads.

I did try to do this once, but it took 4 weeks to scan all 100,000 ish threads (over 1 million posts) and put such a strain on the machine that was running it that I couldn't go ahead and make it live.

The best advice I can offer you is to bookmark any threads you want to keep track of, or if you started the thread just use block17 to "search author" for your name.

Buddy Posted on 9/3 11:29
re: FAO web wizard person

_someone_ was all I was after, but bookmarking seems an eminently sensible suggestion that my addled mind can't work out on a Friday.


red_rebel2 Posted on 9/3 11:43
re: FAO web wizard person

Just tell us who you are stalking and we'll shout you if they log on.