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Buddy Posted on 12/3 11:38
Lee Dong Gook

Might a floated ball to the far post have been preferable to a horribly weak shot to the near, hmmmm?

Ste_1986 Posted on 12/3 11:44
re: Lee Dong Gook

yes on reflection.

but after watching that vid on youtube i wanted him to have a crack.

could you imagine if it had gone in the place would have fallen down. but anyway he was no where near was he ?

skiprat Posted on 12/3 11:45
re: Lee Dong Gook

Needs to start against City. Because he is only getting a bit part here and there he is trying a little too hard.

If he'd already scored his first goal then I reckon he'd have squared it/crossed it.

Wakey_Boro_Fan Posted on 12/3 11:46
re: Lee Dong Gook

As he cut inside I imagined a thunderbolt into the far top corner and hero status ensured for life...

Sadly the truth was a million miles away!

georges_bush Posted on 12/3 11:47
re: Lee Dong Gook

agreed. He needs to start against city plus its a great reason to rest viduka so hes fit for man ure

x_viks_x Posted on 12/3 11:48
re: Lee Dong Gook

i think he should start on saturday instead of viduka against city. Have viduka on the bench ready to bring on if needed. Think he needs to start a game to help him get settled. hes trying 2 hard to prove himself when hes only getting a few mins towards the end of a game. I think hes got the makings of a great player though.

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JLinardi Posted on 12/3 12:03
re: Lee Dong Gook

Its good to see him always in close proximity to the yak offering support.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 12/3 12:45
re: Lee Dong Gook

I hope he starts proving himself sooner rather than later as my memory of Peter Davenport becomes clearer with every passing game.

Butters1406 Posted on 12/3 12:49
re: Lee Dong Gook

yeah cos keeping in mind he's recently recovered from a bad injury, is in a new country thousands of miles from home where he doesnt speak the language and has played a good 50mins of football i think now is the best time to judge him dont you!!

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Bukowski_MFC Posted on 12/3 12:52
re: Lee Dong Gook

I just have my reservations. I'm looking forward to seeing how good he actually is.

misterpaul89 Posted on 12/3 12:59
re: Lee Dong Gook

He should have tried slotting it through to Morrison as he was making a smart run just to Gook's right. But, it was worth a crack I think because as people have said, the roof would have come off if it went in.
I just think he had visions of grandeur for his first goal for Boro when he got the ball, if it was me, I probably would have shot too.

SoyDelBoro Posted on 12/3 13:13
re: Lee Dong Gook

Cant believe people saying we should drop Viduka

danboro0902 Posted on 12/3 13:24
re: Lee Dong Gook

SoyDel we should, just for one game, let him freshen up for our huge game at Old Trafford just 2 days later along with Woodgate and a few others.

Picol Posted on 12/3 13:26
re: Lee Dong Gook

i dont think anyone is suggesting "dropping" the duke. but how many people can seriously see him playing from the start twice in a few days? he's just not fit enough for that. which is a crying shame.

the gook should get a start against citeh to give him a chance of settling in. trying too hard, trying too much, all because he's not getting enough time to feel his way into games. i still cant see him properly settling until next season with a good pre-season under his belt

northantsred Posted on 12/3 13:28
re: Lee Dong Gook

I agree, lets keep The Duke fit for Monday's game.

bevo2005 Posted on 12/3 13:58
re: Lee Dong Gook

Has the Gook even had a reserve game yet? a run in the reserves would get him a bit of sharpness