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wool_skull Posted on 13/3 11:53
Guitar lessons

Anyone know of a decent tutor that wont cost me the price of a prawn sarnie at OT ? Been playing for 'bout 3 years so not EXACTLY beginner but would like to get to the next level.Teaching meself on tab sites and the like just aint working for me.HELP !

susy Posted on 13/3 11:56
re: Guitar lessons

My son goes to a bloke in little ayton, he is excellent. He charges 12 for half an hour. Let me know if you want more details.

Fever_dog Posted on 13/3 11:56
re: Guitar lessons

about 15 for 45 mins, a really good guy in billog called Kev Smith! Ill sort his number out for you later!

T4Tomo Posted on 13/3 12:19
re: Guitar lessons

Vernon in the ROvers is doing drumming lessons, I'm sure he can recommend someone.

wool_skull Posted on 13/3 12:21
re: Guitar lessons

Susy...F/D, thanks for that you guys .I would be interested in further details so I can contact them.

wool_skull Posted on 13/3 12:25
re: Guitar lessons

Tomo, as long as it is Maria and not that tw@t Battersby wilth his Quo fixation then I'm interested

susy Posted on 13/3 12:25
re: Guitar lessons

give me your email addy and i will send you the details wool skull

wool_skull Posted on 13/3 12:33
re: Guitar lessons

You can get me for that.Cheers Suze.....Fever Dog..did you get that?

susy Posted on 13/3 12:52
re: Guitar lessons

You have mail

wool_skull Posted on 13/3 13:42
re: Guitar lessons

Susy...Did I say shevster86 ? what I really meant was shevster81. If you would be so kind..............Sorry

offot Posted on 13/3 14:43
re: Guitar lessons

buy guitar heroes on ps2 got it for xmas can now play over 40 songs IT ROCKS

tunstall Posted on 13/3 14:44
re: Guitar lessons

try the northern school of music in hartlepool

susy Posted on 13/3 15:30
re: Guitar lessons

You will find you have mail now that you have given me the correct addy

wool_skull Posted on 13/3 16:01
re: Guitar lessons

Cheers susy q.

Muchas Gracias. i'll check now

Bully_Boy Posted on 13/3 18:22
re: Guitar lessons

Not what you want but these look good for practicing along to songs with - 79 on another site. May help you out a bit and give a bit of variation to your learning.

Also I'd remove your hotmail address as it can get picked up and used for spam.

Link: USB Guitar