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Buddy Posted on 14/3 16:31
Excel Mobile query

Excel Mobile doesn't appear to recognise the command ROUNDUP. Anyone know of a way around this?

ThePrisoner Posted on 14/3 16:41
re: Excel Mobile query

You could use the INT and IF functions to achieve the same thing (if Excel recognises INT and IF functions on your machine)


If you have a number x


If x is 20.7 then INT(20.7)=20
20.7-20 = 0.7
Therefore Cell value = 20+1=21

Or summat.

Buddy Posted on 15/3 8:36
re: Excel Mobile query

Thank you Prisoner, that sorted it nicely.

The actual formula you put up there I could have coped with using ROUND - which Excel Mobile can do - what I was after was to make anything a fraction above x return x+1. By changing 0.5 in your formula to 0.001 I now have a nice concise little formula, using a function I'd not heard of before.