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Kilburn Posted on 16/3 9:23
Julian Jenner

Right winger for Alkmaar last night.

Looked very impressive to me. Quick, skilful, tall and strong on the ball. Admitttedly, he was up against a Newcastle left back who looked of pub team standard, but he had the beating of him every time.

mufflar Posted on 16/3 9:44
re: Julian Jenner

He was absolutely crap!!

All those stepovers and tricks and absolutely no end product!


Moses_Kiptanui Posted on 16/3 9:47
re: Julian Jenner

He's better than Cattermole! ICI!

Kilburn Posted on 16/3 10:02
re: Julian Jenner

No end product apart from the cross for the first goal last night, several other crosses and at least four shots on goal?

Oh and setting up their first goal with a cross in the tie at SJP too?

TheSmogMonster Posted on 16/3 10:04
re: Julian Jenner

Far better then what we have, wouldn't cost half as much as an english equiverlant.

Juninho_legend Posted on 16/3 13:55
re: Julian Jenner

A hell of a lot better than we have got...i'd buy him in a flash!

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 16/3 13:57
re: Julian Jenner

Didn't Koeverman's cross for the first goal?
Jenner did look good, as did Jaleans and their defensive midfielder De Zeeuw

jack_x Posted on 16/3 14:08
re: Julian Jenner

Jenner was pretty smart like, him in one side, Downing on the other ;)

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Kilburn Posted on 16/3 14:19
re: Julian Jenner

You're right Vinny, but Jenner won the corner for the second!