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Buddy Posted on 16/3 10:09
Irish cricket

Watching Breakfast on BBC this morning with the sound off, they showed very brief highlights of Ireland's game, then cut to an interview with the captain. And I just KNEW from looking at him what accent he was going to have when I put the sound on.

What are the qualification requirements for international cricket?

SouthernSmogette Posted on 16/3 10:09
re: Irish cricket

Be 63rd generation Irish - I am :o)

TheYak87 Posted on 16/3 10:11
re: Irish cricket

He's an aussie who's married to an irish woman and that's how he qualifies. I'm pretty sure that accent doesn't come in to it.

captain5 Posted on 16/3 10:13
re: Irish cricket

Why do you watch the news on TV with the sound off??

Capybara Posted on 16/3 10:18
re: Irish cricket

Cricket qualification rules are even more all over the place than football's. England have an Irishman (Ed Joyce) playing for them in the World Cup who played in the Irish side in the qualifying tournament for this competition. Then there's West Indies which isn't even a country.

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mufflar Posted on 16/3 10:18
re: Irish cricket

a good singing voice and penchant for heavy drinking and fighting...

SouthernSmogette Posted on 16/3 10:21
re: Irish cricket

I'm definitely in then Mufflar love

Buddy Posted on 16/3 10:22
re: Irish cricket

Because it's better than listening to the radio with the sound off.

johnsmithsno2 Posted on 16/3 10:23
re: Irish cricket

And what do you say when Ed Joyce gets interviewed?

Up the Blarney Army!

*Oops, sorry Capy, you got there first.

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TeeSv Posted on 16/3 10:25
re: Irish cricket

never really understood the cricket stuff
West Indies are a team but I thought that included places like Jamaica but they've got their own team ?
Even calling us England, when we've had loads of Welsh play for us ?
I'm stumped by all this........sorry

mufflar Posted on 16/3 10:25
re: Irish cricket

and Peitersen?

and Mike Catt?

Capybara Posted on 16/3 10:27
re: Irish cricket

We need these players to bail us out.

jam69 Posted on 16/3 10:27
re: Irish cricket

the english team has had aussies,kiwis,south africans,irish,scots and west indians playing for them in the last 7 years

TeeSv Posted on 16/3 10:31
re: Irish cricket

I know Jam but decades ago we've had Welsh players playing

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 16/3 10:32
re: Irish cricket

Hence the name the England and Wales Cricket Board

mufflar Posted on 16/3 10:32
re: Irish cricket

Ive got a sticky wicket...

jam69 Posted on 16/3 10:33
re: Irish cricket

not decades ago,we have a south african and an irish man in our team now.oh and the aussies have a englishman in there team

Capybara Posted on 16/3 10:34
re: Irish cricket

We've had a Scottish captain FFS.

Creases me up.

TeeSv Posted on 16/3 10:37
re: Irish cricket

cheers Vinny, is that the answer then, we're really the 'England and Wales' cricket team
could be an unbeaten partnership

Capybara Posted on 16/3 10:39
re: Irish cricket

Cricket's a game that knows no boundaries.

TeeSv Posted on 16/3 10:42
re: Irish cricket

How's that ?

BoroTommo Posted on 16/3 10:42
re: Irish cricket

How's this for an England team of non-english players:

Adam Hollioke
Andrew Strauss
Kevin Pietersen
Robin Smith
Allan Lamb (C)
Matt Prior (WK)
Robert Croft
Simon Jones
Chris Lewis
Andrew Caddick
Zola Budd (good stamina and quite quick)

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 16/3 10:43
re: Irish cricket

Graeme Hick
Phil De Freitas

T4Tomo Posted on 16/3 10:47
re: Irish cricket

Dougie Brown and Gavin Hamilton have played for both England and Scotland. the scots also have a exiled Zimbabwean in their squad

David Hemp who has played country cricket for years, is English yet is playing for Bermuda. The Canadian team has about 8 different nationalities in it.

Going back a bit Keppler Wessels played test cricket for both Australia and South Africa.

Buddy Posted on 16/3 10:48
re: Irish cricket

Is "all over the place" as far as we can get with what the actual rules are?

Capybara Posted on 16/3 10:48
re: Irish cricket

I know it's a rhetorical question Tommo, but the answer is 'rubbish'. Simply by virtue of Croft's inclusion.

Cheeses_Christ Posted on 16/3 10:50
re: Irish cricket

Strauss has english parents and has lived here since he was six years old. I'm not sure you can say he isn't English

zoec Posted on 16/3 10:57
re: Irish cricket

Men can qualify if they've been in the country for at least 183 days in the preceding 7 years. It's only 2 years for women, for some reason.

183 days each year, that is.

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BoroTommo Posted on 16/3 11:01
re: Irish cricket

Yes, Mr Bara, I'd drop Croft for De Freitas, but I'd keep Zola Budd just for her ability to trip up annoying opponents

Capybara Posted on 16/3 11:03
re: Irish cricket

I like the look of the number four.

Buddy Posted on 16/3 11:17
re: Irish cricket