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Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 16:15
Boro Fans

Not sure whether its you or Villa that have the most pathetic fans in the country. First of all let me just say that it was a clear penalty that Ronaldo won last night, he is the best player in the world and your lucky to have seen him play, you should bow down at the feet of Manchester United for giving you tools the opportunity to see greatness.Moving on, there seems to be a lot of sour grapes aimed at our fans today, can hardly believe you can make something out of our ground not being full, quite ridiculous really, you are aware that it was you not taking your full allocation and the necessary segregation that was responsible for the 6,000 empty seats aren't you? 71,000 for a night game in terrible conditions against unattractive opposition is f*****g fantastic in my eyes espescially as none of us come from Manchester(yawn)Pathetic away following by the way, reminded me of your fans p**s poor attempt at generating atmosphere in your only ever European Final when you were totally outsung by 15,000 sombrero wearing Seville fans, bit like our game at the Riverside the other week when it seemed like a Home game for us, despite the fact that your spineless club consistently refuse to give us a proper allocation.Incidentally, is the Riverside ever full when your not playing United? where do all those new fans go after we go home? Regarding being cheated out of the competeion I wonder if you all felt for sorry for Chesterfield when they were blatantly cheated out of a cup final appearance against you a few years ago? Perhaps had you come with any intention of trying to win the game you would have enjoyed more luck. Anyway back to our respective clubs fans, so you want to argue? can someone please tell me are you the same club that averaged 5,135 as recently as 1985? or how about 6,257 in 1986? if that doesn't ring any bells try 10,174 in 1987, Whats that you say? 'too long ago to remember' ok then try 10,400 in 1994. Amazing that by 1999 that had rose to nearly 35,000, and you would call us Gloryhunters? The club that still averaged above 50,000 in the 1st division, according to the latest Premier League Survey 54% of our support live within 50 miles of Old Trafford, so thats roughly 41,000, so even if we never let another out of town fan through the gates again we still p**s allover your support. I think your club and it's supporters operate with a distinct lack of class, from the stupid f*****g moronic music when you score through to the classless way in which your manager and his assistants accept your inevitable defeat, you came to play for penalties so it gave me great pleasure to see you lose to one, one that everybody on every football message board in the country except for your's agrees was a stone wall pen. As for Southgate himself, he is a very very ugly man, a paper bag wearing, Penalty missing, School Uniform wearing bad loser, he really really deserved this for gifting the points to City on Sat, that was totally unfair to the likes of Charlton and Sheff U etc but I bet you were not banging the fair play drum on Sat night were you? Oh no you were too excited about your cup final against us. The penalty in the first leg was also a nailed on pen, protecting his face my a**e, from what? It's a football not a f*****g brick, head the f*****g thing. To summarise, you are a sh***y little club, with s**t fans, living in a s**t town. I understand that you all get a little giddy when Manchester United come to town but may I suggest that you aim your angst at a more suitably sized opponent? Try Hartlepool or Darlington. Would love to stay but got trips to Rome and Semi final tickets to organise. Your very welcome (Jesus how much editing do you have to do to post here?)

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 20/3 16:16
re: Boro Fans

Have you ever heard of the "paragraph"?

Can't be arséd reading it - looks a lot of drivel.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 20/3 16:17
re: Boro Fans

M O N G !!!

hughiep Posted on 20/3 16:17
re: Boro Fans

same here just another plastic manc sounding off.

Brian_tengiz Posted on 20/3 16:17
re: Boro Fans


ovy1 Posted on 20/3 16:18
re: Boro Fans

Lost inerest as soon as I saw the size of paragraph, must have crap schools down in Torquay. So your insults lead to nothing. Be off with you!

hughiep Posted on 20/3 16:18
re: Boro Fans

International memorabilia now at the City Experience 15/03/2007 13:59

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day on 17th March, the Manchester City Experience museum now has on display one of Richard Dunne's Eire international caps.
Richard's cap forms part of a new international display focusing on present day City stars. Alongside the cap are the England shirts worn by Joey Barton and Micah Richards against Spain in February, boots worn by Chinese international Sun Jihai, and the full international kit of Greece's Georgios Samaras.

The final stage in the museum's Manchester timeline has also now been installed. This takes Manchester and City's history through to the present day.

In addition, Ed Garvey's RAINY DAYS and TUESDAYS photographic exhibition celebrating five years of City imagery continues to be on display. Ed's personal favourites are viewable in the gallery area of the museum, with the option for visitors to purchase limited edition prints of his work. These include memorable moments in the recent history of the Club including the final days of the Maine Road Stadium, City's 2002 Championship success, the first games at the City Of Manchester Stadium, and strong imagery from recent derby successes against United. Small images can be viewed on the Museum Events page of the website and details of the prices of Ed's limited edition prints can also be viewed.

The museum and tour is open 7 days a week (including matchdays) and tickets cost £8.75 (adults) and £4.75 (concessions) or £25 (family tickets). These prices include entry to the exhibition, the museum and a stadium tour. Alternatively, museum and exhibition only visits (no tour) are available at £5 (adults) and £3 (concessions).

Why not pop in to the museum pre-match? The museum closes 30 minutes before kick off but a museum visit is a great way to prepare for any City game. Museum/exhibition only visits do not need to be pre-booked.

mick_dundee_Snr Posted on 20/3 16:18
re: Boro Fans

Jesus christ what a complete tool you are. That essay has probably taken you the best part of a day to write and its that boring i gave up after the first few lines. YouTediousCunt.

towz Posted on 20/3 16:19
re: Boro Fans

Prime example of man utd wanka. Hope you don't get stabbed in Rome.

onetoomany Posted on 20/3 16:19
re: Boro Fans

Busy at work then? Or more then likely sick of watching Trisha all day? Get a life you cock

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BoroMutt Posted on 20/3 16:19
re: Boro Fans

...and breathe.

I'm sure it's absolutely fascinating. Could somebody summarise?

sparkins Posted on 20/3 16:19
re: Boro Fans

And breathe

Celestron Posted on 20/3 16:20
re: Boro Fans

A good day for eels and Hovercrafts.

Jonny_ov_boro Posted on 20/3 16:21
re: Boro Fans

Has anybody acctually read that. Thought not.

You wasted your time mate.

Sawadee_cap Posted on 20/3 16:21
re: Boro Fans

Will you be going to Rome? There's a lovely little area to go on a night for a sing song. It's called Campo di Fioro.

Hope the Ultras open you up.

holgateoldskool Posted on 20/3 16:22
re: Boro Fans

And you accuse us of lacking class? You stupid boy.

BoroMutt Posted on 20/3 16:22
re: Boro Fans

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Boromart Posted on 20/3 16:22
re: Boro Fans

Lost interest after about line 5, so I'll just answer that - Ronaldo is a c-o-c-k pure and simple. If a player has to cheat to be the best in the world, I would rather watch John Gittens play badly but honestly.

Regarding the attendance, it was 61K, we were given 3,000 tix and filled almost all of them. 15K manure fans in Surrey couldn't get there in time for kick off due to road works on the M6. So blame your own fans for that.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 20/3 16:22
re: Boro Fans

Ancoatsred - you're a pillock. If you're going to spout sh~te, at least make the thing fckin readable.

gibson Posted on 20/3 16:23
re: Boro Fans

Chelski could win 4 trophies this season, imagine that ?

TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 16:23
re: Boro Fans

I don't think anyone will ever read that.. I've tried

Stepper_T Posted on 20/3 16:23
re: Boro Fans

That was difficult to read, pal, and not really worth the effort.

Oh, go on then. I bow down to your greatness.

FFS, now wonder nobody likes you.

Max_Headroom Posted on 20/3 16:24
re: Boro Fans

Ancoatsred is the headboy of the Oxford University Debating Society and I claim my free mortar board and job in the diplomatic service.

bubblesmfc Posted on 20/3 16:25
re: Boro Fans

Bet his keyboard was all covered in spit after typing that lot.

Jonny_ov_boro Posted on 20/3 16:25
re: Boro Fans

BoroMutt, your post was incredibly more interesting than Ancoatsred's

mick_dundee_Snr Posted on 20/3 16:26
re: Boro Fans

I was nobbing some rich tart from Ancoats a few years back. Met her on a night out in Manchester. It went on for a few years everytime i was down there until i left my watch on the bedroom floor one time by accident and her husband found it. She was a right dirty little thing. Your not the husband are you? It would explain the hostility.

speckyget Posted on 20/3 16:26
re: Boro Fans

I liked it. The most perfectly square post I think I've ever seen.

toughguy Posted on 20/3 16:28
re: Boro Fans

I couldn't be arsed reading all that either. One point though, if Man U are so great and Boro are so crap, how come you need to cheat to win?

gibson Posted on 20/3 16:30
re: Boro Fans

Going back to the Futurist movement, one cannot comment without the inclusion of some of the work of Giacomo Balla (Italian, 1871-1958), however, it is fitting at this point to include a short history of the movement itself. Their first manifesto was totally opposite to the programme followed from Gauguin to the Expressionists, who had opted for primitivism, and saw the modernisation of the world, as a decline in European culture and humanism. A second text published , The Technical Manifesto of Futurist Painting came out in 1910, in order to outline the style of painting, based on pictorial dynamism.

Shortened version.

Boromart Posted on 20/3 16:30
re: Boro Fans

You want a summary Boromutt, basically he is another manure fan with zero class come to tell us how insignificant we are in comparison to them. If we are so unimportant then how come so many of them are here?

When Kipling wrote "If you can meet with triumph and disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same; ", I don't think he meant you should LACK grace in both defeat and victory!

Bully_Boy Posted on 20/3 16:30
re: Boro Fans

"according to the latest Premier League Survey 54% of our support live within 50 miles of Old Trafford, so thats roughly 41,000, so even if we never let another out of town fan through the gates"

50 Miles out side of old trafford takes in Liverpool. Sheffield, Leeds, Derby and half way into wales - not exactly in town is it. Confirms that the majority of man utd fans are not from manchester - Shot yourself in the foot there.

Moston_Rats Posted on 20/3 16:31
re: Boro Fans

There is no such thing as a rich bird from Ancoats.

thesmogster Posted on 20/3 16:31
re: Boro Fans

“he is the best player in the world and your lucky to have seen him play, you should bow down at the feet of Manchester United for giving you tools the opportunity to see greatness”

Deluded to the point of insanity.

Link: The Truth About Greatness

BoroMutt Posted on 20/3 16:32
re: Boro Fans

Aha! A knobhead!Perfectly clear now ta!

ThebigL Posted on 20/3 16:33
re: Boro Fans

Ancoatsred, that is a great post!These divs on here are yet to reply with anything intelligent.And we all know why, the post is spot on.

Reading what these planks have posted about 'boycotting the FA Cup' and that, it's truly embarrassing.And to think that these clowns steam onto the Newcastle board after any bad result the Barcodes have!

At least they turn up.

I applaud a cracking post.

ovy1 Posted on 20/3 16:34
re: Boro Fans

Easily pleased arent you.

ThebigL Posted on 20/3 16:35
re: Boro Fans

Great, another reply with nothing to deny the original post!

Winston_Spangler Posted on 20/3 16:37
re: Boro Fans

Some people have too much time on their hands.

Winston_Spangler Posted on 20/3 16:42
re: Boro Fans

There's a few points which are easily denied. Anyone talking about Boro's support in numbers probably isn't the best way to go when we have the biggest % of local population going to games in the country. Only Ipswich come close. Not bad when Teesside has two league teams and one about 10 miles down the road as well.

TheDoveman Posted on 20/3 16:46
re: Boro Fans

Pretty much spot on that.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 16:48
re: Boro Fans

Doveman, it says your sexually challenged in the middle of ancoats thread, you haven't read it either have you?

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Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 16:48
re: Boro Fans

Really? Population of Teeside is roughly 400,000 so the year you averaged 6,000 you had 1.5% of the local population going. Excellent stuff

Jonny_ov_boro Posted on 20/3 16:50
re: Boro Fans

You spelt Teesside wrong, clearly not as inteligent as your trying to make out. And our population is acctually 360 000.

ThebigL Posted on 20/3 16:50
re: Boro Fans

"Really? Population of Teeside is roughly 400,000 so the year you averaged 6,000 you had 1.5% of the local population going. Excellent stuff"

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Get in!

zoec Posted on 20/3 16:50
re: Boro Fans


Winston_Spangler Posted on 20/3 16:51
re: Boro Fans

I'm talking about now fella. The club was dying in the mid eighties and the nation was in the middle of a recession. What do you thinks going to happen to attendances?

susy Posted on 20/3 16:52
re: Boro Fans

Gloating is such an unattractive quality in a person.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 16:57
re: Boro Fans

Oh right, your talking about now because that suits your argument!! Thats not how it works pal, the recession obviously bit a lot harder there than it did here!I'll allow you to argue under those rules if you admit that pre 1999 your supporters were the worst in the country. Go on admit it.

bandito Posted on 20/3 16:58
re: Boro Fans

I think Boro has the same number of supporters as manchester has big issue sellers. I'd say thats a well balanced argument

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 20/3 17:00
re: Boro Fans

YOU are one of the worst supporters in the country you boring odious c~nt.

Not you bandy

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TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 17:01
re: Boro Fans

Oh Attendances we've never heard that one before have we?

Jonny_ov_boro Posted on 20/3 17:02
re: Boro Fans

Ancoatsred, cheers for the crack but your failing in your attempt to annoy us so why not go?

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 17:04
re: Boro Fans

I would imagine you have heard it a lot, that's because it's true. It's an indisputable fact, I love facts me, don't you?

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 17:05
re: Boro Fans

I'm failing am I? 50 odd replies would suggest otherwise

bandito Posted on 20/3 17:05
re: Boro Fans

ancoats, are you a bit backward?

mick_dundee_Snr Posted on 20/3 17:06
re: Boro Fans

The fact is your a complete bellend. Your getting replies because everyone is laughing at you. I hereby rename you The Manc Clown. Do you do kids partys?

--- Post edited by mick_dundee_Snr on 20/3 17:08 ---

GavBillyRed Posted on 20/3 17:07
re: Boro Fans

So then dicl{ head your fans are so good, why dont you cheer your team on, you stupid morbid cu/\/t, you might have won by yet another dodjy penalty, but your support lost, nearly as bad as newcastle.
Theatre of Dreams eh?... your lucky, most theatre's need atmosphere... lucky the boro were there to help, shame really i would love to have heard ronaldo's yelp when morrison give the cheating cu/\/t what he disserved

TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 17:09
re: Boro Fans

"I'm failing am I? 50 odd replies would suggest otherwise"

Laughing at you not with you...

You'd have less responses but your first post is unreadable and everyone thinks your a daftun for it

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 17:19
re: Boro Fans

But yet no one can dispute the FACTS within the original post. Have you any idea at all how ridiculous it is for you to have a pop at our supporters for not singing? Were any of you at all at the first game when we totally outsung you for the entire 90 minutes? Old Trafford is a morgue, tell us something we don't know but other than your nursery rhyme music after you score a goal the Riverside is no different and your away support last night was very poor in comparison yto a lot of others who come to O/T.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 17:21
re: Boro Fans

No one can dispute the facts because your english language skills are lacking.

When we can read it, take this as an example

"Were any of you at all at the first game when we totally outsung you for the entire 90 minutes?"

Are you fooking kidding?

Didn't hear a peep in the second half from your fans until boateng handled in the box.. so outsung for 90 minutes isn't a 'fact' its a lie.

fosm Posted on 20/3 17:26
re: Boro Fans

thanks for cheering me up.
What a sad fooker you are. Get a life.

Ste_1986 Posted on 20/3 17:26
re: Boro Fans

the attendance was 61,000 FFS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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holgateoldskool Posted on 20/3 17:27
re: Boro Fans

Why don't you get back to school and enter the my coc*s bigger than your coc* scenario. That seems to be a level you are more suited with.

KENDAL Posted on 20/3 17:28
re: Boro Fans

All you had to ask was "Are you bothered about what we think of you?" The answer would be "Don't give a flying schite".

And you could have saved yourself a couple of hours typing.

Stuar_Tripley Posted on 20/3 17:29
re: Boro Fans

i noticed the BBC propaganda machine publishing the attendance as 71k on their website even though it was 61k....!! i can't see them ever adding 10k on to Boro's match attendances....just a clear example of complete unprofessionalism from the BBC!

skiprat Posted on 20/3 17:32
re: Boro Fans

Ancoats - Yes we all come to see United and United only round here, that's why our record attendance from 2 years ago was against Norwich you stupid fookwit.

Stuar_Tripley Posted on 20/3 17:34
re: Boro Fans

and for a squad that cost £152 million (source- today's independent) which is 5 times the cost of Boro's squad to rely on a penalty to beat a small town in Yorkshire is somewhat of an embarrassment.

Chelsea and Manchester United should be winning every game they play given the size of their squads?!

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jeff_potato Posted on 20/3 17:36
re: Boro Fans

Haw haw, a Geordie in a Man Utd shirt, judging by the first post in this thread.

mollteaser Posted on 20/3 17:37
re: Boro Fans

10 outta 10 for effort
0 outta 10 coz u bored me stiff,, ure bound to say the cack i saw coz ure a MAN UTD FAN,,,,, we are BORO fans
get it now?
we hate u
u hate us
ure cheating bastids
we aint
we dirty fookers :P
u gotta love mozza!!!!1 hahaha i do

Jonny_ov_boro Posted on 20/3 17:39
re: Boro Fans

Hes gone. Maybe to Canal Street.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 17:40
re: Boro Fans

No, I really don't hate you, your quite insignificant to me and most United fans. A post from here was posted on a United board and I couldn't believe what a bunch of whinging old women you are. I just pointed a few FACTS out. My hate is reserved for genuine rivals to my club.

KENDAL Posted on 20/3 17:43
re: Boro Fans

So insignificant that you've spent over an hour on our board.

hughiep Posted on 20/3 17:45
re: Boro Fans

would that be 5 times european cup winners Liverpool then arsecoats ??

c64glen Posted on 20/3 17:47
re: Boro Fans

Ancoatsred, no one cares about what plastic fans have to say, Here is what your post looks like to real football fans;

I live in London, I watch football on Match of the day and I love the manchester reds since my mam bought me a fake manchester utd top from hackney market. I love Beckem, We are the champions of Europe. Hooray! The treble is ours!!!! I am a very devoted United fan I as have watch the reserves on MUTV. I want to have Wayne Ronaldos babys, Glazer beard eats kids. etc. etc.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 17:47
re: Boro Fans

You do know Ancoats that in the last 20 years your home attendance has risen by 80% and that in that season you only got 31,000 against local rivals liverpool?

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 18:02
re: Boro Fans

Based on what figures have our crowds gone up 80% And its downright fiction to post that we ever got 31,000 V Liverpool unless it was during the redevelopment of the ground. While were doing the % thing did you know that your crowds have gone up 500% in the last twenty or so years? Honestly mate you cant win on arguments about crowds, many have tried most of whom are much bigger than Boro, all have failed.

TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 18:07
re: Boro Fans

actually my point was that your a tool, but also that your attendances haven't always been as high as they are now and that tyou don't seem to realise it won't stay like that forever.

As for our attendances so fook! we're not the ones spouting crap

look at your average attendance in 1989 for instance.. 36,847

No ground redevelopment then.

Link: red11

RedRobbo85 Posted on 20/3 18:11
re: Boro Fans

United have had the biggest crowds in this country for 45 of the last 50 years, the only year that happened when there was no ground development was 89 funnily enough.

Football is more popular now than it was in the late 80's post Heysel/Bradford etc, people getting herded like cattle , even had a few incidents on visits to Ayrsome. People seem to have trouble seperating the long term local reds that have followed United for years and the Johnny cum Lately f*ckwits that appeared with the success, believe me, you don't hate them more than we do.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 18:14
re: Boro Fans

In other words you posted something that you can't back up. Seems to be a common thread emerging round here

TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 18:19
re: Boro Fans

Ancoatsred can you actually read?

I've backed it up, follow the link.

RedRobbo85 wasn't really posting anything against what I said if you read what he said, attendances were lower in the 80s. And that you have John come lately fookwits who he hates who appeared when you were successful.

So I ask again, can you read?

Cyrus2006 Posted on 20/3 18:22
re: Boro Fans

It was out fault for 6000 seats being empty!? There was me thinking that we were only allocated 3000 seats which we managed to fill. Your fans were absolutely dreadful and I only heard them sing when they went 1 goal up. Even after that we still sang louder then them. That is s*** support. Not getting behind your club.

What shocked me the most is the the amount of buses filled with Man united fans. Hardly any of you live in Manchester.

Gloryhunting b******s

skelboro Posted on 20/3 18:24
re: Boro Fans

This bloke/lady knows to much about our club hes a Teesside Manc what a joke

Archie_StephensElbow Posted on 20/3 18:26
re: Boro Fans

ancoats you are a discgrace

proper fans like us on here depsise you and everything you stand for.

MancReds Posted on 20/3 18:29
re: Boro Fans

Yeah, the truth obviously hurts

italian_love Posted on 20/3 18:31
re: Boro Fans

Ancoatsred go ply wiv cars on ur closest main road

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 18:33
re: Boro Fans

I'm gutted that you hate me!! I'll say it again.Boro 1985 average attendance 6000, 1999 average attendance 35,000 Now who are the Gloryhunters? Oh and no mate, you were allocated anything up to 11,000 but you could only sell 2700

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 18:38
re: Boro Fans

I see where you think that it was 31000 V Liverpool, but if you look again that was actually V Wimbledon, still poor but Liverpool is listed as the highest for that season at 54,000. It's actually you that can't read! Nice try though

TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 18:39
re: Boro Fans

Ancoatsred are you in complete denial?

have you clicked the link yet?

or does it not meet with your approval.. ignoring it makes you look a bit thick

illuminati Posted on 20/3 18:42
re: Boro Fans

For goodness sakes, what is the actual point of this thread?

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 18:43
re: Boro Fans

Erm my post above sort of answers the question does it not?

TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 18:44
re: Boro Fans

I admit I read it wrong.. but are you saying a bunch of glory supporting fans turned up to watch Liverpool that season?

Look at your average attendance for 1989!

the_rave Posted on 20/3 18:44
re: Boro Fans

Gloryhunters? Now I've heard it all. I've been take to boro games ever since I was 6 years old, I never had a choice in the matter. Not too many smoggies from Surrey.

uncle_harry Posted on 20/3 18:45
re: Boro Fans

I'd just like to say, having listened closely to your eloquent and insightful balanced reflections..

uncle_harry Posted on 20/3 18:47
re: Boro Fans

... the weather is too dry the plums will not develop past a certain stage, but will fall from the tree while still tiny green buds, and if it is unseasonably wet or if the plums are not harvested as soon as they are ripe, the fruit may develop a fungal condition called brown rot. Brown rot is not toxic, and very small affected areas can be cut out of the fruit, but unless the rot is caught immediately the fruit will no longer be edible. Plum is used as a food plant by the larvae of some Lepidoptera including November Moth, Willow Beauty and Short-cloaked Moth.

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The mei blossom is also the floral symbol of the ancient Chinese city Nanjing, which served as the former capital (and remained designated as the official capital) of the Republic of China

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 20/3 18:47
re: Boro Fans

Simple question, are you happy if any of your players dive to win a penalty ?

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 18:49
re: Boro Fans

No, but that was not a dive

TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 18:50
re: Boro Fans

So what did you think of his swan dive at the Riverside in the league?

uncle_harry Posted on 20/3 18:51
re: Boro Fans

could I interest you in some magic beans?

they're really shiny!

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 20/3 18:51
re: Boro Fans

Debateable at the very least, you would of been furious if it was given against you.

How do you view the "incident" in the league match this season ?

HUMBERRED Posted on 20/3 18:56
re: Boro Fans


illuminati Posted on 20/3 18:57
re: Boro Fans

Well your opening statement sounds like the usual big club, small club rant.

Is knocking us out of the cup not enough for you?

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 18:57
re: Boro Fans

I have already stated on a different thread I think, that yes that one was a dive. He is by no means the worst in the country and is some way behind Englands favourite son Stevie G in winning dubious pens this season, he is also nowhere near as bad as Robben and others, he gets kicked to f**k in nearly every game and for the most part just gets on with it, the constant booing of him is small minded and tedious.

boronutter Posted on 20/3 19:00
re: Boro Fans

he probs has a season ticket for sky tv,never been to old trafford before.!.yawn!!!!!!!!

HUMBERRED Posted on 20/3 19:01
re: Boro Fans


Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 19:02
re: Boro Fans

HUMBERRED- Not necessary and bang out of order.
This obviously cockney WUM is only doing this to provoke a reaction. If we ignore him he'll disappear back to his bedroom and carry on thrapping himself off over Man Utd players.

Thread ends now.

--- Post edited by Pope_Gregory_IX on 20/3 19:03 ---

wolfman1 Posted on 20/3 19:02
re: Boro Fans

As a loyal boro fan i think we can not EVER bang on about attendances. This guy had some hard facts wich can not be argued against. Having said that i was at old trafford and our 3000 fans backed the team brilliantly, how this guy can say the vocal support was bad baffles me. Even watching match again today boro's vocal support was very good. Its exactly what newcastle fans were saying after we continuously sang from entering the turnstyles until walking down flight after flight of stairs,they cant accept the fact we outsang them both(man u out sung us at home though!)As for numbers,if we had got the bigger allocation of 6000 seats and they matched the price we charged them(£20)we would have sold them.Consistently our support isnt the best in the land but it certainly isnt bad and on our day we can mix it with the best!!

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 19:04
re: Boro Fans

Oh 58 thats clever. When losing the argument resort to glorifying in death of opponents.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 19:05
re: Boro Fans

Obviously Cockney wind up merchant? Have you any idea where Ancoats is you retard?

TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 19:07
re: Boro Fans

Ancoats is the scruffy part of manchester.. but I say just ignore the fooker from now on

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 20/3 19:09
re: Boro Fans

Can you not understand the frustration that he causes then ?

He has fantastic ability but will be renowned for being a cheat, this will tarnish any achievements you make in my eyes this season, whereas I have nothing but admiration for your treble winning season.

Yes I know others do it but what you have to remember is that yes its a major coup for a team like Boro to beat one of the big 4, the fact that weve ran you so close twice this season and that we are actually disappointed not to of got anything from the games shows how far we have progessed.

To be that close and and miss out because of what in one instance was blatent cheating, and in the second instance extremely debatle action is hard to take.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 19:10
re: Boro Fans

Both cup penalties were nailed on blatant penalties. A double hand ball and a clear trip.

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 19:11
re: Boro Fans

Just leave it lads. He's tittering to himself everytime one of us answers his boorish boasts.
Put it away and pull your pants back up Ancoats for gods sake.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 19:17
re: Boro Fans

I believe my work here is now done. Consider yourselves educated

dan87 Posted on 20/3 19:17
re: Boro Fans

arrogant, pretentious twat, do u always go on message boards to gloat and argue about something that u cannot possibly lose? we all know man utd have a miles bigger fan base than any1 else in the uk. btw 54% from within 50 miles is very poor, ours is in the 80s from within 10miles i think, yes, we have a small fan base, but atleast our fans are loyal and passionate about our team, which is what matters. we cant fill our stadium, sorry for having a stadium that is too big for the amount of fans we have.

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 19:19
re: Boro Fans

Don't Dan, he'll start playing with percy again.

MontagueLongfellow Posted on 20/3 19:19
re: Boro Fans

The only certain penalty was the handball, the one that Ronaldo wasnt involved in funnily enough.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 19:19
re: Boro Fans

It's ok Dan I forgive you

Sceptic_Frank Posted on 20/3 19:20
re: Boro Fans

We have some crap fans, united have some crap fans, hey guess what, every team in the land has some crap fans!

You're also correct when you say it is pointless arguing with United about attendences. Course it is, like it or not you have a huge pool from all over the country that will fork out to fill your seats. We have to rely on local support.

And your point about the crap music we play is the same as you saying "Old trafford is a morgue, tell us something we don't know". It's the same here, you will get a lot of fans - perhaps the majority - who want to see post-goal music scrapped. In short, it's a stupid argument. It's a commericial side to the game that isn't necessary. But let's be honest if we're talking about cynical commercialism in football, then United pretty much wrote the book didn't they? Chinese tours, American buy-outs, £3000 "opus" books. The list goes on.

For someone who doesn't care about us, you're filled with a lot of vitriol.

As for the City stuff. Do you really agree with Warnock or were you just getting a bit exicited in the heat of your rant?

For what it's worth I think the pen in the league game was a joke, the Boateng pen was valid and last night's was impossible to tell. Woodgate pulled out of the tackle but you can't see if he made contact. Oh and saying everyone in the land agrees it was a pen is nonsense, there have been plenty of neutrals tell me we were robbed.

Just because you say something doesn't make it true. You are aware of that?

dan87 Posted on 20/3 19:21
re: Boro Fans

whos board are u goin onto to argue about attendances with next?

bevo2005 Posted on 20/3 19:25
re: Boro Fans

Go on the Geordie board son, they love pointless arguments about attendances. You never know, you might make your first ever friend on there

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 19:26
re: Boro Fans

That's far too sensible for here Frank. And Dan, I'm not sure yet, perhaps the next board that attacks my club with utter rubbish like your fans have on here today. (this swear filter is driving me f***ing mad)

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 19:26
re: Boro Fans

His friends in his left hand. Mouse is in the other.

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 19:28
re: Boro Fans

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TheSmogMonster Posted on 20/3 19:28
re: Boro Fans

behave ancoats, you came on here looking for a fight and didn't get one cause no one could make sense of that hulk of a first post

jam69 Posted on 20/3 19:29
re: Boro Fans

a fan of team manchester calling southgate ugly when you have rooney and neville playing for you,now thats a bit rich,what really pisses fans of mcdonalds utd is tgat for all his skill ronaldo will always be seen as a cheat,and your club is viewed by most real surporters as a plastic corperate play thing for the yanks.
our club is a well run club run by and for local people who have a feeling for there home town club that your fans from everywhere but manchester will never have.

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 19:31
re: Boro Fans

What's the weather like at the mo in Boro??

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 19:31
re: Boro Fans

Well its a pity that the 'local people' don't bother turning up in any numbers to support them then

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 19:33
re: Boro Fans

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Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 19:33
re: Boro Fans

Oh and Smogmonster, I didn't get a fight because nobody here is intelligent enough to debate with me. And also because everything I posted was a fact

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 19:36
re: Boro Fans

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Jonny_ov_boro Posted on 20/3 19:38
re: Boro Fans

Yes your wonderful now get lost.

higginz Posted on 20/3 19:39
re: Boro Fans

I actually do want to leave this argument because its so petty, but i feel the need to say that I think you;ve outstayed your welcome mate. I dont see he point in arguing about who's club is better (and ultimately, this is what the argument is about)

Someone claiming he's probably followed 'United' all his life because their team's passion and devotion inspired him, coming on a mid table teams forum to lavish their supporters with these 'facts' on how 'United' are a better team and how Middlesbrough are a 'small time' team.

When was the last time Man U absolutely hammered Boro on the score board?

I actually do want to know. Nackers to all this supporters garbage. We all know OT fills out every week with Asians with EBay accounts.

--- Post edited by higginz on 20/3 19:40 ---

dan87 Posted on 20/3 19:40
re: Boro Fans

u came on here to pick a fight about attendances...
nothing worse than a kid who self-proclaims that they have won an argument, how old?

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 19:40
re: Boro Fans

The term narcissism means love of oneself, and refers to the set of character traits concerned with self-admiration, self-centeredness and self-regard. The name was chosen by Sigmund Freud, from the Greek myth of Narcissus, who was doomed to fall in love with his own reflection in a pool of water.

Whilst everyone is narcissistic to some degree, extreme narcissism can be highly dysfunctional, and is classified as a pathology called Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

higginz Posted on 20/3 19:45
re: Boro Fans

Mr. CoatRed, you obviously dont have an answer to my earlier question do you?

your crack is dead.

zappa909 Posted on 20/3 19:46
re: Boro Fans


youve got a bad case of Last Word Syndrome

just fu(kin do-one will ya!

you speccytwat.............. probably.

--- Post edited by zappa909 on 20/3 19:49 ---

higginz Posted on 20/3 19:46
re: Boro Fans

anyway. who got knocked out of the league cup by Southend?

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 19:46
re: Boro Fans

He's currently wiping his jizz up.

Boromart Posted on 20/3 19:47
re: Boro Fans

I think I understand what these idiots have done regarding attendances, they've got the wrong Middlesbrough FC...

We however are the 16th best attended team in hte country, and in fact THE best supported town.

Ancoats wanted facts he has got them. Now prove your stupid and quite frankly childish statments about our attendances, and please do not use a 4 or 5 year period as indicitive of our entire history, that would only be proof that you are a fool.

Put up or shut up mate.

Link: The nops

gibson Posted on 20/3 19:49
re: Boro Fans

Only chooses the facts he likes. Probably gone out sparking clogs with his schooly mates.I wonder what IMUSA make of a tool like him?

BoroGedi86 Posted on 20/3 19:54
re: Boro Fans

Why is it that wannabe Manc's are always shouting about how good they are blah blah blah, Yeah there a big club with a big ground no s**t, spent millions on players but still couldn't beat Boro with out a dodgy penalty. As for attendance's, we could get 70,000 if we packed with people from Essex,and Asia. At least the fans that go to the Riverside are local.

yogi6899 Posted on 20/3 19:55
re: Boro Fans

well put ancoatsred....

Boromart Posted on 20/3 19:56
re: Boro Fans

here are some facts about our away following last season we took more fans to these teams than they brought to ours...

Blackburn, Charlton, Fulham, Man U, Newcastle, Pompey, Wigan, Stuttgart, Roma (they brought 287 we took 3,447), Basel, Coventry. That would put us in the middle of the table in away support numbers.

The only teams that took significantly more than us away were Arsenal, Villa (Sunday game at Villa Park hindered our numbers), Chelsea (rediculously high prices), Liverpoo, Citeh (the real Manchester team), Charlton FA cup (operation Teesside free travel on got 5,000 Addicks up here), Nuneaton (away day pishup for a non-league team they always take big numbers)

Now again I throw down te gauntlet put up or shut up, give some FACTS about how terrible our away support is, and not stupid anecdotal meanderings about how many empty seats there were at OT, or your own opinions on how much noise away fans make.

zappa909 Posted on 20/3 19:58
re: Boro Fans

Fu(k Off Yogi

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 19:59
re: Boro Fans

I think Ancoatsred has gone downstairs to watch the Simpsons

Nedkat Posted on 20/3 20:03
re: Boro Fans

WTF are you all doing spending time responding to some ass'ole united supporter ?

His whole bullshyte diatribe had been about how he thinks we're insignificant, makes yer wonder why he came here in the first place ? Scruffy little tvvat !!

Then he bounds away into attendances and supporters singing songs !! Ignore the scruffy tvvat !! He aint worth it ... !!

BoroGedi86 Posted on 20/3 20:07
re: Boro Fans

Do Man U. ever take an away following of fans from Manc. land? or is it the locals of who they are playin that sit in the away end, glory hunting wannabe Manc's going to there one and only game of the season, never been to OT in there life? There is a few lads at my work like that. Born and bread T/Side support Man U? Why?

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 20:09
re: Boro Fans

We got rid of him in the end. Either that or he's now redandproud or Dr Legend.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 20:18
re: Boro Fans

No you didn't get rid of me I was having my tea. Forgot your name but the guy who wants links to my facts about your crowds, can't do it mate, I'm no good with computers and no idea how to post the links, however type 'attendances england' into a search engine and all English clubs attendances are there too see, look at 1985/86/89 etc for Boro. Secondly, the only reason you brought more to Old Trafford in the league than we brought to you is because your tin pot club keeps reducing our allocation and this is for two reasons. 1st It's because it's the one game of the year where the locals will actually buy them, and 2nd because Cleveland Police are sick of our fans slapping yours all over the Boro. Whilst your interrogating search engines you might want to type in 'do you come from Manchester' to see the real facts regarding who supports which team in Manchester

--- Post edited by Ancoatsred on 20/3 20:19 ---

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 20:19
re: Boro Fans

Oh for gods sake lad, no fookers interested anymore.

higginz Posted on 20/3 20:20
re: Boro Fans

what did you have for your tea then?

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 20:22
re: Boro Fans

I had Chicken with all the trimmings

Nedkat Posted on 20/3 20:23
re: Boro Fans

YAWN ...

higginz Posted on 20/3 20:23
re: Boro Fans


Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 20:25
re: Boro Fans

Yet I am responsible for the boards largest running thread

longster Posted on 20/3 20:26
re: Boro Fans


NOUN: Something that does not have or make sense: balderdash, blather, bunkum, claptrap, drivel, garbage, idiocy, nonsense, piffle, rigmarole, rubbish, tomfoolery, trash, twaddle. Informal : tommyrot. Slang : applesauce, baloney, bilge, bull1, bunk2, crap, hooey, malarkey. See KNOWLEDGE.

gibson Posted on 20/3 20:28
re: Boro Fans

Asian bird flu being one of the trimmings, hopefully...

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 20:29
re: Boro Fans

Biggest thread? Do you only look at the first page numbnuts? There's way bigger threads on this further back. Take your knob out of your hand and click back a few pages.

Jonny_ov_boro Posted on 20/3 20:30
re: Boro Fans

This has been going on for 4 hours 15 now. everyboy stop replying.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 20:31
re: Boro Fans

Not by the time its finished dickface

ste_north_stand Posted on 20/3 20:32
re: Boro Fans

Ancoats, i was at both the quarter final games and i'd just like to pull you up on one of your points. You say your fans sang for 90 mins at our place. Well i never heard a peep out of your fans between Boateng's goal and Ronaldo's penalty. And i am not saying your fans are normally quiet, they are amongst the most vocal away followings every season. But between them 2 goals they were silent last Saturday, sorry pal.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 20:36
re: Boro Fans

Thats ok it is never actually going to be 90 minutes. Oh by the way just looked back 20 pages or so and no other thread comes close in terms of replies. I suppose you guys look on me as some kind of legendary figure?

ste_north_stand Posted on 20/3 20:38
re: Boro Fans

It's not ok if the period of the game where the fans choose not to shout and sing for the team is when they actaully need it the most i.e. when the team is losing.

Nedkat Posted on 20/3 20:39
re: Boro Fans

Legendary ?

FFS, everybody knows your a fookin' arse'ole ... !!

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 20:41
re: Boro Fans

We were having a break, I suppose we could have hummed along to a silly tune, bit like de de de de de, de de de derra. No on second thought that would just be ridiculous and quite embarrassing

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 20:41
re: Boro Fans

Only a few hundred to go dicksplash

Boromart Posted on 20/3 20:42
re: Boro Fans

"links to my facts about your crowds, can't do it mate, I'm no good with computers"
How convenient, no link then they are just your opinion. I have given you links to true FACTS. Please tell me how they fit in with your preconcieved notion of our support? Just to remind you AGAIN, of the FACTS, we are the 16th best attended club in the country throughout the history of football. BEST supported town in the country. 16th means we are in fact a top flight size supported club, we are also catching up with the three teams directly above us.

On the field of play this is our 60th season in the top flight, 39 outside. The missing war years were encased by top flight years so you can add another 11 years to our top flight status. Again proving with FACTs that your assumptions about our club are based on ignorance and/or prejudice.

", look at 1985/86/89 etc for Boro."
Like I said my link puts EVERYTHING in context, if you want to look at our lowest as an indication of who we are then that shows ignorance and stupidity on your beahlf.

"reducing our allocation......1st It's because it's the one game of the year where the locals will actually buy them"
When we reduce your allocation we are not allowd by the FA to resell the tickets, again showing your ignorance of the FACTs that you claim to like.

"and 2nd because Cleveland Police are sick of our fans slapping yours all over the Boro."
Now you really are proving yourself to be a complete asshole.

"'do you come from Manchester' to see the real facts regarding who supports which team in Manchester"
One of your lot was here the other week spouting your 40million fan base....excuse me but Manchester has a population of about 600K, so that proves that wrong as well.

Have you got any further 'facts' that you wish for me to debunk, or have you got any comments on the FACTs I have supplied to you? I'm sure your not man enough to face them head on and actually realise your talking absolute carp.

alien3 Posted on 20/3 20:42
re: Boro Fans

Ancoatsred, the longest thread on the Boro board is 1400 ,count it if you want.

--- Post edited by alien3 on 20/3 20:49 ---

Link: thread

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 20:43
re: Boro Fans

Actually I'm impressed with the number of posters, now if you could just get this many to attend the games........

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 20:46
re: Boro Fans

Boromart FFS how hard is it to type that into a search engine? Other than that you have posted nothing but hot air. I have to disappear for a while now but will be back later to speak to all the Ancoatsred worshippers out there.

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 20:48
re: Boro Fans

Paged through 20 pages? Lying turd. Pi$$ed on your silly little bonfire didn't we sweety?

Boromart Posted on 20/3 20:49
re: Boro Fans

hot air, that is your speciality.

So come on be a man discuss. 16th best supported club in the country. 20 clubs in the prem. Prem size support ---- DISCUSS

outoftowner Posted on 20/3 20:50
re: Boro Fans

ancoatsred .... just for you

Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there.
O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

On the shore dimly seen thro' the mists of the deep,
Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?

Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam,
In full glory reflected, now shines on the stream:
'T is the star-spangled banner: O, long may it wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 20:50
re: Boro Fans

Don't hurry Artie.

BENTHAM Posted on 20/3 20:50
re: Boro Fans

What a conceited cockney gimp you are ancoats. Get a life and bog off back to your local message board in Gillingham.

BoroGedi86 Posted on 20/3 20:53
re: Boro Fans

Wannabe Manc comes on banging on about attendances, and being a legend? Bet he sits in his bedroom readin all the stats ov every game ov every week. Little geek!!! Bet mummy still makes his tea living at home 46yrs old, never even kissed a girl. Got no mate's, and no one will talk to him on the Manc message board, so gotta go on other supporters boards. Pathetic!!!!!!

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 21:01
re: Boro Fans

ancoatsred = Artie Ziff

boro_101 Posted on 20/3 21:03
re: Boro Fans

I bet your mam made you chicken nuggets and beans ya little gimp, now fook off its bedtime get your torch out get under the covers and read about allthem stats.

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 21:05
re: Boro Fans

He'll be thrapping away like a good 'un.

boro_101 Posted on 20/3 21:08
re: Boro Fans

hope his mam sees the stains

Boromart Posted on 20/3 21:09
re: Boro Fans

we won't see him again he has been well and truly outs-mart-ed. God that makes me sound as pretentious as that 'legend' doesn't it

--- Post edited by Boromart on 20/3 21:10 ---

dan87 Posted on 20/3 21:10
re: Boro Fans

arty ziff is much more independent, he survives in the attic by sucking juices from the rafters

onthemap Posted on 20/3 21:12
re: Boro Fans

Life on Mars is on.

borobadge Posted on 20/3 21:21
re: Fans

Iron is essential for the formation of haemoglobin, the red pigment in blood. The iron in haemoglobin combines with oxygen and transports it through the blood to the body's tissues and organs. The body contains between 3.5 and 4.5g of iron, 2/3 of which is present in haemoglobin. The remainder is stored in the liver, spleen and bone-marrow. A small amount is present as myoglobin, which acts as an oxygen store in muscle tissue.
Iron deficiency can lead to anaemia. Iron stores in the body become depleted and haemoglobin synthesis is inhibited. Symptoms of anaemia include tiredness, lack of stamina, breathlessness, headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite and pallor. All these symptoms are associated with decreased oxygen supply to tissues and organs. Iron also plays an important role in the immune system, people with low iron levels having lowered resistance to infection. Research has also shown iron deficiency to be associated with impaired brain function, and iron deficiency in infants can result in impaired learning ability and behavioural problems.

Iron deficiency is the most prevalent nutritional problem both in Britain and worldwide. It has been stated that 2/3 of children and women of child-bearing age in developing countries suffer from iron deficiency, 1/3 suffering from severe deficiency and anaemia. In developed countries, between 10-20% of child-bearing age women are said to be anaemic. Iron is the least plentiful nutrient in the typical British diet and anaemia is fairly common in the UK.

mollteaser Posted on 20/3 21:31
re: Boro Fans

ok just to give Ancoatsred some bedtime reading.... do u want to know a lill FACT something u DONT KNOW and it seams to me that ure so fooking ignorant... YOU say "our tin pot club" wont allow you more tickets ... BOLLOX sugah thats where ure wrong
because ure fans are so sad and pathetic it is ACTUALLY Middlesbrough council that reduce your allocation, the health and safety dept, every match u come to at the riverside (and other grounds) notice that u dont happen to find ure arses til half time and that is a health and safety matter... and persistant standing = fine from the F.A coz of ure arrogant twatty fans that are mainly cockney, so its the local council u want to be taking the matter of allocation up with... the only reason u got 3800 tickets was because man u appealled against it, so that match at the riverside u still didnt get the 5000 tickets requested and u were constantly monitered by police and the council so we can try and reduce your allocation in future
happy reading! nite nite!
and i bet you didnt go

Pope_Gregory_IX Posted on 20/3 21:32
re: Boro Fans


Moron was originally a scientific term, coined by psychologist Henry H. Goddard from a Greek word meaning "foolish" and used to describe a person with a genetically determined mental age between 8 and 12 on the Binet scale. It was also once applied to people with an IQ of 51-70 and was a step up from "imbecile" (IQ of 26-50) and two steps up from "idiot" (IQ of 0-25). The word moron, along with "retarded" and "feeble-minded" (among others), was once considered a valid descriptor in the psychological community, though these words have all now passed into common slang use, exclusively in a detrimental context.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 23:05
re: Boro Fans

OK your King is back. Boromart you seem to want to represent the Boro fans in this little debate and feel that somehow you have proved your case. Well lets look at those facts you keep banging on about, wow your the 16th best supported team in the country, truly fu***ng amazing, and with an average of 19,000 woop de doo I prefer to look at that another way, your the 3rd best supported team in the North East, now doesn't that sound better? As for not being able to post my link, why would I lie? you tell me how to do it and I'll do it, or alternatively you could do as I asked and type "Attendances England" into your search engine, select Middlesbrough and view the years I referred you to and see your average attendances of 5,000 6,000 and a couple of others around the 10,000 mark. Your bragging about taking 3,400 or whatever to Roma, wow, sit back and watch what a real club takes. If you took more to Newcastle than they brought to you I can only imagine that you are restricting their allocation as well, other than that you outsold, Wigan, Fulham,Charlton and Blackburn probably the worst 4 supported clubs in the prem, I'll take your word on it regarding Portsmouth. You say that me looking at your poor years shows how stupid I am, I would say that in your leanest years you deserted your team and that I would be stupid not to highlight this display of blatant fickleness, you keep patting yourself on the back for some reason but exactly what facts have you 'debunked'? Someone on here apparently claimed that United have a 40 million fan base, what the f**k has that got to do with me? Someone on another site I was reading posted that 77% of Boro fans are cross dressers, is that true becuase I read it? Your not nearly clever enough to debate with me. Your a small club, with a small support, accept your position in life and realise that when the big clubs come along you have to move aside.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 20/3 23:12
re: Boro Fans

So the days when we were getting 6000, Liverpool were f_cking wiping the floor with you lot; league title, european cups the lot.

So your historical point is?

BTW have you ever heard of Charlie Amer? No?

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 23:23
re: Boro Fans

Surely it's me that has to say "and your point is?" LFC were wiping the floor with us, yes and? Still couldn't pull in our crowds could they? Still couldn't shift Manchester United off the back page could they? Forever in our shadow

BroughtonLad Posted on 20/3 23:25
re: Boro Fans

Link: Ancoatsred

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 23:31
re: Boro Fans

That's not me mate, Ancoats is an 80% red area so could be one of several people

scott_2005 Posted on 20/3 23:32
re: Boro Fans

watch u dont die at christmas mate.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 23:36
re: Boro Fans

Er yeah great post mate, I see I have seen off all the better Boro posters (contradiction in terms) and am now left to converse with the truly brain dead

scott_2005 Posted on 20/3 23:38
re: Boro Fans

shhh u cockney scruffy loser

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 23:40
re: Boro Fans

Scruffy!! ha ha truly priceless coming from anyone in the land that time forgot. Oh and 'Scott 2005' what does the 2005 signify? Your birth year? The year you decided to support Boro? The last time you went to a game? The last time you had a bath?

scott_2005 Posted on 20/3 23:43
re: Boro Fans

nah. The year i registered to the message board. You little horrible manc.

Ancoatsred Posted on 20/3 23:45
re: Boro Fans

Righto Scotty thanks very much for that fascinating insight into your miserable little life

BENTHAM Posted on 21/3 0:01
re: Boro Fans

Does mummy know that your still playing on the computer ancoats. It's time for bed now, you've got school tomorrow.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 21/3 0:04
re: Boro Fans

This sad case has been on our board all day and all evening. Get a fckin life.

Ancoatsred Posted on 21/3 0:05
re: Boro Fans

Yet another genius. You boys are too good for me I'm off to bed

Gaizka_Mendieta_14 Posted on 21/3 0:57
re: Boro Fans

quickest double ton?

Boromart Posted on 21/3 9:20
re: Boro Fans

Middlesbrough don't pretend to be a big club, unlike the Jawdees or Leeds of this world. All teams have lean spells of support. Ours coincided with a point in our history where the club was financially moribund and allowed to slowly die.

Taking that as an indication of our support proves your an idiot. Ignoring the FACTs as a whole and honing in on about 2% of the data makes you a useless data analyst.

"wow your the 16th best supported team in the country, truly fu***ng amazing", well that was direct response to your accusations of crap support and being a div one size club, blatently you are wrong. If not then please list at least 44 clubs that have bigger support than us....but of course you can't. We may be the 3rd best supported side in the northeast, we know that already, the northeast has always been a well supported part of the country. But I've equally seen Jawdee crowds around the 12,000 mark and the Mackems less than 10,000. I've also seen Boro sellout 31K in the second tier for every game.

"I asked and type "Attendances England" into your search engine"
I'm not doing your research for you, thats your job, if your not intelligent enough to copy a link and paste it into the 'Link Address' fill in box then you are a bigger dimwit than I thought you were.

I notice you have not responded to the fact we are the best supported town in the country. Its undeniable. Its also undeniable that catchment area for most clubs is the restricting factor on attendance figures. Of course some clubs are not community clubs and in fact WHORE themselves around the world to become a soulless brand to improve support. I know which I would rather support.

"other than that you outsold, Wigan, Fulham,Charlton and Blackburn probably the worst 4 supported clubs in the prem"
I also said that we were level in away support for most clubs and listed about 6 teams that took more away than we did. So again your ignoring the facts that don't suit your argument.

"I'll take your word on it regarding Portsmouth."
Your now proving what a tool you are, the media tell you pompey are the best fans in the country.....have you seen there attendance figures for anything ourside the last 4 years? They have regularly had 4 igure crodws during the last 2 decades.

"exactly what facts have you 'debunked'?"
We are not poorly supported, in fact we are the best supported town. We do not have div one level support, it is 16th best, therefore prem level.

"United have a 40 million fan that true becuase I read it?"
It actually had a link to published figures, something you seem incapable of providing.

"Your a small club, with a small support, accept your position in life"
Look at the FACTs we are a moderate club, with moderate support, Man U are a global brand not a community club, they are fook all to do with the the community of manchester, they have sold there soul for money.

--- Post edited by Boromart on 21/3 9:20 ---

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TheYak87 Posted on 22/3 12:01
re: Boro Fans

Hope you stick around for a while ancoatsred, your board seems to be full of other clubs fans telling you how much they hate your team. They must be jealous of you having the best player in the world. Oh and btw you can only stay if you promise you'll try and learn to PARAGRAPH.