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PapaJohn Posted on 21/3 13:00
Pak v Zim at Cricket WC - what if?

If Zim beat Pak that would mean Zim on the same points as Ireland (assuming Ireland get stuff by WI).

Pak are OUT already so how is it decided between Zim and Ireland who goes thru? Sommat like NET RUN RATE?

MarlonD Posted on 21/3 13:02
re: Pak v Zim at Cricket WC - what if?

Yeah, it would depend on run rate.

But obviously ireland would know what they had to do against the Windies.

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PapaJohn Posted on 21/3 13:09
re: Pak v Zim at Cricket WC - what if?

Just done a bit more searching, them Irish chaps will need to keep off the black stuff to work this lot out.

Link: Need a Clever Paddy to work this one out

irish_boro_supporter Posted on 21/3 13:13
re: Pak v Zim at Cricket WC - what if?

would look like our lads are staying off the black stuff. unlike certain english players. heard that if we get into the super 8s the first match will be against england.

MarlonD Posted on 21/3 13:16
re: Pak v Zim at Cricket WC - what if?

Bejesus, no wonder cricket is not very popular in Ireland !!

PapaJohn Posted on 21/3 13:19
re: Pak v Zim at Cricket WC - what if?

Can anyone confirm that England would play Ireland in the 1st game of the super 8s.
Looking at my sunday times guide, i reckon its 20th April but like all things cricket its not clear.
BBC has got it C2 playing D2 which to me means 2nd place teams meeting on 20th April.

PlymouthBORO Posted on 21/3 13:54
re: Pak v Zim at Cricket WC - what if?

As I understand it, and I may be wrong, but the final group places have no effect on the C2's and D2's. Unlike in football where that is taken from the group standings, in the Super 8's, the C2 will be the second seeded team from that group. They have already assumed that the seeds will go through, which means whoever goes through in place of Pakistan will take on their I think them and England would be C1 and D1...

Looking closer I think England are 2nd seeds in our group, so we'd need to look for C2 vD1 for England v Ireland...which is on 30th March

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PapaJohn Posted on 21/3 14:26
re: Pak v Zim at Cricket WC - what if?

Reading me paper again and reckon you are correct, i've looked for when england would play pakistan, which is 30th March our 1st and must win super 8 game.

Lets hope Ray Houghton is not playing for Eire.