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Kilburn Posted on 29/3 9:48
England fans

What a bunch of scumbags.

They can treat our ex-manager however they like as far as I'm concerned, although their behaviour towards him is pretty unsavoury in my view.

However, singling out a young Boro player for a constant torrent of abuse throughout a match in which he was clearly trying his best (probably trying too hard), is unforgivable. No self respecting Boro fan should accept or try to excuse that kind of behaviour against one of our own.

We like to see England do well, and cut their travelling fans a lot of slack for their behaviour because they are supporting 'our' national team. Lets face it though, a lot of them are a bunch of animals who represent the worst aspects of our country.

I hope McClaren stays on for a while now, but takes an even more negative approach to England tactics, so that these tvvats have to sit through purgatory, howling in impotent rage every game.

the_rave Posted on 29/3 9:53
re: England fans

Agree Kilburn completely. I've been complaining about England fans for a while now, but last night sent me over the edge. At the end of the day downing plays for an unfashionable Northern club and will never get the support of a southern biased media. Aaron Lennon did nothing more than Downing but of course he plays for spurs so its ok.

I'm concentrating on Boro, I can't be dealing with the whole circus thats surrounds England.

Piquet2 Posted on 29/3 9:56
re: England fans

As I've said before England = London FC.

heaton_mersey_boro Posted on 29/3 9:59
re: England fans

Agree piquet.

The "Steve McClaren is a wenkaaaaaaa" chant summed it up perfectly.

Even the chanting has a southern accent and bias.

Let them have it. They are welcome to it.

ExiledInStoke Posted on 29/3 10:08
re: England fans

Rave, as I said last night, cross over and join me in the 'we don't give a rats about international football' party!

BroughtonLad Posted on 29/3 10:16
re: England fans

England fans were disgusting last night.
I watched the highlight on MOTD and when England scored most of the fans looked pissed off as if they wanted us to get beat.
The media do not help the situation.
The knives are out big time.
I wonder if they will change their tune when things start getting better?

skiprat Posted on 29/3 10:51
re: England fans

I never used to like it, but I can see why Man U fans have generally turned their back on the England team now after the abuse their players got.

ARGENTINA! ARGENTINA (For Arca obviously)

Lucky_Alf Posted on 29/3 10:52
re: England fans

"As I've said before England = London FC"

Stupid comment.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 29/3 10:52
re: England fans

Surely you mean some England fans.
I knew a few lads who are Boro fans who went over there, and they certainly are not 'scumbags'.

Kilburn Posted on 29/3 10:56
re: England fans

Yes I mean some of them. Specifically the ones who were giving our lad abuse from the start of the game, because they have decided that he is McClaren's representative on the pitch.
Sadly, it sounded like quite a lot of them.