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Perry_Combover Posted on 31/3 9:19
kings of leon

having a listen to becuase of the times, for quality control purposes, before purchase on its release next week.

fckin top notch!

the_broken_fridge Posted on 31/3 9:25
re: kings of leon

I dunno, you know. I think they're kind of pedestrian. The odd good tune, but on the whole, a bit forgettable really.

The_Commisar Posted on 31/3 9:27
re: kings of leon

Listened to it the other week, not as good as earlier stuff but fine none the less

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 31/3 9:28
re: kings of leon

Not fussy at all on their new track although I really liked their last album.

Perry_Combover Posted on 31/3 9:28
re: kings of leon

couldnt disagree more, but musics all about opinions innit.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 31/3 9:29
re: kings of leon

certainly is.

galactico Posted on 31/3 12:43
re: kings of leon

agree with perry totally, already a massive fan of this band after their first 2 efforts, but they have progressed massively on this album. They could have carried on with the same old stuff, but the sign of a quality band is one that can produce something diferent with each album. On because of the times they express themsleves as musicians far more and is a classic rock n roll album. The BEST band in the world currently!