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PapaJohn Posted on 31/3 18:00
Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

Funny game footie in it.

Pearce 2 weeks ago - the worst manager in the world.
Roeder - a complete joke in charge of newcastle.
Sir Gareth - doing well in his 1st season.

Pearce 36 points - Roeder 37 and Sir Gareth 36.

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PoetLaureate Posted on 31/3 18:02
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

Out the 3 I'm glad we have Southgate. I know i'm a boro fan but Roeder was a joke at west ham and id hate to have him as a our personality at all

Turner_86 Posted on 31/3 18:05
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

Gareth WILL become a very good manager given time, I've said that since even before he got the job.

His task is to become a very good manager and keep us in the Preier league, preferably the top half whilst he is doing it.

So far so good.

trewoboro Posted on 31/3 18:08
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

See the Geordies are after Glen (dont blame me) Roeder.

Link: Roeder out.

the_broken_fridge Posted on 31/3 18:10
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

oh they run those threads every other day.

PapaJohn Posted on 31/3 18:18
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

Its a results game, we have Watford at home next week, on Good Friday Charlton have City. We could be starting that game 3 points ahead of Charlton.

Wot will it be like on here next week should we fail to beat Watford.

Kilburn Posted on 31/3 18:29
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

Roeder is rightly criticised because he is managing a club with much bigger resources than Boro, who when their 15M striker Owen is injured, are able to go out and spend 10M on Martins.

Boro have never had that spending power.

Pearce got stick when City were looking like joining the relegation battle, as will Southgate if Boro get dragged in to it.

sasboro Posted on 1/4 1:08
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

southgate has the benefit of doubt as its his first season. next season the pressure increases slightly as he ships out smacs deadwood and brings his own players in like euell and the korea. season 3 the pressure build to reach a cup final or europe. then season 4 and 5 is when the pressure really starts. see bryan robson and smac for past experiences.

we always have high expectations for the season like the jordies but once we realise we arnt going to do much boro fans readjust their expectations where as the jordies dont. people were expecting us to push on form uefa cup but now happy with 12th and steadying the ship

joseph99 Posted on 1/4 10:37
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

Roeder is doing well if we are using the same same criteria that some people on here use to judge the performance of managers. Europe and in the latter stages of the UEFA cup in his first full season. Resorces are irrelevant to this argument.

White_Knight Posted on 1/4 10:42
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

Wasn't Roeder the fans choice after Souness. I also remember the Sunderland fans choice of Lawrie McMenemy, half a life-time ago.
Isn't the "fans choice" of a manager akin to having a "vote of confidence from the board of directors"?

sasboro Posted on 1/4 10:44
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

we seem quick to mock roeder but they are still above us in the league

Kilburn Posted on 1/4 12:54
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

Saying that resources are irrelevant is utter rubbish.

If Boro finished 6th, we would be happy and think of it as a good season. If Chelsea were in the same situation they would consider it a disaster.

Conversely, Boro finishing 15th would be disappointing considering our resources, whereas for Watford it would be a fantastic achievement.

TheBoroBoss61 Posted on 1/4 15:13
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

Sasboro having a Pop at Boro
Why don't you go and support someone else then you can rip us to bits at your hearts content?

sasboro Posted on 1/4 15:45
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

i'm not having as pop at boro more having a pop at boro fans for suggesing roeder is crap and should be sacked..despite still being above us in the league...and having the best english striker out injured all season

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trodbitch Posted on 1/4 16:17
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

If we had some top class strikers all out injured the whole season, would that make Southgate a better manager?

tonyblack5397 Posted on 1/4 16:27
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

GS wasn't my first choice but he's here now and so I think that we should get behind him. He's done well at times and at least he's tried to play attacking football. He's made mistakes but he seems to be a very quick learner and he certainly seems to have the respect of all the players which is great to see as I think he's one of the few genuinely nice people in the game.

Next season will be make or break for me but I think that if he can travel a bit during the summer and get a few ideas together and learn a bit more then next season he will definately do better and I would fully expect him to be there or there abouts for a European spot.

I think a lot depends on who stays and who go's.

Agree totally that Roeder is abismal and that's not just because he's at Newcastle. Everytime I hear him and listen to his words he make my stomach turn.

This week he blamed the loss on the fans pressure. Yeah right...


sasboro Posted on 1/4 16:28
re: Southgate - Pearce - Roeder -

i think you only have to think how many point worse off we would be if viduka or yakubu were out for the whole season