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borobadge Posted on 7/4 23:41

a place..

we still have plenty to play for..

i'm looking for 3 more wins @ least..

dan87 Posted on 7/4 23:48
re: 500,000

H Aston Villa
A Liverpool
A Man Utd
H Tottenham
A Wigan Athletic
H Fulham

liverpool and man utd will be tough and we'll probably lose those, but the rest are all games we shud b lookin to win, 8 points from the last 6 i reckon. lookin at recent league tables i reckon 11th or 12th we'll finish - an improvement on last season

Mr_Incident Posted on 7/4 23:48
re: 500,000

The money for league places loses its impact a bit with the new TV deal next year though doesn't it. 500,000 a place now, compared to a minimum 30m payment just for being in the league next year. Just a thought.

dan87 Posted on 7/4 23:50
re: 500,000

500,000 is 2 jason euells

sasboro Posted on 7/4 23:51
re: 500,000

realistically what does an extra couple of million difference does and extra couple of million make?

jeff_potato Posted on 7/4 23:52
re: 500,000

The difference between a Euell and an Arca, scoea.

dan87 Posted on 7/4 23:53
re: 500,000

we'll be a step closer towards the 13th biggest club in the world in terms of income

sasboro Posted on 7/4 23:54
re: 500,000

maybe 1 or 2 places closer to a top half finish