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Buddy Posted on 13/4 11:39
Red Rebel

You are John Pilger and I claim my copy of the Morning Star.

Link: Spot the writing style

red_rebel2 Posted on 13/4 11:55
re: Red Rebel

It has been said before.

The_Commisar Posted on 13/4 11:58
re: Red Rebel


Oh right

red_rebel2 Posted on 13/4 12:16
re: Red Rebel

On one of the occasions I was expelled from the SWP for being a dangerous free thinker I was accused by Comrade Cliff of being "more John Pilger than Paul Foot".

I think he meant I hadn't been to public school or grown up with an uncle who was a minister in the Labour government.

Lefty3668 Posted on 13/4 12:17
re: Red Rebel

It's a good job. If they were lone voices then either of them might be regarded as a nutter.

Capybara Posted on 13/4 12:42
re: Red Rebel

'one of the occasions I was expelled from the SWP'

red_rebel2 Posted on 13/4 12:53
re: Red Rebel