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Buddy Posted on 13/4 15:23
FAO Halle Berry

Welcome to the board. Can I suggest Whinney_Banks_Lass as an appropriate username to help you fit in?

Link: Chatrooms

Ickes_disciple Posted on 13/4 15:28
re: FAO Halle Berry

If she wanted to go on without people knowing 'to escape her fame' why did she tell them who she was?

Desperate for them to start fawning over her?

However if you're on here Halle - Ignore me I'm in a bad mood. Are we still on for later?

Moses_Kiptanui Posted on 13/4 15:35
re: FAO Halle Berry

Bruce Willis comes on here aswell sometimes....

Ickes_disciple Posted on 13/4 15:37
re: FAO Halle Berry

Are you pointing to your back?

trodbitch Posted on 13/4 15:37
re: FAO Halle Berry


trodbitch Posted on 13/4 15:38
re: FAO Halle Berry

"I just never disclosed that I was Halle Berry." But people she chatted with did not believe her when she revealed her true identity, she said.

The contradictory bitch.