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borobadge Posted on 16/4 0:13
A Clockwork Orange

on C4 now.......

a strange classic..the soundtrack is excellent.

Mattyk50 Posted on 16/4 0:14
re: A Clockwork Orange

his voice is annoying though

Spelunker Posted on 16/4 0:21
re: A Clockwork Orange

Great more adverts, it didn't even go back to the film!

Picol Posted on 16/4 0:51
re: A Clockwork Orange

one of my favourite films...

very strange tho - agreed

Juninho_legend Posted on 16/4 1:07
re: A Clockwork Orange

Dancing in the Rain..has never been the same since! Had to watch it for my FS...writing a essay on whether it conforms to the idea of the swinging period....

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 16/4 1:11
re: A Clockwork Orange

I think you had to be there to understand it

I never understood it

Cogeur_le_Conq Posted on 16/4 2:08
re: A Clockwork Orange

Bolsky Yarblockos

Dann020 Posted on 16/4 2:34
re: A Clockwork Orange

A Chocolate Orange

captain_flaptain Posted on 16/4 2:45
re: A Clockwork Orange

Dann020 you sir are a jizzbag.

boro_newjersey Posted on 16/4 3:23
re: A Clockwork Orange

evening badge.

good book, too, by the way.

robert_hoffman Posted on 16/4 8:37
re: A Clockwork Orange

I saw this on pirate video about 1992..and iimported a lazer disc version in 1998 when it was banned

well welll welly well well !!!!
the soundtrack was supposed to be by ennio morricone, he had the score already written but he was busy at the time and was unable to go to the states to record it..
did anyone spot

fred from corra ?
and dave prowse (darth vadar)

Tom_Fun Posted on 16/4 8:48
re: A Clockwork Orange

I thought it was rubbish. I suppose hearing all the hype around it made me expect something great. And it wasn't.

PumpingGnome Posted on 16/4 9:03
re: A Clockwork Orange

I went to see it when it first came out and I was at Uni and I haven't seen it since. Didn't see what all the fuss was about to be quite honest. Having said that the Thieving Magpie Overture has never been the same since.