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Buddy Posted on 16/4 9:43
Lampard's goal

Keeper - hoof - big striker - lay off - onrushing midfielders - pass - back of net.

Wimbledon used to get dog's abuse for that.

Lucky_Alf Posted on 16/4 9:45
re: Lampard's goal

Wimbledon were a great club and a great team.

Capybara Posted on 16/4 9:46
re: Lampard's goal

But they did it with cheap players from lower leagues and ones they had brought through the youth system. It's different.

Lucky_Alf Posted on 16/4 9:47
re: Lampard's goal

Does that make them more "worthy"?

mickbrown Posted on 16/4 9:48
re: Lampard's goal


Same with Arsenal - Wenger moaning that we waste time - they're 2-1 up and Lehman gets booked for.....?

You guessed it, wasting time.

Petercfc Posted on 16/4 9:56
re: Lampard's goal

It was a Ballack pass

Wakey_Boro_Fan Posted on 16/4 9:58
re: Lampard's goal

Tottenham's third, keeper hoof striker shot.

Graham Taylor new what he was doing.

f**k this passing lark.

As for Lampard, only saw a bit of Extra time, a shocking dive by him to win a free-kick for Drogba to sky.

Moved into the path of the tackle and fell over.

boksic Posted on 16/4 10:02
re: Lampard's goal

I have a great dislike of Frank Lampard.

He is an average player in a very good team.

He is not a "proper" midfielder but he beleives he is. In Chelsea's team he is actually an auxilliary forward, there are excellent "water carrier" defensive midfielders behind him who protect the back 4 and allow Lampard the luxuries of not tackling and effectively being a spare attacker, hence when Chelsea attack they have 3 or 4 up front so it is really no surprise that he gets goals in a good team.

Put him in a struggling team and he looks ordinary. Put him in the England team and he struggles to be effective and people wonder why.

To cap it all he clearly waxes his chest which is bad enough but it looks like he does his armpits too which is deplorable.

Buddy Posted on 16/4 10:11
re: Lampard's goal

Peter - yes, it was. And?

The point is, Cech-Drogba-Ballack-Lampard could easily have been Beasant-Fashanu-Jones-Wise.

skiprat Posted on 16/4 10:13
re: Lampard's goal

If it had been Ronaldo or even JFH, he'd have gone over in the box instead of taking it on to score.

Petercfc Posted on 16/4 10:58
re: Lampard's goal

Did you watch our game on Tuesday? We can be direct but to call us long ball shows you know nothing about football.

Buddy Posted on 16/4 11:04
re: Lampard's goal

I didn't. I was merely contrasting the description of your goal with the consistent negativity directed at less fashionable teams for exactly the same thing. I'm not even saying it's a bad thing.

You're scarily paranoid.

bandito Posted on 16/4 11:08
re: Lampard's goal


we are trying exactly the same tactic at Boro, it's just that were rubbish at it.

Agree entirely with what Boksic has to say about Lampard. Very accurate assessment

Lucky_Alf Posted on 16/4 11:11
re: Lampard's goal

Yes Lampard has a terrible record for England. He has only scored 12 goals.

boksic Posted on 16/4 14:08
re: Lampard's goal

Of those 12 goals 8 have come in competitive matches and those were against such giants of the international game as Poland, Austria, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Lucky_Alf Posted on 16/4 14:11
re: Lampard's goal

Only 8 in competitive matches? Terrible that.

I'll warrant thats more than Gazza or Hoddle ever managed or Gerrard has managed so far.

But, no, you are right, damn him for not being Bobby Charlton!

Lennie_Godber Posted on 16/4 14:11
re: Lampard's goal

"He is an average player in a very good team".

You joker.

boksic Posted on 16/4 14:33
re: Lampard's goal

Lennie - I stand by that comment 100%. Put him in a team without a Makelele and/or an Essien backing him up and he would be fairly anonymous, just like he has been for England in his last 15 or so games.

Lucky_Alf Posted on 16/4 15:03
re: Lampard's goal

"Of those 12 goals 8 have come in competitive matches and those were against such giants of the international game as Poland, Austria, Wales and Northern Ireland"

Whilst nicely forgetting the goals against France, Croatia and Portugal.

Yes, 16 league goals in one season from a midfielder has all the classic symptoms of an average player.

Our whole midfield probably havent managed a total of 16 league goals in the last three seasons.

Laughable thread.

bandito Posted on 16/4 15:04
re: Lampard's goal

I'd score at least 12 goals a season for Chelsea I reckon.

Lennie_Godber Posted on 16/4 15:06
re: Lampard's goal

You wouldn't.

Lucky_Alf Posted on 16/4 15:06
re: Lampard's goal

That'd make you a better player than everyone there apart from Drogba and Lampard then.

EmersonsPerm Posted on 16/4 15:14
re: Lampard's goal

I agree that Lampard gets an easy ride at Chelski, but to say he's average is way off the mark. He's certainly not as good as the tabloids make out, but he has ability.

However, he hasn't done it for England since Euro 2004 - back then he was our second best player behind Rooney.

The assessment of his position on Chelski is a good one though, but like I said I wouldn't say he was average or ordinary.

boksic Posted on 16/4 15:21
re: Lampard's goal

Alf - France, we lost that game 2-1. Croatia, Frank's goal was hardly crucial in that romp and Croatia were poor on the day. Portugal - we eventually lost the game on penalties after failing to break tham down in the 90 minutes fo normal time.