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borobuddah Posted on 16/4 12:57
Man bags

For or against?

Bought one a week or so ago, getting on grand with it.

Nord_Of_Nidd Posted on 16/4 12:59
re: Man bags

I believe Bill Murray uses one weekly.

bororeddaz Posted on 16/4 13:01
re: Man bags

You need to do an 'ATTN Mufflar'

borobuddah Posted on 16/4 13:39
re: Man bags

somwhere to carry keys, fags, diary, phone, camera, tissues, specs etc..

specially in this warm weather, saves yer pockets being overstuffed and uncomfy.

Beelzeebub Posted on 16/4 13:40
re: Man bags

Mincing jessies only.

boroproud Posted on 16/4 13:42
re: Man bags

i refuse to believe that a fully grown bloke from the Boro would even consider buying a fooking bag!

glippy Posted on 16/4 13:42
re: Man bags

A couple of guys walked past me in the Riverside wearing manbags on Saturday. They were from the hospitality seats mind you.

borobuddah Posted on 16/4 13:44
re: Man bags

Ah, the sexuality concern.

If you are unsure of yersel', don't buy one!

bororeddaz Posted on 16/4 13:45
re: Man bags

man bag and tissues, ffs

bororeddaz Posted on 16/4 13:47
re: Man bags

Bags are for women
women are organised, men are not, it is your role to rake through all your pockets looking for change

borobuddah Posted on 16/4 13:47
re: Man bags

You could take some sun burn lotion, redas

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 16/4 13:49
re: Man bags

Glad to see Teesside is embracing the 21st century.

bororeddaz Posted on 16/4 13:50
re: Man bags

"phone, camera, tissues"
actually buddah, on a 2nd read, I like your style

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Beelzeebub Posted on 16/4 14:05
re: Man bags

"If you are unsure of yersel', don't buy one!" other things that one shouldn't where if one is unsure of one's sexuality are presumably lipstick and high heels.

So, I take it you are replete in your lippy and heels ya big jessie?

borobuddah Posted on 16/4 14:17
re: Man bags

No, just the bag, ya big homophobe!

Duncan_Blackheart Posted on 16/4 14:23
re: Man bags

Do you wear a t-shirt with a scarf too?

borobuddah Posted on 16/4 15:32
re: Man bags

Certainly not. if its warm, I don't need a scarf, if it's cold a T shirt is no use.

BoroMutt Posted on 16/4 15:34
re: Man bags

I would imagine a feather boa was more your style buddah?

borobuddah Posted on 16/4 15:36
re: Man bags

Bit of loincloth draped about is all I need.

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Lennie_Godber Posted on 16/4 15:38
re: Man bags

"Glad to see Teesside is embracing the 21st century"

You could only say that if we still had slaves and women couldn't vote. Not because men have bags.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 16/4 15:38
re: Man bags

A diary?
I thought they were for schoolgirls, or those that hide in the attic.

grantus Posted on 16/4 15:39
re: Man bags

I've been carrying my man bag since pre adolecence. It's a bit full at the moment.

borobuddah Posted on 16/4 15:41
re: Man bags

Its a work diary vinny.

DrBuck Posted on 16/4 15:50
re: Man bags

We call them 'Haversacks' round here.

borobuddah Posted on 16/4 15:54
re: Man bags

I was just thinking that, and no doubt all these deep voiced musclemen would feel haversacks are all right, but manbags made them blush with the thought of touching male genitals.

Sheesh, neanderthals.

borobuddah Posted on 16/4 17:04
re: Man bags

You could get a four pack in mine.

borobuddah Posted on 16/4 23:38
re: Man bags

Night crew view?