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Buddy Posted on 18/4 11:20
Jacqui Oatley

Some of the comments to this article need framing

Link: "Alf" Bassett particularly

Capybara Posted on 18/4 11:23
re: Jacqui Oatley

I wonder where Mike Newell stands on this one.

Capybara Posted on 18/4 11:28
re: Jacqui Oatley

I like the comment of John of London as well.

jofus53 Posted on 18/4 11:31
re: Jacqui Oatley

change is not good

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 18/4 11:31
re: Jacqui Oatley

"But commentating is different. You must have an understanding of the game and the tactics and I think in order to do that you need to have played the game"

You're not suggesting that Alan Green has hauled his fat toad like body and large ego around a football pitch at any point - the fat tvvat !

trodbitch Posted on 18/4 11:33
re: Jacqui Oatley

As long as she doesn't talk the utter vvank that most of them do, it's fine by me.

Beelzeebub Posted on 18/4 11:34
re: Jacqui Oatley

Steve Curry, Sportsmail - "It is an insult to the controlled commentaries of John Motson, Mike Ingham and Alan Green"

ALANFOOKINGGREEN I would prefer commentary to be provided by a double act of Dale Winton and a cat having it's ball's sandpapered than listen to Alan "voice of reason but I'm so bored" Green.


onthemap Posted on 18/4 11:36
re: Jacqui Oatley

You sexist pigs.
As long as she does the commentary in a short skirt, what's the problem?

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 18/4 11:36
re: Jacqui Oatley

Not half as much as I hate the fat tvvat !

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 18/4 11:38
re: Jacqui Oatley

Nor this lad !

Link: Alan the racist

speckyget Posted on 18/4 11:40
re: Jacqui Oatley

Steve Curry? Old school?

I'd never have guessed.

Beelzeebub Posted on 18/4 11:42
re: Jacqui Oatley

Bet I do!

Do you have a life size voodoo doll of the Greenatollah? With knitting needles thrust into every inch of the effigy? Do you? Well, do you?

THAT'S what I call hatred!

zoec Posted on 18/4 11:42
re: Jacqui Oatley

At least he didn't have the gall to include Jonathan Pearce in his list of controlled commentators.

GtBB Posted on 18/4 11:44
re: Jacqui Oatley

I hope she's had some Maggie Thatcher type voice lowering practice. Just one shrieked DROGBAAAA! and the fookin telly's going in.

onthemap Posted on 18/4 11:46
re: Jacqui Oatley

If she shrieks DROGGBAAAA in the Fulham v Blackburn match then she has a real problem.

BossHogg Posted on 18/4 11:47
re: Jacqui Oatley

From a question and answer session with her on the bbc website :-

Q) What would you do for a million pounds?
A) A quarter of the work that Sven did per year.

Q) Who would you like to have a pint with?
A) Sven to try and find out exactly what he did during those five years.

She'll do for me...

speckyget Posted on 18/4 11:47
re: Jacqui Oatley

She'll struggle to outsqueak Motty and Pearce-ey.

Capybara Posted on 18/4 11:49
re: Jacqui Oatley

She blows Bassett out of the water with one of her other answers:

'Eventually. After four years in intellectual property, I decided to change career and retrain as a journalist. It all stemmed from a nasty knee injury playing football which meant I had to give up playing sport and chose to fill the gap by reporting on it instead. I started with hospital radio, evening courses, a postgrad in broadcast journalism, Radio Leeds, BBC London and eventually Five Live.'

mickbrown Posted on 18/4 11:51
re: Jacqui Oatley

Not sure if it's her but I heard one on Five Live the other week.

It was just so wrong

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onthemap Posted on 18/4 11:54
re: Jacqui Oatley

That was her, mind this week it'll be one of the last games if not the very last so will be a scripted job.

GtBB Posted on 18/4 11:58
re: Jacqui Oatley

All the top notch credentials in the world are undermined by that pretty blonde in the photograph. She's Blurs Oasis, she's Will Young's Gareth Gates. She's gunning for Gabby.

Fischer Posted on 18/4 12:31
re: Jacqui Oatley

"You're not suggesting that Alan Green has hauled his fat toad like body and large ego around a football pitch at any point - the fat tvvat!"

Hard to imagine John Motson, Barry Davies, Jonathan Pearce, Tony Gubba, Guy Mowbray et al ever crashing a dipping shot into the far corner either. Glittering playing careers notable by their absence. Electrifying turns of pace only noted when the free sandwiches are uncovered in the press box at half-time.

Anyway, I hope Ms Oatley puts an oestrogen-fuelled H-Bomb under the cosy Match Of The Day boy's club. All the commentators should be female, and all the pundits should be gay. There's no place for straight men at the BBC.

speckyget Posted on 18/4 12:34
re: Jacqui Oatley

They're NOT all gay??

speckyget Posted on 18/4 12:34
re: Jacqui Oatley


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Archie_Stanton1 Posted on 18/4 12:39
re: Jacqui Oatley

Pure Political Correctness.
We have women watching so we`d better get a woman in to commentate. Typical BBC TV thinking. I`m surprised they don`t have an openly gay commentator as well, on the basis that they are under represented in football.

Who`ll be making her blokes tea when she`s at these matches? Thats what i want to know.

mickbrown Posted on 18/4 12:39
re: Jacqui Oatley

Once you've heard her, you'll see what I mean.

It's wrong.

Buddy Posted on 18/4 12:45
re: Jacqui Oatley

It's not wrong, it's different. Noticeably so, but certainly not wrong.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 18/4 12:47
re: Jacqui Oatley

Steve Curry hasn't been near a football.....but he's always close to his MUFC mug, teddy, duvet etc. He's a disgrace to journalism, should be employed to write the Man Utd fanzine and nothing else. I'm in Surrey now and it's full of blokes like him.

Dave Bassett! I'm sure she'll understand the type of game that he promotes, and with luck will give it the criticism it deserves.

BossHogg Posted on 18/4 14:07
re: Jacqui Oatley

"Steve Curry hasn't been near a football"

True enough, but he sure as hell is shaped like one!!

millerest86 Posted on 18/4 14:56
re: Jacqui Oatley

I cant remember whether I heard her on Five Live or not, pretty sure it was her, and she had the most annoying sqeaky voice I've ever heard. My speakers nearly burst and I had to turn it down. When theres a noisy crowd behind her she just squeaks in a higher and higher pitch.

I have nothing wrong with a woman commentating on MOTD as long as they know what theyre talking about and dont have an unbelievably horrible voice like her.

Get someone with a husky voice like Deirdre Barlow and it'll be fine.

onthemap Posted on 18/4 14:58
re: Jacqui Oatley

Curls has a husky voice.