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Buddy Posted on 18/4 12:02
Nokia 6230i photo storage

Anyone know if it's possible to save camera images directly to the removable memory card?

ste_north_stand Posted on 18/4 12:05
re: Nokia 6230i photo storage

I had a K750i ages ago and it was possible on that so i imagine it will be on that phone.

BoroDancer Posted on 18/4 12:09
re: Nokia 6230i photo storage

There is probably something in camera settings, on my old nokia it was already set up like that though.

ste_north_stand Posted on 18/4 12:11
re: Nokia 6230i photo storage

Yeah there should be an option where you can move all your files to your memory stick and vice versa if you wanted.

George1507 Posted on 18/4 13:18
re: Nokia 6230i photo storage

With the image you want to save displayed,

click "options"

then scroll to "move"

The memory card should be one of the options displayed

then click "move to"

and Robert is your Dad's brother.

Buddy Posted on 18/4 13:28
re: Nokia 6230i photo storage

Thanks all, I was looking to use the MMC as the default folder as soon as the camera takes the pic, now found it in camera settings.