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Tom_Fun Posted on 21/4 4:09
Blur v Oasis

Come on, where does your allegiance lie?

Grew up as an Oasis fan, I have now realised Blur are miles better.

ste_north_stand Posted on 21/4 4:10
re: Blur v Oasis

Blur released Country House.......


boro_in_lincoln Posted on 21/4 4:10
re: Blur v Oasis

Oasis, best band in the world by a mile.

Blur are quite good mind.

Tom_Fun Posted on 21/4 4:12
re: Blur v Oasis

Oasis released all around the world

ste_north_stand Posted on 21/4 4:13
re: Blur v Oasis


jofus53 Posted on 21/4 4:15
re: Blur v Oasis

toughy. blur.

Tom_Fun Posted on 21/4 4:17
re: Blur v Oasis

Behave, it's rank. I'll grant that from 93-96 Oasis were better. But ever since, Blur have created greater music. Compare Tender to Go Let It Out.

ste_north_stand Posted on 21/4 4:18
re: Blur v Oasis

Or compare Song 2 to Turn up the Sun......

boro_in_lincoln Posted on 21/4 4:18
re: Blur v Oasis

Oasis' poor stuff recently has even been on a par with Blur's.

Tom_Fun Posted on 21/4 4:21
re: Blur v Oasis

With Blur's what?

jofus53 Posted on 21/4 4:22
re: Blur v Oasis

lincoln, honestly. blur are good. blue jeans from the early days is good. i've been to see oasis 3 times so i class myself as a fan but blur are more inventive and more likely to produce songs that don't sound vaguely familiar.

Tom_Fun Posted on 21/4 4:27
re: Blur v Oasis

Exactly Jofus. More inventive, more versatile, less likely to repeat themselves. Who else could lose such a key member as Graham Coxon and still come up with an album as fantastic as Think Tank?

boro_in_lincoln Posted on 21/4 4:28
re: Blur v Oasis

With any of Blur's music.

I like Blur too, just think Oasis are in a different league.

ste_north_stand Posted on 21/4 4:29
re: Blur v Oasis

Add the fact that Blur are shoite live and Oasis aren't to the debate.....

Tom_Fun Posted on 21/4 4:35
re: Blur v Oasis

Oasis are terrible live. I've seen them twice. I'm a huge fan but please don't tell me they're good live, otherwise I'd say you have never ever seen another band live

scoea Posted on 21/4 7:31
re: Blur v Oasis

Of course they're good live. I've seen them 4 or 5 times and have been to many, many other gigs too. Don't get Blur at all. Load of old tosh.

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indestructible Posted on 21/4 8:54
re: Blur v Oasis

To be honest I think Blur are one of the most overrated bands ever, and Albarn is a miserable basted and totally bitter about the whole Blur v Oasis thing. They have released a couple of good tunes in their time but aren't fit to string Oasis' guitars....

boroboy_uk Posted on 21/4 9:02
re: Blur v Oasis

oasis by a long shot despite what some might say they still produce decent albums that still sell well and many bands would love to have recorded the last few albums oasis have. tunes like little by little, importance of been idle and stop crying your heart out are classics

Fischer Posted on 21/4 9:37
re: Blur v Oasis

Pulp were several quadrillion times better than both of them. Put together.

ferencpuskas Posted on 21/4 12:03
re: Blur v Oasis

*sighs* Blur, by a million million miles. Far more innovative. Best band of the 90's. Albarn's a genius, (see 'The Good, the Bad and The Queen' and Gorillaz) the Gallagher's aren't. Albarn is not bitter about Oasis v Blur, he's actually very embarrassed about the fact he allowed the NME and their label to use them in such a pantomime manner. Oasis make music for people who want to stamp their foot and get drunk. If you think Oasis are any more than an overblown (albeit very good) pop band, you are a MORON.

scoea Posted on 21/4 12:08
re: Blur v Oasis

The last sentence of your post puskas invalidates any opinion you care to give.

bigdog1973 Posted on 21/4 12:08
re: Blur v Oasis

both bands produced arguably their best stuff during their infancy, however IMO oasis' stuff was still far better

boroboy_uk Posted on 21/4 12:10
re: Blur v Oasis

i beleive oasis are more than an over blown pop band there first two albums and b-sides album wipe the floor with any thing blur done. Yeah damon albarns side projects are decent but this thread is about oasis v blur not oasis v blur, the good the bad and the queen and gorillaz

and so be it im a moron as i have an opinion and different music tastes to others

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goughla Posted on 21/4 12:12
re: Blur v Oasis

Does it really matter? That rubbish was 11 years ago

I'm more of an Oasis fan but I still listen(ed) to Blur, it's just different music. I've more in common with Noel Gallagher than Damon Albarn but that means nothing when it comes to sitting down and listening to his music.

drako Posted on 21/4 15:11
re: Blur v Oasis

oasis very easily

cullen_lives Posted on 21/4 15:14
re: Blur v Oasis

Oasis end of.

Blur soft Chelsea rent boys, cant believe anyone on her has given them a vote, Charlatans, Ocean Colour Scene were much better than them also.

illuminati Posted on 21/4 15:53
re: Blur v Oasis

Oasis.. no contest.