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Tom_Fun Posted on 27/4 2:22
Greatest English Striker

Lineker? Shearer? Owen? No.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Geoff Hurst.

Oh, and by the way, if you disagree, you're wrong.

Bukowski_MFC Posted on 27/4 2:26
re: Greatest English Striker

Geoff Hurst wasn't even the greatest English striker in the 1966 squad. The injured Jimmy Greaves was far more prolific.

Tom_Fun Posted on 27/4 2:30
re: Greatest English Striker

Who put 3 goals away when the pressure counted?

And I didn't say most prolific, I said greatest.

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elmag Posted on 27/4 2:33
re: Greatest English Striker

bollox. shearer by a country mile.

Tom_Fun Posted on 27/4 2:34
re: Greatest English Striker

What did Shearer do?

elmag Posted on 27/4 2:35
re: Greatest English Striker

hes only the premoerships leading scorer by miles , got 30 g;als every season for about 20 seasons in a row man.

elmag Posted on 27/4 2:36
re: Greatest English Striker

whats all those deleted threads about tom ???

Tom_Fun Posted on 27/4 2:39
re: Greatest English Striker

Deleted threads?

elmag Posted on 27/4 2:40
re: Greatest English Striker

the ones from montague longfellow, 3 of them all deleted.

jimbob86 Posted on 27/4 2:43
re: Greatest English Striker

They are secret threads. Only special people can read them.

Tom_Fun Posted on 27/4 2:44
re: Greatest English Striker

God knows, he's a law unto himself. I like you elmag, you're obviously a Newcastle supporter, sticking up for your man. Nowt against he mags, great club. Shearer was class. And even I'd concede that if he scored 30+ goals for 20 years he'd be the greatest player in the history of the world. But he did'nt.

all_ALBG Posted on 27/4 2:46
re: Greatest English Striker

geoff hurst? 'scored' one goal that wasn't a goal and one in injury time. it was the russian linesman who did hurst's business for him

shearer disquaified himself by inexplicably giving up on his career by retiring too early for england and moving to a small club.

elmag Posted on 27/4 2:47
re: Greatest English Striker

yes but it wasnt far off, i cant be bothered to look up the statistics, but they are awesome, something like 25 goals every season for 10 seasons or so in the pl.
and he had 5 broken knees and 3 broken ankles ( all at the same time)

elmag Posted on 27/4 2:48
re: Greatest English Striker

small club !! are you drunk ali bg ??

or wired or stoned or tripping or all 4

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all_ALBG Posted on 27/4 2:49
re: Greatest English Striker

not sure why anyone who came before the premiership is exempted.

suppose shearer won a championship with blackburn but you got to be in the big games to be a 'great' player. and he chickened out of that.

Tom_Fun Posted on 27/4 2:51
re: Greatest English Striker

all_ALBG, I didn't realise goals in extra time didn't count.

Look up his record, it's better than you think it'll be.

all_ALBG Posted on 27/4 2:55
re: Greatest English Striker

to be honest the english football team is like alan shearer

lots of potential but never got anywhere close to fulfilling it and have to be content to looking back into the distant past for the one single moment of glory.

cheered by loyal but essentially deluded supporters who other teams look on with slightly amused patronisation because you know they never gonna win anything.

Tom_Fun Posted on 27/4 2:58
re: Greatest English Striker

When the England football team was good, they had Geoff Hurst as the spearhead. He won them the world cup, that's why he's the greatest. And he also made the difference in our most difficult match, against Argentina. So all you Greaves cockshiners do one.

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elmag Posted on 27/4 2:59
re: Greatest English Striker

alright you made me do it......

All Time Top Goalscorer
Player Goals
1 Alan Shearer 260
2 Andy Cole 185
3 Thierry Henry 164
4 Robbie Fowler 159
5 Les Ferdinand 149
6 Teddy Sheringham 145
7 Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink 126
8 Michael Owen 125
9 Dwight Yorke 122
10 Ian Wright 113

Alan Shearer now retired from professional football is by far the all time leading top goalscorer of the Premiership. He is 75 goals ahead of another Newcastle Favourite Andy Cole, who has 185 Premiership goals to his name.

all_ALBG Posted on 27/4 3:00
re: Greatest English Striker

are you Geoff Hurst's niece or something?

all_ALBG Posted on 27/4 3:02
re: Greatest English Striker

maggie, take the penalties out and he would be down to 47.

difference with cole is that he had ambition and wanted to win trophies. shearer was content just to subsist and give up on his career.

Tom_Fun Posted on 27/4 3:04
re: Greatest English Striker

Yes, yes I am. You must be related to Ricky Gervais, because you are hilarious.

bungydinsdale Posted on 27/4 3:11
re: Greatest English Striker

sorry elmag, but you can't just ignore the hundred years of footballing history that existed before the Prem was set up man to determine the best English striker EVER.
Oh and everybody knows it's Michael Ricketts anyway...

all_ALBG Posted on 27/4 3:13
re: Greatest English Striker

no, it's merendinha

Tom_Fun Posted on 27/4 3:13
re: Greatest English Striker

Well, that was my 2nd choice bungy.

zaphod Posted on 27/4 3:35
re: Greatest English Striker

Hurst just had a purple patch at the 1966 World Cup, after Greaves' injury gave him his chance. Over his whole career, Greaves was better.

Based on reports and stats, Dixie Dean was probably the greatest English striker.

dan87 Posted on 27/4 3:45
re: Greatest English Striker

having also player at international level u would have to say linekar, shearer, owen or hirst, purely for his world cup hat trick alone. the first 3 are all great goalscorers of their generations though. i know dean played at international level, but nowhere near as much as these guys thats why altho domestically he was great, he may not be considered a great english goalscorer

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all_ALBG Posted on 27/4 3:55
re: Greatest English Striker

it's not comparable. dixie dean played in an era when england decided we were so much better than every other team that it was demeaning to play anyone else

by the time we decided that we could be bothered we then got whupped and have won nothing except russian linesman assisted since.

just because he didn't top up his international goal tally against teams like andorra or san marino as Shearer and Owen have had a habit of doing doesn't mean anything about his overall status given he scored 60 goals in a single season.

elmag Posted on 27/4 3:57
re: Greatest English Striker

i didnt see greaves play but as far as enland internationalds go , he and charlton scored heaps, but in the domestic game shearer is the best ever due to the fact that he did it for 10 seasons consistently, dixie deans did it 4 how many seasons??
plus the game is a lot harder nowadays.

elmag Posted on 27/4 4:01
re: Greatest English Striker

thye problem with you alli m8 is that you let your obvious bias against newcastle get in the way of your thinking. you coont.

zaphod Posted on 27/4 5:45
re: Greatest English Striker

Dixie Dean did it for 12 seasons for Everton and scored more than anyone else ever did in the top flight. He scored more than a goal a game for England.

Bill Shankly thought he was one of the all-time greats.

It was certainly really tough in those days. Much more physical.

hicktonspenaltyrunup Posted on 27/4 7:43
re: Greatest English Striker

We should look closer to home on this.

Brian Clough- 252 league goals in 9 years (2 of them sidelined with injury)
George Camsell- 348 league goals in 15 years, including 59 in 37 in 1926/7. Also 18 England goals in 9 games.

Greavsie may have broken the all time record if he'd stayed sharp and hadn't retired at 31.

mickbrown Posted on 27/4 8:56
re: Greatest English Striker

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the archetypal English centre forward, Mr Nathaniel Lofthouse.

zaphod Posted on 27/4 9:06
re: Greatest English Striker

Not really in the same class as the others mentioned, though, mb.

mickbrown Posted on 27/4 9:09
re: Greatest English Striker


33 caps for England, 30 goals.

Ultra_Magnus Posted on 27/4 9:17
re: Greatest English Striker

I think it's not possible to compare strikers from vastly different generations. No doubt Clough, Camsell, Dean, Lotfhouse were all top class, but they can't be compared to more modern strikers like Shearer or Lineker.

Remember, Clough el tel had the benefit of playing in very attacking formations (that's how football was back then) and the game wasn't as fast or physical as it it now.

In my lifetime, Shearer is without doubt the stand out English striker. He would have smashed the 300 goal barrier in the PL if it wasn't for injuty. During 1994 - 1998 the bloke was absolutely outstanding. He lost it a little when the pace went, but he was still the best.

Retiring early for England probably does taint him a little though, so you could argue that Lineker achieved more. He scored more international goals and also did well at a massive club like Barcelona.

Capybara Posted on 27/4 9:21
re: Greatest English Striker

If its goals per game, mick, our lad beats that. G Camsell, 9 games, 18 goals. Had the misfortune of having the aforementioned Dixie Dean around at the same time.

Seems like football only started with the Premiership mind ^^^ up there ^^^.

Ultra_Magnus Posted on 27/4 9:27
re: Greatest English Striker

Capy, did you not read my post properly you sanctimonious git?

I clearly stated "In my Lifetime" and "I think it's not possible to compare the likes of Camsell with Shearer".

The game was vastly different for each generation.

Capybara Posted on 27/4 9:28
re: Greatest English Striker

Sorry, Ultra, I wasn't referring to your post, I was referring to one further up and couldn't agree more with your statement on comparisons. I'll accept the sanctimony accusation, mind

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zaphod Posted on 27/4 9:31
re: Greatest English Striker

Ultra_Magnus: the game may not have been as fast in days of yore, mainly because they were playing with a heavy leather ball with prominent laces on pitches that often resembled ploughed fields, but the game was hugely more physical. Tackling, shoulder charging, kicking etc. were the norm. Present day wimpish footballers would have struggled.

I remember reading about Dixie Dean describing losing a testicle after a particularly violent "tackle".

Ultra_Magnus Posted on 27/4 9:31
re: Greatest English Striker

Ah, sorry Capy. I was a little too quick with the allegations there then!

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Ultra_Magnus Posted on 27/4 9:35
re: Greatest English Striker

"I remember reading about Dixie Dean describing losing a testicle after a particularly violent "tackle".

Point taken on the physical nature of the game there!

Mind you, for anyone who has ever played in the leagues at Soccer Sensations, those type of tackles are a regular occurrence!

denuncia Posted on 27/4 9:50
re: Greatest English Striker

Red Robbo?

FunkyPotatoe Posted on 27/4 9:52
re: Greatest English Striker

Mannion anyone?