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Buddy Posted on 27/4 16:02
How Football Works part 94

"PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor believes West Ham escaped a points deduction because of their predicament at the bottom of the Premiership.

"If West Ham were in a comfortable mid-table position I think there would have been points deducted as a deterrent for the future.

"But I think with a relegation battle blowing up it's fair justice and something West Ham will be relieved about - particularly if they stay up.

"Fans of other clubs may not be happy with the verdict but if you need to stay in a division because another club has been deducted points it's not the sporting ethos you would want." "

BBC News 27 April 2007


"A direct loss of at least 7.5 million, a 50,000 fine, personnel assembled at a cost of 20 million looking for new jobs and at least 30,000 local people in uproar--what crime could have led to those consequences? Is it fraud, corruption or deceit? No. Those penalties are the known effects of what prosecuting counsel conceded was an

"honest error of judgment made in good faith."

Where in the world would an honest error of judgment made in good faith be punished so harshly? Could it be a central African dictatorship, a banana republic in Latin America or a totalitarian dictatorship in eastern Europe? No. The punishment was imposed not far from here at 17 Lancaster gate in Bayswater on 14 January this year by the Football Association and Premier League. Why was such a penalty imposed? It was imposed because Middlesbrough football club committed an honest error of judgment made in good faith and postponed its league fixture with Blackburn Rovers."

Hansard, 27 June 1997

scoea Posted on 27/4 17:06
re: How Football Works part 94

Fantastic post Buddy and entirely correct.

It stinks. It's corrupt. It will never change.

pogroy Posted on 27/4 17:08
re: How Football Works part 94

if it was us instead of the media darlings wessssssttttttt ammmmmmm then we would have had a point deduction, no matter what our position

unluckyagain Posted on 27/4 17:13
re: How Football Works part 94

How long will it be before Neil f@@king Warnock sticks his oar in.

scoea Posted on 27/4 17:14
re: How Football Works part 94

Absolutely. We all know it. It isn't paranoia because the evidence is there for all to see. It's not just us either, if it were any of the smaller provincial clubs there would have been a points deduction.

Buddy Posted on 27/4 17:18
re: How Football Works part 94

Respect to Alan Keen for raising it in the Commons BTW, I hadn't realised he had done so. Does he post on here?

Capybara Posted on 27/4 17:19
re: How Football Works part 94

I think he's Boateng_7.

Buddy Posted on 27/4 17:19
re: How Football Works part 94

Lennie_Godber Posted on 27/4 17:51
re: How Football Works part 94

my brother said ages ago they would wait and see if they were likely to go down before they made any decisions on punishment.

moxzin87 Posted on 27/4 17:56
re: How Football Works part 94

Can't decide whether I want West Ham to go down or not now. I kind of want them to, but know that if they get relegated anyway the PL are off the hook for this. If they stay up with Tevez having a starring role, serious action will be brought against the PTB and that could result in a serious rethink and shake-up at the top.

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