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elmag Posted on 28/4 16:51
OH DEAR.......

Nedkat Posted on 28/4 16:52
re: OH DEAR.......


elmag Posted on 28/4 16:54
re: OH DEAR.......

I say, now thats a bit harsh.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 28/4 16:55
re: OH DEAR.......

Spot on in my opinion.

moxzin87 Posted on 28/4 16:55
re: OH DEAR.......

You heard the man. So f off.

elmag Posted on 28/4 17:01
re: OH DEAR.......

cmon you spurs !!

means_the_world Posted on 28/4 17:03
re: OH DEAR.......

spurs and boro - nice to see a game where the fans have seen their teams win silverware.

what was it like in 1927 maggie?

elmag Posted on 28/4 17:04
re: OH DEAR.......

what , nice to seee yous lot lose ??
your not even there !!

means_the_world Posted on 28/4 17:09
re: OH DEAR.......

a skunk finally can see the bleeding obvious.

yet you still think you're a big club despite winning no trophies

they say that clubs do get the fans they deserve don't they

Stuar_Tripley Posted on 28/4 17:11
re: OH DEAR.......

are you cheering Leeds fall to the 3rd tier or Sunderland's impending promotion elmag?

elmag Posted on 28/4 17:15
re: OH DEAR.......

no im cheering spurs on so they finish above reading, we finish above blackburn and defend the intertoto cup that we won this season.
did you rejoice at the alkmarr victory along with hundreds of others on tott ??

means_the_world Posted on 28/4 17:27
re: OH DEAR.......

"defend the intertoto cup that we won this season"


elmag Posted on 28/4 17:29
re: OH DEAR.......

i think you will find we won it this year. its a trophy.

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means_the_world Posted on 28/4 17:30
re: OH DEAR.......

Happy for you

Now end your Boro-Sunderland trophy inferiority complex and leave us alone.

boro_in_lincoln Posted on 28/4 17:31
re: OH DEAR.......

It's a plaque.

means_the_world Posted on 28/4 17:34
re: OH DEAR.......

This is the Wikipedia description:

"The UEFA Intertoto Cup 2006 was the first after a major change of the competition format. There were only three rounds instead of five, and eleven teams qualified for the second qualifying round of the UEFA Cup (instead of three teams qualifying for the first round proper). Also, for the first time in the modern history of the competition, a single overall winner was determined, with that honour going to the final-round Intertoto winner that advanced furthest in the UEFA Cup. This honour went to Newcastle United."

So let me get this straight.

Newcastle were one of 11 teams to get to the Intertoto qualifying section.

By losing in the last 16, you then 'won' the 'honour' of the Intertoto Cup.

I bet Sir Freddie and Gateshead-Newcastle council will be organising the bus tour and civic reception for the second week of May.

elmag Posted on 28/4 17:42
re: OH DEAR.......

so remind me again , how many trophies have you won ? here let me show you....
Club Total League FA Cup League
Cup European
Cup Cup
Liverpool 40 18 7 7 5 3
Manchester United 31 15 11 2 2 1
Arsenal 27 13 10 2 1 1
Aston Villa 20 7 7 5 1
Tottenham Hotspur 16 2 8 3 1 2
Everton 15 9 5 1
Chelsea 12 3 3 4 2
Newcastle United 11 4 6 1
Blackburn Rovers 10 3 6 1
Wolverhampton Wanderers 9 3 4 2
Manchester City 9 2 4 2 1
Nottingham Forest 9 1 2 4 2
Sunderland 8 6 2
Sheffield Wednesday 8 4 3 1
Leeds United 7 3 1 1 2
West Bromwich Albion 7 1 5 1
Sheffield United 5 1 4
The Wanderers 5 5
Huddersfield Town 4 3 1
Preston North End 4 2 2
West Ham United 4 3 1
Bolton Wanderers 4 4
Derby County 3 2 1
Burnley 3 2 1
Portsmouth 3 2 1
Ipswich Town 3 1 1 1
Leicester City 3 3
Bury 2 2
Old Etonians 2 2
Norwich City 2 2
Milton Keynes Dons
(Formerly Wimbledon) 1 1
Coventry City 1 1
Southampton 1 1
Blackpool 1 1
Charlton Athletic 1 1
Cardiff City 1 1
Barnsley 1 1
Bradford City 1 1
Notts County 1 1
Blackburn Olympic 1 1
Old Carthusians 1 1
Clapham Rovers 1 1
Royal Engineers 1 1
Oxford University 1 1
Middlesbrough 1 1
Luton Town 1 1
Oxford United 1 1
Stoke City 1 1
Swindon Town 1 1
Queens Park Rangers 1 1
Birmingham City 1 1

Ah there you are, just below clapham rovers (giggle.) royal engineers , (chortle) and oxford university ( laughs out loud).

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uptheboro79 Posted on 28/4 17:45
re: OH DEAR.......

"I think you will find we won it this year".
We must have all missed the final.
Where was the final held? Paris, Rome, Barcelona?
What channel was it on?

means_the_world Posted on 28/4 17:46
re: OH DEAR.......

actually, human interest is best. tell me what it was like seeing your team lift a trophy and we will recount the stories.

better still, i know the intertoto hasn't been presented yet, but tell us how it felt after you played alkmaar and realised you'd won the first silverware for decades

elmag Posted on 28/4 17:48
re: OH DEAR.......

see the post above ..........

boroproud Posted on 28/4 17:48
re: OH DEAR.......

I've said it before and i'll say it again.
In 20 years time Geordie history will state that Newcastle beat a combined Real Madrid/Barcelona 11 6-0 in the inter toto cup final held at the Nou Camp.

means_the_world Posted on 28/4 17:50
re: OH DEAR.......

this is the moment the geordies won their first silverware for over 40 years as described by the BBC:

"Newcastle were dumped out of the Uefa Cup as they were outclassed and outplayed by AZ Alkmaar."

Glenn Roeder's ecstatic response was:

"We did not have enough players who came out and performed."

Well done Freddie, Glenn and the fans whose low expectations made it all possible.

PV86 Posted on 28/4 17:52
re: OH DEAR.......

.....and in 20 yrs time they will say they won it "when it was a major competition worth wining"

......"and we had an open top bus"

elmag Posted on 28/4 17:53
re: OH DEAR.......

howay man in twenty years time yous will still be behind clapham rovers !!! ( uncontrollable laughter +++++ )

PV86 Posted on 28/4 17:55
re: OH DEAR.......

and next season you will be behind Roy Keanes team

means_the_world Posted on 28/4 17:58
re: OH DEAR.......

elmag, no one is disputing that teams like the history of teams like newcastle, blackpool and preston north end.

or the right to use the word 'howay' and worship freddie shepherd.

in fact, we salute you for all these qualities.

shame you'll never win a cup though again

illuminati Posted on 28/4 18:04
re: OH DEAR.......

"OH DEAR......." don't wear those words out elmag.

uptheboro79 Posted on 28/4 18:07
re: OH DEAR.......

elmag, you really are making a (0(k of yourself. Stop it please before people catch on and really start pulling the p155 out of you.

elmag Posted on 28/4 18:31
re: OH DEAR.......

look at the above table , up the boro.
up up and away past the royal engineers !!!
cant take anymore , ttfn fmttm.

uptheboro79 Posted on 28/4 18:43
re: OH DEAR.......

I've got another table for you elmag.
This is a table of all of the NUFC managers I would like to personally thank for conributing to 50 trophyless years.

Glenn Roeder


Graeme Souness


SIR Bobby Robson


Ruud Gullit


Kenny Dalgish


KING Kevin Keegan


Ossie Ardiles


Jim (dock them points) Smith


Willie MacFaul


Jack Charlton


Arthur Cox


Billy McGarry

and Gordon Lee


Joe Harvey


Norman Smith


Charlie Mitten

and anyone elsewho I may have missed out.

Once again many thanks from a grateful MFC supporter.

boroborob Posted on 28/4 18:53
re: OH DEAR.......

Well here's one geordie desperate to have the boro as rivals.

mr_r_soles Posted on 28/4 18:57
re: OH DEAR.......

If only we had won the intertoto this year, then we could take the mick out of you lot, ah well nevermind.

HolgateWall Posted on 28/4 18:58
re: OH DEAR.......

How much is fat Freddies charging you for Your Inter Toto cup tshirts? Surely he must have had some merchandise made so you can celebrate you first success in how long?

means_the_world Posted on 28/4 19:09
re: OH DEAR.......

actually they won the double

for coming joint 17th in the UEFA cup and for being the 13th biggest club in the world.

Howay man, living the dream.

HolgateWall Posted on 28/4 19:13
re: OH DEAR.......

Don't forget they won the Texaco Trophy 1973-74

means_the_world Posted on 28/4 19:14
re: OH DEAR.......

i do think that Sir Freddie has really helped them reach their true level as well

pi55es all over gibson and quinn.

henry11 Posted on 28/4 19:18
re: OH DEAR.......

Good result lads.

3 goals conceded with Woodgate?!!

Shame you couldnt do the double over them this year like us.

means_the_world Posted on 28/4 19:28
re: OH DEAR.......

we didn't do the double over you

had to be satisfied with 4 points.

still - makes us best team in the NE though dunnit.

put your shearer DVD on and remember ... more years of winning nowt.

henry11 Posted on 28/4 19:32
re: OH DEAR.......

I was on about the double over spuds.

So what, 2 points ahead and could well be 5 after Monday.

Best team in the NE!!


means_the_world Posted on 28/4 19:39
re: OH DEAR.......

nite, runner up

smoggyramone Posted on 28/4 19:49
re: OH DEAR.......

'So what, 2 points ahead and could well be 5 after Monday.'

Bang! There goes another rib!

henry11 Posted on 28/4 19:53
re: OH DEAR.......

What you drinking tonight?

elmag Posted on 29/4 3:51
re: OH DEAR.......

five star unleaded . one pint for each head.

all_ALBG Posted on 29/4 4:00
re: OH DEAR.......

boro four points to one against the skunks in the league.

latest uefa campaigns, boro final, skunks last 16

FA cup, boro replay with champions man u in quarters, skunks slaughtered 5-1 to lower division side in 3rd round

bring on sunderland for some NE competition please - magpies have given up

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GibbosEmpire Posted on 30/4 22:14
re: OH DEAR.......

Oh Dear

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 30/4 23:33
re: OH DEAR.......

Oh Dear, Oh Dear. As the Chuckle Brothers would say.

foggonsfplandiet Posted on 1/5 12:29
re: OH DEAR.......

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear

Magus14 Posted on 5/5 16:42
re: OH DEAR.......

oh dear oh dear

hughiep Posted on 5/5 16:53
re: OH DEAR.......

OH DEAR OH DEAR hahahahahahahahaha

sean_boro Posted on 5/5 16:57
re: OH DEAR.......

who's that singing 'sack the board' is it a geordie, is it a geordieeeeeee!

hughiep Posted on 5/5 16:57
re: OH DEAR.......

It will be their usual end of season rant..hahahahahaha

fishface101 Posted on 5/5 17:03
re: OH DEAR.......

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quality ha ha

billeeee Posted on 5/5 17:12
re: OH DEAR.......

who's that singing 'sack the board' is it a geordie, is it a geordieeeeeee!

nice one