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joseph99 Posted on 30/4 23:01

Was on Sky Movies earlier - anyone watched it? Impressive and a bit gruesome in parts!

b0r0lad Posted on 30/4 23:03
re: Tsotsi

aren't they socks?

Magus14 Posted on 30/4 23:05
re: Tsotsi

yeah. good film. sad. went to joburg in 05 - suspect it's an accurate portrayal.

TeessideCleveland Posted on 30/4 23:05
re: Tsotsi

I thought he'd misspelt the Italian forward

Magus14 Posted on 30/4 23:06
re: Tsotsi


joseph99 Posted on 30/4 23:07
re: Tsotsi

TC - you spend too much time on here. What does your fine wife think of your mis-spent time?

b0r0lad Posted on 30/4 23:07
re: Tsotsi

or is that one with dustin hoffman, for dylsexics?

TeessideCleveland Posted on 30/4 23:12
re: Tsotsi

Totally agree joseph - last few weeks been on here FAR too much
You seem to travel abroad a bit
Have you much experience of Amsterdam Airport?

Magus14 Posted on 30/4 23:14
re: Tsotsi

schiphol is like heathrow. but good.

TeessideCleveland Posted on 30/4 23:16
re: Tsotsi

We are flying Teesside-Amsterdam on Saturday
Then have 45 minutes to get to our next flight
Can you get to find out Departure Gates 5 days in advance as we will be on limited time when we get there?

Magus14 Posted on 30/4 23:18
re: Tsotsi

imagine so. airport works v well. quite tight timing though. where is your next flight to? you on the same airline for your connection?

TeessideCleveland Posted on 30/4 23:19
re: Tsotsi

Both KLM flights
They say 45 minutes is long enough

joseph99 Posted on 30/4 23:21
re: Tsotsi

45 mins is very fooking short TC. Especially on a Saturday. A safer bet would be travel from NCL, Teesside is the KLM black-sheep. Where are you flying to? If the flight is on time from Teesside you shuld be OK, but your luggage will probably not make it.

Magus14 Posted on 30/4 23:23
re: Tsotsi

yeah, no probs as they will book your luggage through. i don't find KLM as reliable as other airlines when i fly heathrow-schiphol but as long as your arrival from teesside ok then it'll be fine. simple layout.

what you there for?

joseph99 Posted on 30/4 23:25
re: Tsotsi

TC - you'll be on the 10:05 out of Teesside. It's always late. Pilot's name is Parnaby!

TeessideCleveland Posted on 30/4 23:25
re: Tsotsi

Luggage labelled for Athens
Friends came last night and said whatever gate we go from that is ample time

TeessideCleveland Posted on 30/4 23:27
re: Tsotsi

Very conflicting opinions there
We are looking at a map of the airport at the moment - seems quite a straightforward layout

joseph99 Posted on 30/4 23:28
re: Tsotsi

It is not so straightfoward as you have to go across to the Schengen side of the airport (C and B gates) - I am not taking the pish now mate. If there is a big queue you'll be fooked. There's normally a big queue. Only carry hand luggage.

ps I use Schipol 2 times / month.

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Magus14 Posted on 30/4 23:30
re: Tsotsi


if it's on time you'll be ok. if it's not you won't.

lots of planes going from amsterdam so you'll be on the next flight even if not.

TeessideCleveland Posted on 30/4 23:31
re: Tsotsi

We get boarding passes issued at Teesside - does that not help?

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TeessideCleveland Posted on 30/4 23:32
re: Tsotsi

We don't need to be in Athens before Monday morning

joseph99 Posted on 30/4 23:35
re: Tsotsi

Check how many flights to Athens? I would imagine there are 2 flights, even on a Saturday. Seriously though, I would not rely on 45min connection. I have done it once.

Is this holiday or business?

Boarding passes will just check you in for the Ams flight. If you are late you will have to go to the transfer desk at near D gate.

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TeessideCleveland Posted on 30/4 23:37
re: Tsotsi

Holiday - not the end of the world if we miss the flight
Meeting people Monday morning
To be honest I'd be more pissed off if they tried to charge if their being late made us miss the flight

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Magus14 Posted on 30/4 23:43
re: Tsotsi

haven't done intra-Schengen exchange so go with joseph there. does look busy whenever go past ... which may or may not be helpful

joseph99 Posted on 30/4 23:48
re: Tsotsi

I have just checked. You must be on the last flight out of Teesside (17:35) and this leavea AMS at 20:40. Next flight is Sunday morning. Why don't you change to a NCL flight. There's a 13:40 out of NCL.