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rob_fmttm Posted on 3/5 13:49
Craig Pancrack

Who is that long hair on the drums?

I had never ever seen this before today.

Link: Boro Fish Bar

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 3/5 13:56
re: Craig Pancrack

If only that group had found themselves a better singer, they could have gone places.

rob_fmttm Posted on 3/5 13:59
re: Craig Pancrack

That's what they said about The Fall in 1979 - look what happened to them. He sacked them all.

fatknackerlardarse Posted on 3/5 14:01
re: Craig Pancrack

There is no substitute for talent Rob.

craig_pancrack Posted on 3/5 14:07
re: Craig Pancrack

oh christ...very poor...we were miming....what choice did i have, i moved into a flat with two of em who promised me a tour of Germany and a record deal...

karembeu_ca Posted on 3/5 14:49
re: Craig Pancrack


no other comment needed craig.

benpoolie Posted on 3/5 15:00
re: Craig Pancrack

I was gonna watch some porn an that this afty, but this was much better!!!!

class stuff!!!!!

now, this Craig Pancrack gadgie, I think I might've met you once extremely drunkenly in the Marine one night......we shared South Bank experiences and you directed me in the way of Vic Reeves painting exhibition thing in Newcastle...I went, and it was very good...anyhoo, I seen [what I think to be] your mush in the TOTT magazine and went 'thats that gadgie I was drunkenly talking to once and I never seen him again and now I know why cos he's been in Australia an that'

unless I was THAT drunk it ws someone else, but hey! I aint wasted anyones time as much as Pauluka has with this little comment have I?!

Shrug rule OK!