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rob_fmttm Posted on 9/5 17:07
Letters for fanzine

Final fanzine of the season actually which will contain all your poll results - who is the fmttm player of the season? Young player etc.

Anyway - It would be good to have a couple of letters - perhaps someone that went to the fans forum would like to jot down a few lines. Maybe you'd like to sum up the season gone. Or your hopes for next season. Who should buy/sell? Will you be back again?

borobuddah Posted on 9/5 18:13
re: Letters for fanzine

I'll have a think.

wheelz Posted on 9/5 18:14
re: Letters for fanzine

when's the deadline Rob?

rob_fmttm Posted on 9/5 23:38
re: Letters for fanzine

Deadline could be first thing tomorrow morning - but as soon as possible really as I do need to get some pages to the printer first thing tomorrow.

cheers - but please do write in for the last fanzine of the season - so much to comment on and your comments are really welcome.

flabby66 Posted on 9/5 23:41
re: Letters for fanzine

you looked very smart in your suit rob its weird not seeing people in there match clothes...tommy was going to do a letter, he can save ot for next season ..

rob_fmttm Posted on 10/5 0:09
re: Letters for fanzine

Thank you flabby - actually it wasn't a suit at all. A jacket going cheap in MandS and a pair of trousers from a similar sale. But I don't often wear smartish clothes you are quite right. You looked very smart yourself.

Top night I thought.

flabby66 Posted on 10/5 0:14
re: Letters for fanzine

am the same not one for gettin done up, yes very good night and as i say in my other thread viduka did not seem like a man on his way out, fingers crossed eh?

rob_fmttm Posted on 10/5 0:16
re: Letters for fanzine

I think you are right flabby - he's a top bloke isn't he. He spent a lot of time reading my friend Kendra's poetry book that she handed him to sign. She was auctioning it for charity and he chatted to her about it for a little while. They are a nice crowd I think. That makes a difference for me.

flabby66 Posted on 10/5 0:20
re: Letters for fanzine

so true rob, when tom was mascot he was the one that before he was wheeled off the pitch came round and shook his hand and patted him on the head and the others followed to bed now sleep well.x