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Buddy Posted on 11/5 11:40
Shergar still missing


Fatsuma Posted on 11/5 11:43
re: Shergar still missing

Cheap and crass Buddy!

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 11/5 11:44
re: Shergar still missing

Not a situation to make light of, Buddy. Tail.

Buddy Posted on 11/5 11:46
re: Shergar still missing

I agree Vinny. One of the finest flat horses ever IMO.

onthemap Posted on 11/5 11:49
re: Shergar still missing

Tasty though.

Ickes_disciple Posted on 11/5 11:49
re: Shergar still missing

I thought you were better than that Buddy

trodbitch Posted on 11/5 11:50
re: Shergar still missing


Buddy Posted on 11/5 11:50
re: Shergar still missing

Than what?

trodbitch Posted on 11/5 11:51
re: Shergar still missing

I know buddy looks down on these outpourings of grief but there's a difference between grieving over Diana and this.

Fatsuma Posted on 11/5 11:51
re: Shergar still missing

The timing of your thread followed on from susy's.

Ickes_disciple Posted on 11/5 11:52
re: Shergar still missing

You're not a stupid bloke.

This thread should be left to sink away.

Buddy Posted on 11/5 11:57
re: Shergar still missing

I'm aware of that Fats.

My objection is about disproportionate coverage. Yes it's terrible for the parents, regardless of the rights and wrongs of their actions, and I would never want to be in their situation. But if I was, I wouldn't want national news programmes in a different country to move their main anchor to the street where the police were searching, nor would I be remotely impressed with people I have never met, and who will have to all intents and purposes forgotten me in a few weeks, to be calling my missing relative by their nickname and surrounding it with patronising affection.

That's all. For now.

Gamblor Posted on 11/5 11:57
re: Shergar still missing

I'm with buddy on this.

Tens of people probably go missing every day, maybe more, but because it's a little girl the country has to stop and be outraged.

this country pisses me off sometimes.

Fatsuma Posted on 11/5 11:58
re: Shergar still missing

If I was in their situation I think that I would have other things occupying my thoughts!

gravy_boat Posted on 11/5 11:58
re: Shergar still missing

'nor would I be remotely impressed with people I have never met, and who will have to all intents and purposes forgotten me in a few weeks, to be calling my missing relative by their nickname and surrounding it with patronising affection'


trodbitch Posted on 11/5 11:59
re: Shergar still missing

"But if I was"

If I was, I wouldn't give a flying fook about whether people where using her name on a message board or how much coverage I was getting on tv. Hardly the time to take a stand over media saturation.

littlejimmy Posted on 11/5 12:00
re: Shergar still missing

While I agree with the overall sentiment, I think the timing was a bit lacking in tact.

trodbitch Posted on 11/5 12:00
re: Shergar still missing

"this country pisses me off sometimes"

I know, it REALLY boils my piss when people are actually bothered about something outside their own lives.

Ickes_disciple Posted on 11/5 12:01
re: Shergar still missing

You've explained your views Buddy.

Perfectly valid view point. Doesn't stop this post being a nobber of thing to do.

susy Posted on 11/5 12:01
re: Shergar still missing

How the hell do you know what you would think if you were ever put in this situation. Do not judge what you cant possibly know about.

Buddy Posted on 11/5 12:04
re: Shergar still missing

I do know how I tend to think susy, probably better than you do.

ickes - it's called satire. There are those who are better at it than I am but if they waited it would be just an old joke. Hope Private Eye have the balls to take a swipe at the coverage next week, as they normally do.

gravy_boat Posted on 11/5 12:04
re: Shergar still missing

But are people 'really bothered'? Will you still be bothered about it next week, or the week after?

Most people won't even be able to remember her name in a couple of weeks.

Kilburn Posted on 11/5 12:05
re: Shergar still missing

I have some sympathy with the point that I think Buddy is making, if not with the manner.

Whilst it is a very sad incident, I think that the intensity and volume of the coverage this story is getting in the media is excessive.

Given the state of the world at the moment, why has the story of a single missing child been all over the front of the papers, and first up on the news so regularly?

The answer is that unlike many world events, this story taps in to the individual fear of losing a child that every parent has. This means that more people identify with it than with stories of hundreds dying in far away lands. Unfortunately those in the media know this and are using this sad story to sell papers and increase viewing figures.

By doing so they are promoting an increasingly parochial and narrow worldview, to the detriment of their readers and viewers.

Ickes_disciple Posted on 11/5 12:12
re: Shergar still missing

OK I've got a daughter of the same age so it's been the sort of thing that yes you feel personally. If you didn't you'd be walking through life in a zombie state.

I agree with the point about the press coverage of greater human suffering. But if you lose sight of the individual you lose sight of the masses.

Buddy - you may think it's Satire. But that's a very subjective view. Like most 'jokes' it's the way you tell em. I think it was crass, miss-timed and out of character.

Buddy Posted on 11/5 12:28
re: Shergar still missing

Crass maybe, but not out of character.

Gillandi Posted on 11/5 12:44
re: Shergar still missing

Made me sick too to see that Trevor McDough-nut and his auto-cue lorry had hauled their considerable carcuss' to Portugal this week for a bit of the action.

bandito Posted on 11/5 14:47
re: Shergar still missing

Buddy and co sink to all time low shocker to let people know they have cynical opinions. Keep em to yourself next time.

Cheeses_Christ Posted on 11/5 14:53
re: Shergar still missing

I fail to see where he has sunk to an all time low.

Anyway, I would've thought you'd be glad of the company down there

Buddy Posted on 11/5 14:54
re: Shergar still missing

Says the man who's never short of a controversial opinion if he thinks of it first.....

WilmslowRed Posted on 11/5 14:56
re: Shergar still missing

Buddy, you made a similar post yesterday about missing kids which didn't get much of a reaction. So you've returned to the subject today. Anyone would think you're exploiting an awful situation to gain attention / readers / viewers.

Good luck in seeking some self-validation via Private Eye btw.

Buddy Posted on 11/5 15:01
re: Shergar still missing

Thank you Wilmslow, I don't feel an awful lot of need for self-validation tbh, and I'm actually quite surprised by the number of people who have expressed a similar opinion. I also don't stand to gain a lot by increasing my readership as far as I'm aware.

I would agree with your point had I suddenly thought "ooh, must go on FMTTM to complain about the general reaction to this abduction thing again", but in fact it was mostly a response to susy's thread title posted a few minutes earlier, which I then decided to expand upon once somebody other than the usual suspect(s) queried it.

bandito Posted on 11/5 15:02
re: Shergar still missing

Buddy and Cheeses - remind me of one of my "controversial" posts. mackesm to win the title doesnt count btw.

Kilburn Posted on 11/5 15:03
re: Shergar still missing


Although I didn't initially like the tactless nature of your comment Buddy, the more belligerantly self-righteous and pompously outraged replies it gets, the more I think I was wrong.

joseph99 Posted on 11/5 15:04
re: Shergar still missing

If you BUDDY, Yes Buddy, Buddy, .... If you Buddy .., feel so indifferent towards this news why highlight it, again? Buddy!

trodbitch Posted on 11/5 15:06
re: Shergar still missing

"Point scoring by the emotionally sterile" sums this all up.

Perry_Combover Posted on 11/5 15:10
re: Shergar still missing

maybe there is disproportionate coverage in the media because of the level of public interest. public interest drives media content, so to blame the media for 'just trying to sell papers' is garbage really.

Buddy Posted on 11/5 15:12
re: Shergar still missing

As mentioned above joseph, I didn't.

Perry - I'd be interested to know how true that is, actually. For example, nobody I have spoken to except fans of the two clubs concerned wanted a Man U v Chelsea FA Cup Final, but if you had listened to the media that's exactly what everyone wanted. This would suggest to me that what gets coverage is what the media wants to cover, and "the public" has less means of developing an interest in anything else because it is not reported to them.

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Kilburn Posted on 11/5 15:24
re: Shergar still missing

"public interest drives media comment"

A touch naive. Where do the public find out about things to be interested in? The media.

When the media find a story that pushes the right buttons with people, they "go big" with it, and it gathers further interest exponentially as a result.

Sometimes (maybe, hopefully, even this time) some good can come out of the media frenzy. Many other times it just serves to cause further misery and distress to the people involved in the story.

Perry_Combover Posted on 11/5 15:30
re: Shergar still missing

i agree to a certain extent. However I think you have to credit the public with some intelligence also. 'pushing the right buttons' is a nother way of saying pulic interest.

it is a chicken and egg situation really in that each feeds off the other

trodbitch Posted on 11/5 15:35
re: Shergar still missing

Well said, Perry.

If the public were not interested, it wouldn't get as much media coverage. So the amount of coverage does indicate a lot of interest in it. It *is* of interest to me, unlike what Britney Spearss is up to this week, for example. If they don't interest you, then fine that's ok, I'm not going to condemn you for not being hysterical either.

It's just unfair to come out with these comments to belittle people when they express their genuine feelings especially when it is made out that we only feel them because the media tell us to. Don't assume everyone is feeble minded! (*)

*not aimed particularly at kilburn, just a few others on this and other threads.

Kilburn Posted on 11/5 15:45
re: Shergar still missing

Not taken as such, trod.

I'm aware that it is hard to express what I was trying to say without coming over as patronising or heartless.

I just find it especially annoying when the media find a story that will elicit a very visceral emotional response from a lot of people - particularly parents in this case - and then stoke up that response in what I see as a very cynical way.

The Diana story was of course the pinnacle of this type of journalism, but it saddens me to see the parallels in this case.

moxzin87 Posted on 11/5 16:00
re: Shergar still missing

From the man who brought you "Cardiff 04 was crap" this is hardly a surprise.

swordtrombonefish Posted on 11/5 17:09
re: Shergar still missing

Press coverage is overplayed - but it is with everything these days.

The fact that people DO care is a credit to them, they are not all media drongo's despite the assumptions of the wannabe intelligentsia on this forum.

A little girl is missing, possibly dead, or hurt and scarred for life. I hear the cry so what, it happens every that excuses it does it? We should shrug and walk on because it might slow us down in our haste to go to the pub / watch the match / have a go at someone on FMTTM?

If you are so emotionally vapid that you don't feel this something that you personally care about, then fair enough, but why try and belittle those who do?