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borobadge Posted on 11/5 13:52
Cunning prem' board ?...give 'em enough rope.

its been put to me this morning......

that the clubs leading the legal activity and revolt against the west ham punishment, will not save themselves...

but will only assist the prem officials to relegate 4 teams this season, thus reducing the size of the premiership by apparently this is something thats coming onto the agenda soon as apart of Msr m. platinis tenure of european football.

give 'em enough rope.!

corruptbiggins Posted on 11/5 13:54
re: Cunning prem' board ?...give 'em enough r

Reducing the Prem by one team will mess it all up.

borobadge Posted on 11/5 14:02
re: Cunning prem' board ?...give 'em enough r

and its not 'messed up' already ?..

there are moves to reduce the numbers in the prem' usual the big guns are for it..this could be the start...

it wouldnt really mess it up..each week 1 club dont play..manu arse chowl lpool et al would love it.

corruptbiggins Posted on 11/5 14:04
re: Cunning prem' board ?...give 'em enough r

then what about the championship? and the leagues below that?

a move like that cannot be done just like that, it has to be decided before the season starts so all clubs know what the deal is regarding promotion and relegation.

MarlonD Posted on 11/5 14:05
re: Cunning prem' board ?...give 'em enough r

The Premier League will do what they want. They have been making up the rules as they go along anyway.