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rob_fmttm Posted on 11/5 17:58
Retro Fanzine

We've put a retro look cover on the fanzine this week ie black'n'white. We've used the old logo etc as well.

The poll results are inside - took absolutely days to count up and compile - find out who is fmttm player of the season. Who has best haircut, worst haircut etc etc.

sean_boro Posted on 11/5 17:58
re: Retro Fanzine



London_Boro Posted on 11/5 17:59
re: Retro Fanzine

How much is it going to be...retro prices for FMTTM too??

dischof Posted on 11/5 18:00
re: Retro Fanzine

Is it retro priced?

London_Boro types faster than me!!

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rob_fmttm Posted on 11/5 18:06
re: Retro Fanzine

The price was the one thing we had to change - the cover we used was from 1990 and said highway robbery for 60p - too right it would be. Imagine having to handle all that change again - nightmare.

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 11/5 18:31
re: Retro Fanzine

What about making it 50p? Most people will pay in 50p pieces so you won't have to handle to much shrapnel. Tell you what, I'll buy two if you do. You see Rob, just as MFC occasionally drop their prices as a goodwill gesture, you could as well.

Imagine the Gazette headline "Local magazine editor in generous gesture to patrons". It'd be great PR...

Rondo_1 Posted on 11/5 18:35
re: Retro Fanzine

Does it contain 'on the bog' and 'The Manageress'

Fatsuma Posted on 11/5 18:42
re: Retro Fanzine

Was the original logo hand-drawn and a bit skew-wiff, Rob?

Apparently they're all the rage again!

i_am_boro_4_evaaa Posted on 11/5 19:20
re: Retro Fanzine

I bought one against Tottenham for the first time Rob. Was impressed so i'll be gerrin' one on Sunday too!..

rob_fmttm Posted on 12/5 11:28
re: Retro Fanzine

50p!! It wouldn't even pay for the printing. I don't think we've put our prices up for a decade now. I'll check.

Anyway - glad you enjoyed it I am boro -

Here's what you get in this weekends fanzine - The answers to fmttm 2007 POLL - out now in our retro cover fanzine.

Who have you voted player of the season? The result is really close as well - about 3 votes in it. Who is Young Player? - a bit motre clear cut. Who is the Most Improved? What was your Boro team of the season? Who has best/worst haircut? What were your views on Gareth Southgate's first season.

All answers in Issue 403 of Fly Me To The Moon. Out Now.

Boro_Gadgie Posted on 12/5 14:37
re: Retro Fanzine

Oh well, it was worth a try, I suppose. Actually, it is pretty good that it's remained at 1 for a number of years. I'll be after my copy as ever tomorrow.

rob_fmttm Posted on 12/5 17:20
re: Retro Fanzine

Yeah definitely worth a try - just checked and the price went up to 1 for season 96/97. That's a fair while really.

Anyway - all the poll results that really matter tomorrow.

wheelz Posted on 12/5 17:23
re: Retro Fanzine

cough *price hike next season alert* cough

shmarry Posted on 12/5 17:38
re: Retro Fanzine

Rob - if memory serves me right the fanzine said daylight robbery not highway. It had a little pic of a bloke holding some up.

Sorry to be pedantic like!

newholgate Posted on 12/5 18:17
re: Retro Fanzine

I like the first 'O' of 'MOON' on the front cover.

bblf Posted on 12/5 19:58
re: Retro Fanzine

Still a pound, right Im going retro,I never used to buy it then. :-)

Grumpy_Paul Posted on 12/5 23:57
re: Retro Fanzine

Given the last 10 years inflation it should now be 1:28
You're generous to a fault