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rob_fmttm Posted on 12/5 23:27

Do you realise that you could be open to prosecution and possibly so could this board from your actions. You were warned on a thread yesterday by a person from your industry and he has emailed to say he intends to take the matter further.

boroproud Posted on 12/5 23:30
re: Stonehouse_TS25

Rob, what the hell are you on about?

Lockey_boro Posted on 12/5 23:31
re: Stonehouse_TS25

Stonehouse_TS25 came on earlier and was asking people if they would like free credit on there vodafone phones.

boroproud Posted on 12/5 23:32
re: Stonehouse_TS25

ah right sorry, i didnt see that one.

I just thought Rob was suffering from pre match nerves or something.

Lurkalot Posted on 12/5 23:35
re: Stonehouse_TS25

I think it's absolutely disgusting .... I wanted some extra monthly texts and he did fook all for me

rob_fmttm Posted on 12/5 23:38
re: Stonehouse_TS25

The person that warned him yesterday also emailed me and it appears he is from the mobile phone industry. If the claims are right that a fraud was committed then Stonehouse was probably not well advised to give out his email and name on the thread.

I mainly put this on because admin wasn't working so I couldn't stop him posting threads. It is working now though.

boroproud Posted on 12/5 23:41
re: Stonehouse_TS25

"It is working now though."

oh flip,dont be reading my posts then!

ste_north_stand Posted on 13/5 1:42
re: Stonehouse_TS25

As i said on the thread at the time, all he did was give me some advice regarding swapping networks via email. Can't speak for what he said to others but personally i can't say he said anything fraudulent.

Mr_Maz Posted on 13/5 7:46
re: Stonehouse_TS25

same as ste here. just delete the threads and its all done rob. including this one

thornabyred Posted on 13/5 7:58
re: Stonehouse_TS25

Rob, it not only implicates the person concerned but this board,rivals and the 2 people he mentioned on the post.