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Buddy Posted on 14/5 15:55
Deal Or No Deal Sunday

Ruined? Or just psychologically-twisted entertainment?

skiprat Posted on 14/5 16:25
re: Deal Or No Deal Sunday

What was going on? I was in the pub when it was on and couldn't figure out what was going on?

Buddy Posted on 14/5 16:59
re: Deal Or No Deal Sunday

Yer man in the chair said 4 was his lucky number, and his bezzy mate had it, so his first offer was to swap. Then he left the one he'd got rid of right to the end, and was left with 1p and 75,000. Naturally the final offer was to swap it back.

Then he said that he was just stalling over answering to see if the banker phoned back. So the banker phoned back just to say "good luck".

He decided not to swap, kept box 4 and it had 1p in. Then after everyone had had a good cry the banker phoned and said he could have whatever was in the viewers' box as well, which turned out to be 15,000.

Shyte in a way, but like Big Brother (same firm) it's their show and they can do what they want.

Capybara Posted on 14/5 17:02
re: Deal Or No Deal Sunday

Good grief.

Buddy Posted on 14/5 17:05
re: Deal Or No Deal Sunday

Shush, you.