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Buddy Posted on 15/5 8:45
Panorama on Scientology

Didn't watch most of it, btu did chuckle at the statement that said something along the lines of Scientology makes "unproven and unsubstantiated claims" - said a Church of England spokesman

Tom_Fun Posted on 15/5 9:04
re: Panorama on Scientology

Even Christianity is slightly more believable than Aliens landing in volcanoes and taking over the earth, or whatever the fook they believe in.

Corcaigh_the_Cat Posted on 15/5 9:15
re: Panorama on Scientology

I agree Buddy, it's a struggle between opposing fictions.

Must be lots of money in it, the top Scientologist and his cronies are pretty agressive when it comes to protection.

Oh and it's not a cult!

Elron_Hubbard Posted on 15/5 9:33
re: Panorama on Scientology

I made it up.

TheBoy999 Posted on 15/5 9:44
re: Panorama on Scientology

That Tommy fella was scary! Did he really think he was potraying his 'religion' in a positive light?

Ban all organised religion, thats my 'theory'!

Tom_Fun Posted on 15/5 9:51
re: Panorama on Scientology

I think he thought he was in a film and he was the Tom Cruise character. Weirdo.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 15/5 10:00
re: Panorama on Scientology

Was this on the programme??

Link: Reporter Loses it

Mattyk50 Posted on 15/5 10:43
re: Panorama on Scientology

haha yeah that was on.

he went mental