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Tom_Fun Posted on 15/5 15:27
Craig Charles

Seeing the awooga thread reminded me of a programme Craig Charles used to do pre-Robot Wars days. I don't remember much about it but there were teams stood over a kind of table that had computer graphics on it, sort of a strategy type thing.

I'm sure he used to say awooga on it. Does anyone remember this or have I made it up?

Questions_Questions Posted on 15/5 15:30
re: Craig Charles

Sure he wasn't under the table?

alexdodo Posted on 15/5 15:33
re: Craig Charles

My Awooga! Search took me along those lines too...

Its Cyber Zone - Link below

Salford_Boro Posted on 15/5 15:34
re: Craig Charles

Don't you mean SMEG? that's a great word and red dwarf needs to be repeated

Tom_Fun Posted on 15/5 15:35
re: Craig Charles

I'll have to have a look when I get home. Damn work won't let me open it. I'm sure it was the scouse crackman who coined the phrase awooga.

Questions_Questions Posted on 15/5 15:36
re: Craig Charles

Wasn't he in a 'comedy' called Help before red dwarf?

Can anyone remember this?

alexdodo Posted on 15/5 15:37
re: Craig Charles

He does say "Awooga!" in the clip, but he aint no Kris Akabusi.

Wakey_Boro_Fan Posted on 15/5 15:37
re: Craig Charles

Sorry Q_Q, I can't help you.

Red Dwarf is excellent and my DVDs wil have to be gotten out tonight.

Tom_Fun Posted on 15/5 15:38
re: Craig Charles

Questions, I vaguely remember Help too. My memory is shocking. Used to be on a saturday teatime I think. Haven't got a clue what it was about.

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 15/5 15:39
re: Craig Charles

Akabusi walked passed the Aston Villa Social club, before the semi-final last season

BoroMutt Posted on 15/5 15:49
re: Craig Charles

This from IMDB memorable quotes from Red Dwarf

Rimmer: Hey. What's that streaky blue missile thing that's heading towards us?
Holly: Hang on, I'll just check my data bank. Apparently it's a streaky blue missile thing and it's heading towards us. AWOOGA! AWOOGA!

I also seem to remember Lister and The Cat doing a dance whilst chanting "AWOOGA AWOOGA A WAH A WAH"

...but there is a calculatable possibility that my prescription is wearing off...