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joseph99 Posted on 15/5 16:37
Expenses - Japanese receipts

It's taken me all day to suss out what my Japanese receipts represent. I am sure I must have a few personal expenses on the claim form - there again will the company audit my claim by sending it to Japan.

bororeddaz Posted on 15/5 16:39
re: Expenses - Japanese receipts

can you claim back cash paid for sexual services?

TeeSv Posted on 15/5 16:41
re: Expenses - Japanese receipts

just hope that's there's no one in your finance dept. who speaks Japanese and notices the geisha blow job receipts mixed in with the MacDonalds meal deal receipts
edit = beat me to it bororeddaz

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joseph99 Posted on 15/5 16:41
re: Expenses - Japanese receipts

In Japan!!! Yerjokinartya .... it costs 100 for a flirt in Tokyo.

joseph99 Posted on 15/5 16:43
re: Expenses - Japanese receipts

Everything is in Japanese, apart from the yen!