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rob_fmttm Posted on 16/5 15:32
Cloughie Statue

Here's a couple of photos I snapped yesterday - the sculptress Vivien Mallock is applying wax to buff up the statue. Have a look if you are passing is really impressive. It has all been so worthwhile.

Oh and there is an accompanying exhibition in the Dorman Museum, in amongst the birds and eggs.

Link: Young Man

kahunaburger Posted on 16/5 15:35
re: Cloughie Statue

Looks superb, will take the old man down to see it soon, with the scrotes that hang about the park on a night time is this not open to vandalism.

Juventus3 Posted on 16/5 15:38
re: Cloughie Statue

Brilliant statue, but isn't it a bit weird that it's not on some sort of raised plinth instead of just basically on the floor?

bblf Posted on 16/5 15:41
re: Cloughie Statue

Just had a walk across to see it. Its wonderful a really good image of the great man.
Unfortunately it will have been weighed in within 3 months.

kahunaburger Posted on 16/5 15:41
re: Cloughie Statue

Its on a plinth

rob_fmttm Posted on 16/5 15:44
re: Cloughie Statue

It's on a small hillock actually. Raised up so you can see it from the park gates. That was the ideal because everyone connected with Brian said he would not have wanted to be on a big plinth, he would not want to be raised up on high. But I'll get some more photos on later and you will see that because he is on a hillock he is raised up above the park but you can still go and get your photo taken alongside of him.

As for vandals etc - well hopefully they will not strike. They will not topple the statue as it has a steel rod inside it from bass level. But you can't let chavs stop you from doing things like this can you and I'm sure the park rangers will have the statue under their gaze as much as possible.

Anyway everyone really liked it. Brian's son Simon was bowled over by the way it had caught his father's likeness. The family were all so very grateful and really very moved that the people of Middlesbrough should have done this.

bandito Posted on 16/5 15:46
re: Cloughie Statue

good stuff. Looks amazing.

Fatsuma Posted on 16/5 15:51
re: Cloughie Statue

Well done to all concerned.

I like the fact that it marks the route he took from home to Ayresome Park. A journey which then continued on to European Cup glory!

For me, in view of his phenomenal success with 2 provincial clubs (Derby and Nottm Forest) Clough remains a champion of all teams outside the Big 4.

A sort of latter day Sam Allard...... only joking!!

moxzin87 Posted on 16/5 15:56
re: Cloughie Statue

Nice work. Thats how you do a statue. After the Ted Bates thing I was unnerved about how it might turn out but it looks great. Look forward to seeing it next time I'm up.

rob_fmttm Posted on 16/5 16:08
re: Cloughie Statue

The Ted Bates thing is truly amazing. The sculptor does not appear to have worked from a model. I was told yesterday that the foundry actually warned him to scale down the head. The head was even more out of proportion. With the Cloughie statue the process was very carefully done. A small statue was presented at first and then a head and every detail was checked and re checked. The small statue was then scaled up for the 7ft finished job. You still don't know quite how it will look in its setting but it is a complete joke to finish up like Ted Bates. Unbelievable really.

Hopefully Brian Clough's statue will mean something to all the people of Middlesbrough and Teesside for years to come. He's back with his people now, back to his roots.

If you go along pop into the Dorman museum first for the short exhibition. Hopefully there will be a podcast there soon, now online at bbc website. Its a walk across the park from his home in Valley Road. Clem has interviewed former players and Brian's widow Barbara, also of course from Boro. I'll find out the link for it etc.

Oh and Elise Brunton will be doing a proper write up for you later of the day's events.

pieeyedpiper Posted on 16/5 16:14
re: Cloughie Statue

The statue certainly does him proud and it was nice to see the old forward line together again ( apart from Eddie Holiday that is ). I would however have liked the unveiling to have been on a weekend rather than a wednesday morning so that many more fans could have been present especially with the Sky T.V. and I.T.V. cameras being there.His wife made a lovely speech and it was great to see so many of Cloughy's family along with several people who had travelled up from Nottingham. Let us hope that the Park Rangers do keep an eye on him for I agree that he is in a rather vulnerable position at the mercy of the low lifes who frequent the park at night.

Guisboro Posted on 16/5 16:22
re: Cloughie Statue

some great pics

Link: here !

kelvin_fahrenheit Posted on 16/5 16:30
re: Cloughie Statue

To anybody who may think otherwise,this statue looks better without a felt pen dick.

baldycrowe Posted on 16/5 16:47
re: Cloughie Statue

Looking Good!
It even looks like him.

hughiep Posted on 16/5 17:56
re: Cloughie Statue

Saw the pic in the gazette tonight..very life like.

borobadge Posted on 16/5 18:04
re: Brian Clough....the monument.

congratulations to all involved, from the planning, the fundraising and the artist..been all over the press around the country (sunlun even ran with it as their football page on the b.b.c. site!)..

even Valley Road got a mention..i'll call me mam (she's very ill these days) to see if she went over, or is planning to.

rob_fmttm Posted on 16/5 18:04
re: Cloughie Statue

Just put some more photos up. I have just received a load more as well with the various friends, family and former playing colleagues which I will get up tomorrow - probably to accompany an article written by Elise.

Link: Cloughie is back