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Buddy Posted on 16/5 16:51
Downing to Bolton?

Does their official site know something we don't?

Link: Downing

Buddy Posted on 16/5 16:52
re: Downing to Bolton?

Boromart can confirm this I believe.

Boroboy1986 Posted on 16/5 16:55
re: Downing to Bolton?

botlons site looks better than ours, im going to sulk

UndercoverElephant Posted on 16/5 16:58
re: Downing to Bolton?

Replacing Viduka with a double Nigerian strike-force?

Link: Really?

corruptbiggins Posted on 16/5 17:02
re: Downing to Bolton?

I've noticed that on these premiumtv sites, especially on the player profiles pages, that the 1st number is for the club and the 2nd for the player. Now on Boro's site the first number is just 1. Do you think that means owt?

Portsmouth's number is 10396 (,,10396,00.html)
and Boro's is 1 (,,1,00.html)

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