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Buddy Posted on 18/5 12:56


Questions_Questions Posted on 18/5 12:56
re: *speechless*

At last, a bit of sense.

dischof Posted on 18/5 12:57
re: *speechless*

Dont you just hate it when people have too much to say for themselves?

zoec Posted on 18/5 12:58
re: *speechless*

I agree with him.

Cheeses_Christ Posted on 18/5 13:00
re: *speechless*

You're not the only one, buddy.

captain5 Posted on 18/5 13:02
re: *speechless*

They can stick Brian Clough's statue up their arse.

Mattyk50 Posted on 18/5 13:08
re: *speechless*

that someone would put fairy liquid in their dishwasher?

yeah, me too!

captain5 Posted on 18/5 13:10
re: *speechless*


Can we make all the banners charitable now??

Will we get to vote on a cause of the month in the future??

rob_fmttm Posted on 18/5 13:12
re: *speechless*

It's not a charity you know.. it's a business.

Maybe not..

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 18/5 13:13
re: *speechless*

If we are going to be picky about what to be speechless about, what's with the paintball fund-raiser thing being advertised?
There are many far better causes out there.

Mattyk50 Posted on 18/5 13:13
re: *speechless*

i never know if people are being serious on here.

but is a public message board really the place to make flippant remarks about something a lot of people feel very strongly about?

(EDIT - and i dont mean the paintballing )

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captain5 Posted on 18/5 13:17
re: *speechless*

Well, I would say that the paintball fundraiser would be of interest to people on the board and connected with the football club in general, Vinny.

What do you think??

Buddy Posted on 18/5 13:21
re: *speechless*


adjective not showing the proper seriousness or respect.

Who decides what's "proper"?

Vinny_Garstroke Posted on 18/5 13:22
re: *speechless*

I'd estimate that there are a damn sight more people who don't give a toss, than do.

captain5 Posted on 18/5 13:22
re: *speechless*

I didn't say there wasn't.

If we went on that basis, there'd be no point in any of us typing anything.