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rob_fmttm Posted on 18/5 13:08
Crystal Castles at Ku Bar

Saw fantastic band last night at Ku Bar Stockton - Crystal Castles.

Dim the lights, hoods on over heads - electro at full thwack, everyone bouncing and going crazy, the singer surfing over the crowd. Everything still shrouded in darkness.

They are a myspace phenomenon from Canada - Nine Black Alps on there tonight.

Link: How many hits?

Mr_Incident Posted on 18/5 13:14
re: Crystal Castles at Ku Bar

Lots of hits. It's funny how unsigned bands like them can gain an internet following and then tour the world on the back of it. A good thing I reckon, although they're not my kind of thing.

But I think I once gave mumps to Nine Black Alps - interesting fact.

rob_fmttm Posted on 18/5 13:14
re: Crystal Castles at Ku Bar

Did anyone else see them? Well, hear them as I say they appear in almost total darkness. But just look at how many plays and hits they have logged up on myspace - well done Ku Bar in getting them on.

Obviously it would have been far more use to have posted this yesterday - before the gig. But I'm doing it out of support for a local venue that keeps it live.

Questions_Questions Posted on 18/5 13:18
re: Crystal Castles at Ku Bar

Ku Bar plays brilliant music.

BoroG_85 Posted on 18/5 13:54
re: Crystal Castles at Ku Bar

never seen them but my mates band plays at the kubar... the outlaws you heard them rob?

A_New_Era Posted on 18/5 13:56
re: Crystal Castles at Ku Bar

nine black alps tonight, and i have no-one to go with

Tom_Fun Posted on 18/5 13:58
re: Crystal Castles at Ku Bar

The lads at the Ku Bar are brilliant for getting bands on. In the last year I've seen The View, Little Man Tate, Tramp Attack and Reverend and The Makers there amongst many others. Great venue. Makes up for the Arena being shut.

rob_fmttm Posted on 18/5 14:04
re: Crystal Castles at Ku Bar

I just missed The Outlaws a couple of weeks ago at Libertys - it was a long bill and I saw some but missed others.

Plenty of good venues in this area - we don't know how lucky we are sometimes.