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joseph99 Posted on 18/5 14:48

Off there soon for a few days. Where should I go for a couple of beers, food and decent scenery - 1 night out.

Any advice? Someone suggested the old town, correct?

London_Boro Posted on 18/5 14:49
re: Dusseldorf


rob_fmttm Posted on 18/5 15:05
re: Dusseldorf

Old town lots of bars and restaurants and from there bars and food places along the Rhine. Very nice place stayed there a couple of times last year.

bandito Posted on 18/5 15:05
re: Dusseldorf

do they have cash machines in Dusseldorf

joseph99 Posted on 18/5 15:12
re: Dusseldorf

Thanks ... chaps .Bandito why do ask about cash machines?

kelvin_fahrenheit Posted on 18/5 15:22
re: Dusseldorf

Going there in August to see The Stones. The Altstadt (old town) is nicknamed "the longest bar in the world." It's a small area with about 260 bars and clubs.
However, it has a rival in the Medienhafen, which is the commercial centre, full of cool buildings by people like Frank Gehry, but which is also full of bars and restaurants.

I'm looking forward to going.

Nedkat Posted on 18/5 15:32
re: Dusseldorf

Is their any chip shops in Dusseldorf ?

joseph99 Posted on 18/5 15:39
re: Dusseldorf

Do you mean "are there" ....probaby.

Not many short arses like!!

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Moses_Kiptanui Posted on 18/5 15:39
re: Dusseldorf

Brilliant place. Dine by the river Rhine at nine and enjoy a Stein followed by a glass of wine.

billybalfour Posted on 18/5 15:40
re: Dusseldorf

Go in one of the many swine cafes or whatever there called, they sell pork joints in a bap , they are lush,
i worked near the big tower there on the rhine, on a building called the stadtator, if you get chance pop up the big tower , which is a clock or something, it has one of the fastest lifts in the world, 300m a sec or something nuts

captain5 Posted on 18/5 15:41
re: Dusseldorf

Moses - Bryan or Mark??

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Nedkat Posted on 18/5 15:41
re: Dusseldorf

Chill out, Joe ..

As George Harrison once said "I wrote it like that"

joseph99 Posted on 18/5 15:44
re: Dusseldorf

Sorry Ned ...

rob_fmttm Posted on 18/5 15:45
re: Dusseldorf

"The longest bar.." claim is amazing really as in every way it is totally false. Did you know that the Ibis hotel Dusseldorf station actually made a complaint last year to the travel agent that Boro guests were trying to return to their rooms after 12 midnight? That was the night before Eindhoven final. The party city of Germany!?!

boksic Posted on 18/5 15:51
re: Dusseldorf

Rob - you should know that our German cousins like their parties to be well organised and ruthlessly efficient.

I was in a beer garden in Berlin a couple of weeks ago and the "bouncer" came and asked us to be a bit quieter as it looked like we were enjoying ourselves too much.

kelvin_fahrenheit Posted on 18/5 15:56
re: Dusseldorf

Rob, is it that time of the month? "The Longest Bar" is not a claim, just a nickname for the whole area.It's like Boro aren't really the finest team in football, the world has ever seen. And nobody said it was the party city of Germany.

Germans are much more used to late nights than us Brits, so I wonder how much noise those Boro fans were making?

rob_fmttm Posted on 18/5 16:02
re: Dusseldorf

Kelvin - I really like Dusseldorf and greatly enjoyed my stay in Germany for the World Cup - it was brilliant and everyone was so hospitable everywhere we went. I'm just saying that the "longest bar" thing is pretty misleading really. The last time I was there eating in a restaurant in that bar strip and it was waiting to close for 10pm.

Different hours for different places I suppose. Thats all.

Rain_Wooney Posted on 18/5 16:09
re: Dusseldorf

I am writing from Duesseldorf. My girlfriend lives here at the moment. Very nice city. a pleasant 24 degees c today.
Discovered by the Germans in 1904, they named it "san deeago", ehich translates as "a whale's vagina". Of course I'm kidding. Historians maintain that the actual translation of "Duesseldorf" was lost many, many years ago...

Tommy_devito Posted on 18/5 16:55
re: Dusseldorf

you have to try the aldt beer. brilliant stuff. there is also a bavarian pub near the rhine which serves them big glasses of beer (think its 1 litre or something). they are very challenging, especially trying to lift them, but that might just me been very weak.

but i can't say a bad word about dusselldorf, i loved the place when i went last year. it's better than Cologne. if you tell the locals that they will love you

wirralred Posted on 18/5 17:19
re: Dusseldorf

get a tube to heinrich eine allez think thats how its spelt....thats the main area......but make sure you go down to the river front ...great there too.
we went there last summer for the world cup and had a fantastic time.

stub78 Posted on 18/5 17:45
re: Dusseldorf

went a month ago, thought it was a fairly average city by the standards of Cologne, Nuremburg and Berlin and beer not as nice

George1507 Posted on 18/5 18:17
re: Dusseldorf

Dusseldorf is OK, I quite like it. It's not a late night party city, but most German cities aren't. Maybe Berlin and Munich, the rest close about midnight. The Auld town is nice. Try Ault, which is the local beer. Pretty nice. You can get Weissbier and Kulsch as well. Be careful with the Kulsch, there is a reason they serve it in very small glasses.

kelvin_fahrenheit Posted on 18/5 18:23
re: Dusseldorf

I have never been to Dusseldorf before but I have worked in Munich, Dortmund and Bochum and in all of these places it is possible to drink around the clock.