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jam69 Posted on 19/5 16:57
bookies clean up again

0-0 what great result for the bookies,just about all first goalscorers and correct score bets go down.and its still 60p for a coffee!

homer945 Posted on 19/5 16:59
re: bookies clean up again

do first goal scorer bets go void in extra time like

jam69 Posted on 19/5 17:00
re: bookies clean up again

no,they go down, no goalscorer wins

Archie_StephensElbow Posted on 19/5 17:01
re: bookies clean up again

i backed to be won in extra time or penalties

Tom_Fun Posted on 19/5 17:26
re: bookies clean up again

Balls! I said on here yesteday I was going to back Chelsea in extra time. And I didn't do it. Curses! 10/1 as well.

mboro19 Posted on 19/5 18:37
re: bookies clean up again

I had chelsea on penalties.

jeff_potato Posted on 19/5 18:45
re: bookies clean up again

The Guardian yesterday in their weekend betting section, they suggested skipping all scorer and correct score bets in favour of more trivial things like bookings.

Betting at less than 5 bookings, something like that, would have been a better route to success. I can only recall a couple of yellow cards, anyway.

TheBoroBoss61 Posted on 20/5 11:52
re: bookies clean up again

There was 7 Yellow cards between the 2 Teams, Scholes to be booked 1st was the best backed novelty bet.

littleboro Posted on 20/5 11:55
re: bookies clean up again

12/1 on extra time for chelsea. got my money back, due to other bets not coming in.

one interesting bet was "lamphard to score from outside the box" (smilie winkie thing)