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Tom_Fun Posted on 19/5 18:46

Stuttgart have won the German title this weekend. They must have vastly improved from last year because I think they finished about 7th. Wouln't it be great if the Premiership was that unpredictable?

jeff_potato Posted on 19/5 18:47
re: Stuttgart

They were in the bottom half on the Bundesliga when we played them, I think.

Bayern haven't even qualified for Europe this year, have they?

It'd make a hell of a change to see equivalence here, imagine Newcastle, Tottenham and Everton posing genuine title challenges whilst the current champions still reside in the league.

Spelunker Posted on 19/5 18:51
re: Stuttgart


Tom_Fun Posted on 19/5 18:51
re: Stuttgart

Bayern finished 4th Jeff, not sure if that puts them in the UEFA cup or not, but it's refreshing to see that a couple of teams don't run away with it every year.

Kayl Posted on 19/5 18:52
re: Stuttgart

I'm loving European football this year. Very unpredictable. Good chance a Brazilian called Alfonso Alves is going to win the golden boot too. He plays in the Eredivisie! But the Primera Liga is VERY HOT at the moment.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 19/5 18:52
re: Stuttgart

What happend to Werder Bremen then?

Spelunker Posted on 19/5 18:53
re: Stuttgart

Werder Bremen only have Klose as their big name so I wouldn't have expected much from them tbh

Tom_Fun Posted on 19/5 18:53
re: Stuttgart

They finished 3rd, four points behind Stuttgart.

GibbosEmpire Posted on 19/5 18:57
re: Stuttgart

Bremen have a few more 'Big' names then Klose.


Spelunker Posted on 19/5 18:58
re: Stuttgart

GibbosEmpire, you're just being picky

Thought I would edit the your bit, I don't want the grammar police to pull me over

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b0r0lad Posted on 19/5 19:02
re: Stuttgart

werder were top before last weeks games, but threw it away aginst frankfurt

GibbosEmpire Posted on 19/5 19:03
re: Stuttgart

You call it picky...

I call it quality

Spelunker Posted on 19/5 19:10
re: Stuttgart

I call Jason Euell picky aswell Gibbo, guess that means you think he is quality

GibbosEmpire Posted on 19/5 19:14
re: Stuttgart

For 300k Jason Euell has done ok has he not?

Ok maybe not.

Celestron Posted on 19/5 19:18
re: Stuttgart

jeff_potato...Stuttgart were in fact 5th in the Bundesliga when they played Boro.

stuartd75 Posted on 20/5 0:50
re: Stuttgart

The German and Spanish leagues have both been superb this year...Germany had four teams still able to win it with a month to go and Bremen only mathemtically lost it with one week to go whilst Schalke and Stuttgart boh could have won it today with Scahlke nearly overcoming a 4 goal deficit in goal diff terms to win it tpoday and stuttgart coming back from behind towin......shme we can't have that here and can't see it for years to come....even so called uncometitive Spain has put us to shame with 3 team still neck and neck with less than a month to go.

BoroMod Posted on 20/5 0:58
re: Stuttgart

Sevilla have come from nowhere over the last couple of seasons, now they're serious title contenders. There are more than 3 though; add Valencia to your list of contenders, although they are outsiders.

That will never happen here and our league will suffer for it. How long will people put up with watching the same 4 teams finish at the top each season?

borojap Posted on 20/5 1:23
re: Stuttgart

Actually Werder Bremen weren't top until last weekend, although it's true that losing at home to Frankfurt saw them drop out of the race. In the end, they wouldn't have caught Stuttgart even if they'd won that game against Frankfurt. Schalke had been top for ages but it all turned last weekend when they lost away to their local rivals, Dortmund, while Stuttgart took advantage by coming from behind to win at Bochum.

I'd be interested in the Bundesliga anyway from having previously lived in Germany. But at the moment it does seem so much more entertaining than the Premiership. The Germans get a lot right with their league that I wish we did too - fans are not ripped off as much for a start, which probably explains why they have the best attendances in Europe. Also, they don't have quite as many games on at ridiculous times just to suit tv.

Bayern have qualified for the UEFA Cup btw, which for them counts as a disastrous season.

jeff_potato Posted on 20/5 1:39
re: Stuttgart

Ah right, Celestron, I thought they weren't doing too well, I recall their fans weren't too enamoured by their domestic exploits at the time of our encounter.

Tom_Fun Posted on 20/5 2:43
re: Stuttgart

We talk about 4 teams at the top of our league, but realistically when was the last time Liverpool were anywhere near the title?

They've finished 2nd a few times in the last 10 years but they've never been in a title race, just overtook 2nd placed teams when one has run away with it.

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tinlip Posted on 20/5 3:15
re: Stuttgart

Sevilla have come from nowhere

Whick looks exactly where we re heading