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wool_skull Posted on 22/5 10:57
Anyone got kids........

and don't know what to do with them during the Whit holidays next week?

I'm running a Football Fun Week at a school in Ormesby and you are all invited to send your budding Stewys and Catts along for an enjoyable way to spend the hols.

Boys AND girls welcome.....age range 8--11 years

Have a look and click on 'Upcoming events'

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Link: Footy Fun

The_Lizards_Jumpers Posted on 22/5 10:58
re: Anyone got kids........

"your budding Stewys and Catts "

You going to spend a week booing at them to prepare them for when they're actually playing for us?

wool_skull Posted on 22/5 11:23
re: Anyone got kids........

Wouldn't dream of it Lizard.

We're are FA Qualified coaches, not miserable teessiders who've had one too many ales before the match.

Hopefully we'll find some talent out there!

bandito Posted on 22/5 11:31
re: Anyone got kids........

Great idea wool. Mine's two tho!

wool_skull Posted on 22/5 11:36
re: Anyone got kids........

I'll get back to you in 2013 then bandito

susy Posted on 22/5 11:37
re: Anyone got kids........

Typical, mine are 12 and 15!

wool_skull Posted on 22/5 11:46
re: Anyone got kids........


We would accept the 12 year old as our age range is only really a guide so we don't have 17 year olds turning up.

If your still interested then drop us an email on the website's address or give us a call, again on the website.

Cheers wool_skull

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wool_skull Posted on 22/5 12:52
re: Anyone got kids........

Roberto Hoof..........shamelessly

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wool_skull Posted on 22/5 18:46
re: Anyone got kids........

A further shameless HOOF for those who have been at graft all day.

wool_skull Posted on 23/5 17:11
re: Anyone got kids........

And again.....gerrrup there