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rob_fmttm Posted on 23/5 14:33
Green Cynics - wanted

Are you a green cynic?
Do you refuse to recycle? Do you not care about climate change? If so, BBC Tees would like to hear from you..

Archie and many others out there. This could be your calling

Link: Not as green as the Beeb

Johnny_Thunder Posted on 23/5 14:39
re: Green Cynics - wanted

They want to get my binmen on there. They are dead set against recycling.
I put all my tinnies in a green tub, and they fling them all over the road.

trodbitch Posted on 23/5 14:43
re: Green Cynics - wanted

Johnny, they are tvvats. Every recycle day there is about 30 empty plastic milk cartons getting blown around my street. I'd prefer the plastic in a landfill or burnt rather than have it blowing about the street.

onthemap Posted on 23/5 14:47
re: Green Cynics - wanted

Make supermarkets responsible for recycling costs and the problem would suddenly disappear.

captain5 Posted on 23/5 14:50
re: Green Cynics - wanted

Well, I filled 6 binbags with mainly recyclable stuff last night and got rid of it this morning.

That's what happens when the council don't leave a tub for me to put things in.

Dundee_Gadgey Posted on 23/5 14:54
re: Green Cynics - wanted

Climate is changing, but due to sun spot activity. Carbon emissions are rising. But the major green house gas, by far, is H2O!!! Climate change is part of the natural cycle of things for the earth, and there will be very little we can actually do about it, unless we learn how to effect the climate of the sun!!!....

trodbitch Posted on 23/5 14:56
re: Green Cynics - wanted

Sounds like you swallowed that anti-global warming program hook, line and sinker.

Johnny_Thunder Posted on 23/5 14:56
re: Green Cynics - wanted

If recycling is supposed to save money, how come my beer is not cheaper?
I recycle about 300 tins a fortnight.
Surely the cost of my ale should come down a little due to the cheap availability of the tin.

Dundee_Gadgey Posted on 23/5 15:01
re: Green Cynics - wanted

if only trodbitch....met a fella yaears ago who had the same line and made similar predictions to what we see today, based on the sun's activity. It is strange that what was considered heracy often turns out to be right. I will make a bet with you now trod that global warming (and cooling) i.e climate change, often quiet sudden if not violent, is part and parcel of the earth being in existance...though not sure what parameters to set to gauge who wins and who loses.....

onthemap Posted on 23/5 15:07
re: Green Cynics - wanted

Well we have an ice age every 12,000 years or so, which isn't really a timespan you could call sudden. Guess how long it's been since the last?

captain5 Posted on 23/5 15:08
re: Green Cynics - wanted

I'll go for 27,000 years.

zoec Posted on 23/5 15:10
re: Green Cynics - wanted

Was there an ice age in 1952? Maybe 1953?

No, I'm thinking of the Coronation.

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trodbitch Posted on 23/5 15:11
re: Green Cynics - wanted


onthemap Posted on 23/5 15:14
re: Green Cynics - wanted

In Guisborough it was the year before last.

trodbitch Posted on 23/5 15:15
re: Green Cynics - wanted


trodbitch Posted on 23/5 15:15
re: Green Cynics - wanted


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Stepper_T Posted on 23/5 15:20
re: Green Cynics - wanted

I think there a pictures (not photographs) depicting the Thames completely frozen in the 17-1800s.

trodbitch Posted on 23/5 15:22
re: Green Cynics - wanted

A photo of it frozen in 53

Link: here

Stepper_T Posted on 23/5 15:24
re: Green Cynics - wanted

Cool. Not really an Ice Age though

onthemap Posted on 23/5 15:26
re: Green Cynics - wanted

A statistic that is often called upon by Team Global Warming, is that only 40 years ago Lake Chad covered some 15,000sq miles, and now only 500.
They can't explain how it nearly dried up completely in 1908 mind.

BigHorace Posted on 23/5 15:31
re: Green Cynics - wanted

Dundee - are you sure about that ? the major contributor to global warming is water ?

Nowaypedro Posted on 23/5 15:32
re: Green Cynics - wanted

Ive got a picture of me and the other poor ba*tard kids on the club summer trip to Bridlington. Taken in the 1970's we are all decked out in hats and coats and its July. I think this is irrefutable proof that Global warming is a load of shi*te. Certainly Bridlington anyway.

onthemap Posted on 23/5 15:39
re: Green Cynics - wanted

Earlier this year a letter in the Daily Telegraph drew attention to the fact that Samuel Pepys recorded in his diary on 21 January 1661 that there had been no cold weather that winter, the roads were dusty (lack of rain perhaps), there were plenty of flies around and rose-bushes were in full leaf.

Five years later in 1666 of course Co2 emissions were also no doubt increased a little by the Great Fire of London. The Little Ice age followed the following century with the Thames freezing over with fairs being held on the ice on the river in 1715-16, 1739-40 and 1813-14.

Just now Icelanders are worrying about Polar Bears landing from the worst ice floes seen in years due to the very cold weather.

While the rest of the world shudders at the prospect of global warming and all that it threatens to bring in the form of floods and soaring temperatures, Iceland has been bucking the trend - and it is having a dramatic effect on fishing activity around the island.

Thick packs of ice, which have not been seen for almost 40 years, have been moving into the western fjords across some of the best fishing grounds, followed by bitter winds and plummeting temperatures. The ice has proved to be a serious handicap (not to mention a shipping hazard) for fishermen who supply the Humber and other important centres in Western Europe, simply because they have been unable to put to sea.


The return of pack ice to Iceland goes against all the forecasts of doom of global warming, although some forecasters think it may just be a climatic aberration.

Good word 'aberration'.