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rob_fmttm Posted on 24/5 13:22
The Felons tonight at Mohans

I'd recommend The Felons on tonight at Mohans with The Fugitive - and its totally free.

Saw The Felons the other week in Darlo and was really impressed by their in your face indie bluesy full on performance. Here's what I wrote about them in the Gazette.

THE FELONS play bluesy rock and play it right in your face. The singer barks and croons his Jim Morrison inspired vocals to the moon or stumbling from person to person through the crowd. He's a big fella so when he sings you listen, right?

Full on, tight and inspired, It's Only Natural is the cry and the whole front row sing along in tandem; the guitars and drums blast away for the riff of The Journeyman - the singer has now stripped to the waist, he's fully committed ... anything but journeymen. Catch The Felons, they're in a hurry.

Link: The Felons

rob_fmttm Posted on 24/5 16:21
re: The Felons tonight at Mohans

Seeing as the evening is approaching - another good alternative - the fantastic Felons live at Mohans - old Scruffy's and its totally free.

Tom_Fun Posted on 24/5 16:27
re: The Felons tonight at Mohans

Don't forget Reverend and The Makers at the Empire. Blinding band.

rob_fmttm Posted on 24/5 16:28
re: The Felons tonight at Mohans

You'd recommend them then?

Tom_Fun Posted on 24/5 16:32
re: The Felons tonight at Mohans

Yes Rob they're fantastic. I've seen them 4 times at the Ku Bar and they never disappoint. Heavyweight Champion Of The World is getting a lot of airplay on Radio 1 at the moment. It sounds better than the demo, which took some beating.

rob_fmttm Posted on 24/5 16:41
re: The Felons tonight at Mohans

Yes I've heard that song a few times hadn't realised who it was. Will have to see if I can last the pace - Speedway - Razorbeat - The Empire?

Gawd I sound like an old fogey.

rob_fmttm Posted on 24/5 16:53
re: The Felons tonight at Mohans

My apologies to The Furtive from Hartlepool for putting the wrong name on here. Playing tonight at Mohans.

So is this Reverend and The Makers gig definitely on then?

I thought they were at the Ku Bar tomorrow night??

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Link: The Furtive sound like this

rob_fmttm Posted on 24/5 17:00
re: The Felons tonight at Mohans

You are right of course.

Thanks for that tip off.

spamlad Posted on 24/5 18:45
re: The Felons tonight at Mohans

The Felons are good mates of mine and are really going places. Good chance of them getting signed before the year is out too.
I'm going to see em in Manchester on Saturday.
Even if you go and don't like the music, you will find yourself watching the frontman - he is non stop, usually ends up half naked on the floor or throwing himself off high ledges !