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wool_skull Posted on 26/5 8:54
Where's Ray ?

I'm stood outside the caff and I'm bloody starving.......

Celestron Posted on 26/5 8:57
re: Where's Ray ?

He's probably got his head in the gas oven with Yorkshires impending defeat today

wool_skull Posted on 26/5 9:00
re: Where's Ray ?

Morning I OK in today ?(if it opens)

Celestron Posted on 26/5 9:09
re: Where's Ray ?

Woolers....morning mate..yes you are ok... Ray has a habit of dissapearing usually after Yorkshire have a bad day the only thing that will pick him up is if cuteborochick makes an appearance in her skimpy leotard ready for her arobics class.

He's a bit of an old lecher is Ray.

Coluka Posted on 26/5 9:11
re: Where's Ray ?

I suspect he's disciplining his lovely assistant Adriana again - he may be sometime

Celestron Posted on 26/5 9:13
re: Where's Ray ?

Adriana..who is Adriana?..I work has his bouncer keeping out the unruly types and I've never seen an Adriana around the cafe.

wool_skull Posted on 26/5 9:15
re: Where's Ray ?

I suspect he may have lost cbc to bfd after their illicit 'coupling' on Thursday

RAY..............WAKE UP !

Huan_Kerr Posted on 26/5 11:04
re: Where's Ray ?

He had a hospital appointment yesterday. Hope all is well.